Stuff White People (Don’t) Like – 10 Shots At The Devil
Tuesday February 08th 2011,
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There’s few things more entertaining than upsetting white folks. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, and when the fish in this particular barrel happen to be mountain climbers who play electric guitar (aka A&R’s) then it gets even more amusing. What could be better than some good old fashioned songs about ‘Devils’? (excluding Jay-Z’s ‘D’Evils’ which is disappointingly free of anti-cracker sentiment).

Apache – ‘A Fight’

The late, great Apache unleashes a little Caucasoid extermination program.

Da Lench Mob – ‘Buck The Devil’

If only ‘Pin The Tail On The Honkey’ had made it onto the album…nevertheless, this proved to be a sure-fire winner with pale-faced suburban mall rats the world over.

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien – ‘Del’s Nightmare’

Who’d a thunk it that this zany acid casualty had it in him to throw white under a bus like this? A fine job he does, too.

Ice Cube – ‘Horny Lil’ Devil’

Earns bonus points for shots fired at snowflakes and fudges. Tip of the hat to you, Mr. Cube.

Jeru The Damaja – ‘Ain’t The Devil Happy’

Sadly free of any direct attacks on the melanin deficient, but the title says it all.

Brand Nubian – ‘The Godz…’

Superb work from The Great Dot X in the closing verse as he describes the ultimate (non) ethnic cleansing solution.

X-Clan – ‘Grand Verbalizer, What Time Is It?’

Ether makes your soul burn slow, Polar Bears.

Lakim Shabazz – ‘When You See A Devil Smash Him’

The Voice of Power shuts down the snakes. Word to Benny Hill.

YZ – ‘When The Road Is Covered With Snow’

Some fine usage of subliminal meanings here. What is it? A blizzard?

The Pharcyde – ‘Devil Music’

When even this wacky bunch of ‘funsters’ start firing pot shots at white, you know that the White Wash is running on borrowed time.


Apache – ‘Kill D’White People’

Greatest skit of all time?

Special Mention:

Most uses of the term ‘cracker’ you’re likely to hear.

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Perfect way to wake up in the morning…

Comment by shawamar 02.08.11 @

No Grand Puba “Soul Controller”?

Comment by Thun 02.08.11 @

wait a minute, black folks aren’t racists! everyone knows that!

Comment by kaybee 02.08.11 @

I will selectivly mute/unmute snippets of this shit @ volume from my work laptop ALL DAY LONG like Kid Capri!!! Haha!

Comment by bboycult 02.08.11 @

In Florida, they call police “Crackers”. That’s what Plies is talking about.. White people down there call cops “crackers” as well..

Comment by Sid V 02.08.11 @

please stay where you are. don’t ever bring that nonsence to orlando. many cultures live together in harmony. there are a few n.y. knuckle heads and good ol boys here but overall racial peace.

Comment by dan 02.08.11 @

I know it’s not an anti-white song per se but I always thought that Lord Jamar verse from “A Day In The Life” off of “Stunts, Blunts…” was cool–“…and we get much blacker, riding round town, running down crackers…” Good selection anyway, haven’t listened to “Buck The Devil” for years, good to hear it again!

Comment by vollsticks 02.08.11 @

‘Wake Up’ has to be on the list for ‘Can a devil fool a mus? No not nowadays bro. Do you mean to say the devil fooled us 400 years ago?’

Comment by The Grand 02.08.11 @

what about body count – kkk bitch
gravediggaz – graveyard chamber
wu-tang clan – cream

Comment by iLLa 02.08.11 @

i always thought “cracker” was a term used for authority figures.
you know… whip cracker.

personally i use the term for junkies, up here in vancouver, canada.

fuckin crackers

Comment by deff-b 02.08.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 02.08.11 @

I already read that dude’s name as Piles, like the term for hemorrhoids.

Comment by haroon 02.08.11 @

err… creative expression aside, Da Lench Mob’s LP was the most boring album ever. Are they from Orlando?

Comment by AO 02.08.11 @

@deff-b: that’s about right. To be more precise: it’s a description of a slave master (who cracks his whip).

Comment by The Grand 02.08.11 @


Comment by BRIX 02.08.11 @

No Grand Puba “Soul Controller”?

Comment by Thun 02.08.11 @


Co sign wat Thun says. WTF Robert?

Yo Robert, you check out that G Rap EP my G? Is it any good?

Comment by Spliff Star 02.08.11 @

i find it comical that these groups are making these songs,but at the same time they are on a white owned record label and suck white dick for a paycheck…

Comment by CERTIFIED HATER 02.08.11 @

I wonder how much of that penny I paid back in ’92 for Apache Ain’t Shit he saw?

Comment by Ruestar 02.08.11 @

honestly my favorite racist rap song is black korea by ice cube, and I love korean food, also cave bitch by ice cube, loads of dead prez songs, also Eddie Murphy

Comment by gstatty 02.08.11 @

Dude how u gonna front on:

Ras Kass – “Nature of the Threat”

Comment by lordgruff 02.08.11 @

No way in hell I’m going to listen to ‘Nature of a Threat’ all the way through again if I don’t have to. It was great the first time but once was enough for that Rap Essay.

Comment by Robbie 02.08.11 @

LENCH MOB “Fuck U & Your Heroes” has to be top 3.
“George Washington- he wore a wig like a faggot.”

Comment by gangalee 02.09.11 @

PE dissing Elvis and John Wayne in the same record is a good way to piss off the crackers.

Comment by BIGSPICE 02.09.11 @

How can you forget “The Devil Made Me Do It” by Paris…

Comment by Paris2011 02.09.11 @

When You See A Devil Smash Him (hums along)

Comment by swordfish 02.09.11 @

I remember the gasp when that part came on the moview and some of the winces that happened. They didn’t like that one a bit.

Comment by gangalee 02.09.11 @

Jus Allah?

Comment by Jesse 02.09.11 @

You gotta mantion PARIS’s almost whole catalog!

(esp: “The devil made me do it”)

Dope list Thanks.

Comment by ?uestion Marc 02.09.11 @

What a sad day for this website. I can only assume this is done with some humour and I certainly acknowldge the harm and responsiblility that white people need to accept in the role of the Mayflower, past oppression and current discrimination.

However, personally, celebrating these songs doesn’t sit well with me. Would it be acceptable to post up the greatest black hatred songs by Landser, Macht und Ehre or Screwdriver (probably not as it’s shite punk for a start!).

Again sad day for what has been a great site.

Comment by Dan E Fresh 02.09.11 @

^ I cant front on the jewell kicked right there…I will personally state that NONE OF THE ABOVERY is in my top 10 favorite anything; but straight up and down sometimes cracka-shit is impossible to ignore and needs to be addressed as such!

Comment by bboycult 02.09.11 @

It’s just spitting into the wind. Don’t trip.

Comment by eric nord 02.09.11 @

“Most uses of the term ‘cracker’ you’re likely to hear.”

True but I heard he was contractually obligated to say ‘nigga’ 3 times for every time he said ‘cracka’

Comment by binstar 02.09.11 @

Dan, lighten up homeboy-on this site we can all just get along.

Comment by keatso 02.09.11 @

i love that this post ends w/ an ad for matthew perry’s new abc comedy MR SUNSHINE

Comment by Doug Gabriel 02.09.11 @

I need to compile these tunes,
Slavemasta watchin ova U , Always tryna tell ya what the fuk to do!-Del

Comment by chronwell 02.09.11 @

Damn Dan, lighten up. And I don’t mean pull a Michael Jackson or Sammy Sosa and bleach your skin lighter. I mean loosen up your man thong homey, people are just talking.

Comment by BIGSPICE 02.09.11 @

took ya’ll 20+ years to summon the balls to start talkin slick within this hip hop culture..Where were ya’ll with this humor when hip-hop was real, listening under the covers, that’s where.. heart transplant ass suckas..would yall have this heart when you had to?

Comment by mack 02.09.11 @

Jus allah “White nightmare” now thats some heavy shit bruz.

Comment by Killa Alvarez 02.09.11 @

Shabazz Tha Disciple “Death Be Tha Penalty”!!!! That’s for you….. ^Mack (All Day/And Day!)

Comment by bboycult 02.10.11 @

@Dan: this is clearly tongue in cheek as is 90 percent of Unkut’s content.

Comment by The Grand 02.10.11 @

cave bitch easily one of the worst
+ most dead prez songs

Comment by DOM DIRTEE 02.10.11 @

Mack, slick talk=trademark around your muthafuckin eye.
Works both ways, seen?

Comment by keatso 02.11.11 @

Several songs by Paris spring to mind, but most especially “The Devil Made Me Do It”.

Comment by Mag7Music 02.11.11 @

@ Haroon

I misread it as Pliers, and was wondering why he and Chaka Demus had gone their separate ways!

Comment by Steve 02.11.11 @


Comment by FACTUAL 02.11.11 @

You should do a list…Top ten white people involved with Rap who hate the color of their skin.

Comment by Johnny Hardcore 02.12.11 @


Comment by donaleski 02.12.11 @

Frank Zappa is the illest:
Hey, you know something people?
I’m not black
But there’s a whole lots a times
I wish I could say I’m not white

Comment by keatso 02.13.11 @

@ Robbie

“No way in hell I’m going to listen to ‘Nature of a Threat’ all the way through again if I don’t have to.”

Yet, you’ve listened to like 4 hours worth of J-Love rapping this month alone? Nobody’s perfect, I guess.

Comment by digglahhh 02.13.11 @

^^^ Bwahaha

Nice one Digglahhh!

Comment by Theilf 02.14.11 @

pollywannacracker by public enemy?? by the way, in the early gangsta rap era, the more anti-white lyrics+pro-black lyrics+pro-black on black crime depictions+anti female lyrics, the more album sales to white people and probably everyone.da lench mob were really overacheivers in this regard.

Comment by DIO 02.14.11 @

Back when it was called RAP and it was pro black, those were da days! Back then there really wasn’t any white people in da mix, b-boyin and hiphop was mad gangsta and nites wld get ruined by bullshit!! Yea friends died doin this and sumtimes me bein of south american descent i was the minority but tha music and b-boyin kept us color blind against gangs and other races. Didn’t start gettin down wit other races until after the mid 90’s hip hop boom. Zulu in tha house!!

Comment by DaChosenWon 02.26.11 @

man, this is the greatest hiphop blog. Was that really a Benny Hill sample. I used to think it was…

Comment by ben 02.28.11 @

DA Smart “black people ain’t prejudice” “message to the white man”

Comment by iTEEBHAGGA 03.03.11 @

racism begets racism. (goes both ways… black on white.. white on black)

Comment by truth 01.15.12 @

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