Kidz In The Hall May Attempt To Sucker Punch Me In April
Wednesday February 02nd 2011,
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I seem to be having a bad run of pissing-off Double-O and Naledge from Kidz In The Hall in recent years. First I accused them of the crime of Hipster Rap, to which they responded on an video, and now it seems that I’ve thrown them under the bus again in my latest guest post for XXL:

No Sell Out

I’m assuming ‘lol’ is some kind of code for ‘we’re going to get our bodyguard to put you in a yoke when we find you’, although that may be considered bad karma since the same thing happened to Double-O at that nightclub in Tempe, AZ back in 2008. Since I’ll be living in a cardboard box somewhere in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, I’m sure the money I might make from any resulting lawsuit will come in handy for when I need to buy myself a couple of Ghetto Big Macs.

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Again with Flushing. Its amazing (your fascination, not the place).

Comment by keatso 02.02.11 @

^ Blame Large Pro.

Comment by Robbie 02.02.11 @

Props on the Revs image used on the XXL post.
Man I wish I was still in NY to give you the tour.
Be sure to roast an El while walking across the 59th Bridge.

Comment by keatso 02.02.11 @

Don’t sweat it, you could just smash dude’s eyeglasses so he can’t see you (literally?) and then you could choke other dude out with his necktie. Hipster don’t change clothes often so they’ll be rockin the same gear in April.

Comment by gstatty 02.02.11 @

Best thing I’ve read online in a minute.

Comment by Chew 02.02.11 @

did you say lawsuit? man up, punch both those homos in the mouth. twitter and facebook are fucking gay.

Comment by kaybee 02.02.11 @

I forgot how amusing this video was. (insert whiny voice) “How the fuck we weren’t hipsters back then!?” Stop it!…Shut the fuck up!…You were douche bags back then! Celebrate the fact that you’re now at a stage in your career where you’ve joined pop music’s Hipster Douche Bag elite. (insert whiny voice…again) “I had Gucci belts on…” Shut the fuck up! I’m about to lol somebody up in here.

Comment by skinny 02.02.11 @

everytime i hear a kidz in the hall track i feel physically sick.

Comment by tareq 02.03.11 @

Dude.. I could give a fuck about Kidz in the Hall or whatever, but you’re playing yourself with this Queens tough-guy shit.

Comment by jack in the box 02.03.11 @

^ I read it more as the desperate actions of a homeless bum than a wannabe tough-guy myself…

Comment by Robbie 02.03.11 @

Yo Robbie,

These tight pant wearing fairies ain’t the only ones you got to be afraid of nahmean? Matta of fact, I’ll put a beatin on dem too (no homo).

I’m serious duke, Ive already put in my leave form to Mr. Busta (I don’t got health benefits, but I gets 2 weeks annual leave), so Imma see you when I see you son.

Me, Memph bleek and Consequence are waitin son. Cons is all aggy and shit waitin to take a bite out of you with his big ass old teeth. Word, once when Q Tip locked him out of the studio, Ive seen him bite strait through that padlock shit. Them choppers are certified son.

*calls the big homie Jungle to keep an eye out for a skinny white Australian guy stayin in Queens*

Comment by Spliff Star 02.03.11 @

the lil Homie Jungle aka Garden..?

Comment by kaybee 02.03.11 @


Yo well the homie Horse retired so who else Im gonna call? The Infamous Mobb actin all uppity and not returnin my phones call. Actin like THEY above carryin weed or some shit. SMH.

Comment by Spliff Star 02.03.11 @

haha he said consequence could bite through a padlock!

Comment by kaybee 02.03.11 @

I love how there’s some guy pretending to be Spliff Star on here…classic.

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 02.03.11 @

I want to hit both those clowns in the face with a shovel. Man up robbie and swing at them. The impending lock up will be well worth it.

Comment by BIGSPICE 02.04.11 @

I feel him on that, artists need to be aware that fans make the artist to a certain degree, so being stand offish is wrong. It must suck to finally meet a dude you admire and hes a total asshole.

Comment by Selor, Denu 02.04.11 @

bring it………!

Comment by rich 02.04.11 @

They raped that Masta Ace sample. Bastards.

Comment by vollsticks 02.04.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 02.04.11 @

robbie, you’re good money in flushing and corona. was working at xtra P’s crib the other day and he was bigging you up. you’re more nyc than 98% of these sites. enjoy you’re stay.

Comment by SuperBADSolace 02.04.11 @

“…We O.G’s in this…to a certain extent” HA!

Comment by vollsticks 02.05.11 @

I’m crushing your head.

Who the fuck are the Kidz in the Hall?

Comment by digglahhh 02.06.11 @

i’ve met Naledge and Double O. they weren’t bad guys; they were down to earth and pretty much themselves. they might want to get a new publicisit though; i didn’t even know they had an album out last year. first album on Rawkus is pretty good. by the way, XXL is so pitiful that i don’t think you should ever f*ck with them Robbie. they went from being a real hip-hop mag to a bunch of press releases and a blogger named byron crawford.

Comment by MOIT 02.06.11 @

Kidz In The Hall are a couple of douchebags. Those guys rep homo rap!

Comment by P-Body 02.07.11 @

Ghetto Vader gonna Punch you first ROBBIE
Pay up. when i c you in April. am put in on HD video
who ever talking shit they got ur Back dont belive the hype. niggas talk shit till get goes down,
Ghetto Vader

Comment by Ghetto Vader 02.07.11 @

Their first album, call it derivative how many times you want, wasn’t bad.

Double O is Peter Gunz’ illegitimate son, though

Comment by reiser 02.08.11 @

Velour got Double O’s back yo!

Comment by n6000 02.08.11 @

KIdz in the hall is not as bad as Cool Kids, at least they got some stronger soundin tracks….but theres too much mad shit out to get hung up any of these cats anyway………anyway i love my gullie shit to death…why u dudes gotta diss hipsta it better just to fake it and pretend ur gullie…why u think dudes gotta wear baggy shit catchers, chatty new b-balll hitops and nfl throwbacks all ur life…wat is that mahfuckahs wann style up leave em…..along with stagnate fashion come stagnate music visa versa!

Comment by goon killer 02.13.11 @

gonna be interesting to see if you walk the walk after all that talk the talk from a safe suburbian home on the other side of the world….

Comment by Frankenstein 02.13.11 @

Kidz in the hall is not douche bag rap you need to listen to ritalin by Kidz before u diss-the thing is they went to school and are educated-mia not a emcee–lil mama not an emcee missy elliot not an emcee–Kanye west -rapper trying to be a emcee-listen to Nahledge he is a emcee who can get gully-Double made some shiny beats but can get gully u need to go back and listen to Chicago Picasso and remember when those kids rolled on Dela at the roller rimk way back in the day and got their a__es dusted-Nahledge is from CHicago dont sleep–I am from Queens and they are dope!!!!!

Comment by webbsterclark 02.17.11 @

@ Frankenstein wat is you talking about!
the whole hipster rap dis is just some close minded shit……u cant expect all dudes to love the stereo type…..thugs and wanna be thugs just lookin for subject matter……dudes forget all the gear KRS & Run dmc were wearing , leather pants and shit 80’s or not they still rocked that shit….u dont see mafukas dissin those legends….why

Comment by goon killer 02.24.11 @

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