Video: True Wine Connoisseurs EP 12 feat. The Beatminerz
Thursday April 07th 2011,
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The Great Dot X holds court in a Lebanese restaurant with Will Tell and Evil Dee and ’em. Much winning follows.

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Evil Dee on Black Moon: “Who the hell are they?”

Awesome. Buck & ’em aint made shit dope in over 15 years while Enta Da Stage still knocks like Tony Gwynn on HGH.

Comment by A'Peks 04.07.11 @

The image on the video before you press play looks straight like ‘Dat is chilling with Christian Slater. The guy actually looks like the bald dude from ‘just shoot me’ when you watch it though. Now you know.

Comment by Lair 04.07.11 @

The Beatminerz and The Great Dot X,that was very entertaining. I agree Black Moon and them ain’t really done nothing decent since they split from their original production, what a damn shame. Never understood Heltah Skeltah dissing them in interviews during their early period.

This is the kind of thing I would like to see on TV, oh well-at least the internet exists.

Comment by silent minority 04.08.11 @

I agree silent minority, this is the kinda shit that should be on tv. There’s needs to be a straight (real) Hiphop channel, but yeah, that’ll never happen. Thank god for the internet!

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 04.08.11 @


Comment by FACTUAL 04.08.11 @

looks like a fun ass time.

Comment by kaybee 04.08.11 @

welcom back Robb-e!

Comment by cholo 04.09.11 @

Total Eclipse… that’s my shit right there.

Comment by eric nord 04.09.11 @

total eclipse and warzone were the last two black moon albums and they were pretty dam good to me don’t know what the other two guys are talking about but they have their opion

Comment by derrick 04.09.11 @

Let me backtrack a bit, I should have said Bootcamp as a whole, the last Black Moon track I liked was Stay Real (I think that was the name). I’ll have to check those lps out, but I still feel that as a crew they did best with Beatminerz production.

Comment by silent minority 04.11.11 @

I don’t remember the last time I listened to anything Black Moon or Buck did that wasn’t Enta Da Stage. I’m sure there are bangers available, the dude doesn’t suck or anything. I just recall being bitterly disappointed in all his post-Beatminerz stuff to the point that I just gave up. To each his own. I know a lot of heads still check for him.

Comment by A'Peks 04.11.11 @

I seem to remember an article from around 1997-98 about the Bootcamp that said they had this whole military mindset with ranks and chores and even were making dudes do pushups and shit when they’d fuck up. And Dee & Walt just weren’t with that shit. They were tellin’ kids to go fuck themselves and dudes got all asshurt at each other. Then I noticed Rock calling them “Da Sweetminerz” in interviews on Rap City and thought that was fucked up. Later, I thought I read that some of the Bootcamp tried to re-connect with Da Beatminerz but it was too late. Heads were still butthurt.

Anybody else remember it the same way or different?

Comment by A'Peks 04.11.11 @


Comment by eric nord 04.11.11 @

That Christian slater shit was exactly what i was thinking! Yeah i can’t see buckshot getting ruck to do pushups personally. And seeing as a good amount of bootcamp seemed fucked up on drugs doesn’t sound that likely. Smif n wessun are on both beat miners albums too i think.

Comment by Gx 04.11.11 @

I liked ‘lookin down the barrel,’ ‘thats the way shit iz,’ ‘thats how it iz’ and ‘stoned iz the way’ off the total eclipse album so you’re trippin on that one A’peks. Also da beatminerz produced 9 of 17 tracks off that record. On another note, arak is that shit, it tastes like jager and absinthe had a love child. Absinthe also does that change in color thing when you add chilled water to it. I love me a nice merlot, cab is my second fav. My fam is always drinking pinot noir, but thats for softies. Might as well swill a juice box at that point.

Comment by gstatty 04.12.11 @

man, evil d keeps getting bigga n bigga. C’mon people, we need to learn how to eat right in moderatation. still a funny interview; sadat seems like a funny motherfucka…

Comment by Big Gist from brooklyn 04.12.11 @

@gstatty… Beatminerz didn’t produce “Lookin Down The Barrel” (see Moss & Dan The Man). But i agree that someone needs to listen to give that album another listen. The Beatminerz body of work is one of the biggest (and most consistent) in hip hop. Rrecognize.

Comment by eric nord 04.13.11 @

@eric nord I never said they produced that track, but they did produce 9 of the 17 tracks off that album. Big up Da Beatminerz indeed.

Comment by gstatty 04.14.11 @

I have a listening of “Eclipse” scheduled for Friday night in my home office. I will take the loss on this if there are more than 9 great tracks on it.

Comment by A'Peks 04.14.11 @

Would you settle for 9 certified dope tracks? 😉

Comment by eric nord 04.14.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 04.14.11 @

@A’Peks, you might be dissapointed, because there are less than 9 dope tracks on there, I’d peg it around 5 give or take, as far as the production goes though, if you are looking for 9 dope beats, you may or may not find what you are looking for. Who knows though, maybe its aged well… like a fine wine natch.

Comment by gstatty 04.15.11 @

“Lookin Down the Barrel” is incredible. The rest of these I could give or take. I’m not saying they’re wack. It’s just… man if Buck could hear himself on Funkmaster Flex album, “I aint no joke.” What happened to that dude? To me, he’s just kind of boring. You could find 10,000 MCs who can do what he does now. Who needs it?

Comment by A'Peks 04.15.11 @

“Why We Act This Way” doesn’t suck.
“That’s How It Is” fucking knocks. I must be gettin’ drunk.
“Pressure Is Tight” is a keeper. 5ft killed that.

Are any of these tracks as decent as “Make Munne?” Nope.

Comment by A'Peks 04.15.11 @

A fair assessment. I felt like Total Eclipse was a big improvement on the War Zone LP.

I’m looking at my iTunes… and it says I’ve listened to “What Would You Do” 51 times. Make that 52. And ya… needless to say I give a thumbs up on all your picks. Glad to hear you found a few good ones.

Comment by eric nord 04.16.11 @

@A’peks, yeah I kinda agree with you on that one, buckshot has fallen off slightly, I do hear the occasional banger from him here and there, but for the most part its meh. I loved that song he did with Sean Price, Mama I Want to Sing, that shit was hilarious and just good rhymery in general from both parties.

Comment by gstatty 04.18.11 @

Robbie I just got back from Australia and couldn’t find you anywhere. Your moms was good times though. Make sure you thank her for showing me and Mr. Busta for the memories.

Seriously duke, your moms > rah digga.

Oh and its my birthday today. Seriously. Put up a video of one of my tracks or sumthin.

Comment by Spliff Star 04.18.11 @

Another Buckshot guest shot.

Comment by eric nord 04.19.11 @

Luckily Duck Down started getting some fresh blood in the production department(Marco Polo,IllMind,ect.) Because as much as I love me some BCC, without the Beatminerz they were hurting for a minute on the production side. I still think Beatminerz are the masters of the grimey filtered basslines.

Comment by Cresno Fresh 04.19.11 @

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