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Wednesday May 11th 2011,
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I haven’t had time to mess around with my internets between all the drinking I’ve been doing in the fine city, but I did have time to pen a quick review for an album from some douche called Tyler, The Creator:

What’s The Consensus? The Internet’s Top Tastemakers React To Tyler, The Creator’s “Goblin”

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my stepson told me about this dude a few weeks ago (he’s 17 and swears this dude is the truth)…though his rhymes aren’t bad, his flow isn’t that great and the beats are akward and not really something you can nod your head to. it’s almost like trying to be so different, which it is, but that doesn’t make it good. i’ll stick w/ jay electronica if i’m gonna do some kind of alternative rap. i feel like this type of music would be white boy music, it’s weird to me. eminem type weirdo shit. it’s a new generation of black youth and they didn’t grow up the same way.

Comment by kaybee 05.11.11 @

Robbie rather listens to some washed up, stuck in the 90s NY rapper which are so far from being relevant, it’s embarassing. But to each its own, but Robbie should somehow move into the present, people don’t care about those NY Failures.

Comment by ... 05.11.11 @

I’m a supporter of the whole OFWGKTA movement, but the review is on point. Tyler has the talent, he just needs to step up his musicality. The Ego Trip review was pretty funny too, both pts.1&2.

Comment by eric nord 05.11.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 05.11.11 @

This album sucks except for Yonkers…next!!!

Comment by dlp 05.11.11 @

@… know the ledge kid, just because dudes that know about rap don’t listen to soulja boy and lil’ b like you and your girlfriends, don’t get your panties in a bunch.

Check my tweet for my thoughts on ofwg and goblin. If that crew don’t show some kinda praise for the OGz and architects that created their whole style like the Geto boyz, brotha lynch hung, necro, kool keith, gravediggaz, etc. then they are irrelevant. Once they record an album smoking dust then I might give em a listen instead of youtubing em just to critique their lack of skill.

I’m glad you didn’t hop on the no-talent train just for blog views robbie, keep it real as usual.

Comment by gstatty 05.12.11 @

Tyler The Creater? Its more like Tyler The Wack Lame Faggit! This album is straight TRA$H!!!!!!! Its a waste of anyones time. Gotta love how Robbie kept it real with his review and rating, but all those other clowns gave it a much better rating. Lame! People sure do have shitty taste these days, especially the younger ones. *shaking head*

I’ll stick to listing to actual Hiphop, and dope Hiphop for that matter, from cats like Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Blu, eLZhi, Fashawn, Has-Lo, Meyhem Lauren, Torae, Masta Ace, EDO.G, AG, J-Live, Damu The Fudgemunk and all that REAL muthafuckin Hiphop shit. And anyone who’s not a kid or teenager who listens to Tyler The Wack Lame Faggit is exactly that themself, a wack lame faggit! Real talk.

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 05.12.11 @

Yonkers is ill, the rest is Garbage, they gigantic hype machine that followed their performance on Jimmy Fallon was largely undeserved, the performance was ill, the actual album track and the album are garbage. Hopefully Earl Sweatshirt will do better, Frank Ocean seems to be doing well for himself too..

Comment by Jesse 05.12.11 @

hahaha Odd Future, theyre as exciting as Insane Clown Posse, should pay huge royalty to Cage for biting his whole back catalogue, bored upper middle class kids is always embarrassing. And on that note, lets get back to the real mc program, Percee P has some new shit out!!

Comment by PAS 05.12.11 @

LOL haters mad. Go jerk off to your shirtless Rakim posters, dogs!

Comment by muddywaters 05.12.11 @

I laugh so hard at those herbs going “Fuck this faggot shit, i listen to REAL rap!” Bitch, what the hell is “real” rap? Tyler isn’t rapping? Wow. Get off your high horse and stop being a fucking elitist about your shitty music taste. Go jerk off to that one Canibus verse from 1998, you stuck up cunt.

Tyler sure as shit is no revolution or an artist that’s constantly putting out dope stuff…but give that kid a break and let him get the $$$.

Comment by ... 05.12.11 @

As with the Ego Trip review… I fux w/the IDEA of Tyler and OFWGKTA more than anything else…it’s just good to know that kids haven’t consigned themselves to sucking dick and getting fucked in the a$$ for fame; cause if you let popular media tell it….that’s all there is folks!

Comment by bboycult 05.12.11 @

Fuck a Jay Electronica too; what he’s released, five songs and goddamn Fresca commercial?

Granted, that’s a hell of a lot better than no-talent fanboy turd like Joell Ortiz releasing five thousand songs with a total of two decent verses between ’em. But still.

If we’re going WEIRDO rap, make mine Doom and Monch.

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 05.13.11 @

Friend played me the album, it’s not exactly horrible but…
People saying they hear Cage. Sure, I hear that. and the Beastie Boys. But what I hear mostly is Kool Keith. Forreal, the parallels aren’t even funny. Listen to “The Lost Masters” or even Keith’s “The Commissioner” next to Tyler “The Creator”. All personal self produced recordings Keith did under various angry, defecating guises back in like 2002-2006 have pretty much everything Tyler does on this record, only from the perspective of someone in their late 30’s.
The worlds on some crazy-future looking back at the past from the present-shit. But that’s what happens when Funk Igniter Plus is involved.
If these dudes are smart they’ll shy away from doing the whole praising their elders thing and keep acting like they’re coming out with something so very brand new and “unclassifiable”(!). Tyler and “the dog squad” or whatever are doing that pretty well at the moment so things remain lively and entertaining. Putting people on to too many other talented MCs who’ve done what you’ve doing is a no no. Raps always been about hyping yourself up.
I just get this strange feeling when listening to any “movement” nowadays that I’m gonna be forced to hear about this brand new dude they’re putting on, Joe Concept with his “Bionic Fish Spliff” mixtape, forever after a year or so.

Comment by Lair 05.14.11 @

@Lair ‘biting my space styles, biting my horrorcore, all i saw was little Kool Keiths on my tour’ – Kool Keith

Comment by gstatty 05.18.11 @

@gstatty Word. Kool Keith talks alot of shit, I’ll be the first to say it. I think it’s a smart move on his part to keep him relevant with younger crowds who actually end up believing he really did invent everything in rap.
The thing is, Keith’s never ending claims of biting aside, you can really just HEAR the similarities between both dudes. Seriously, listen to the albums from Keith I mentioned (The Lost Masters Collection and The Commissioner 1+2) next to the new Tyler album. The things Keith did on those records and was almost universally shitted on for (distinctive minimalist self composed beats, digitized vocals and angry, repetitive gross-out imagery – replace Keith’s fondness for defecating with Tyler’s “rape” themes) are the same things people (probably the same people) are praising Tyler for at the moment. I’m not saying Tyler is terrible or doesn’t deserve any shine, just that the whole mantra of his music being unclassifiable or totally “original” (whatever that means) is straight bullshit.

So where is Tyler excelling and setting himself apart? Well, in the youth department for sure, and the whole running with a giant crew thing. Roaming about with a huge entourage of people “under him” singing his praises and claiming to be a movement is keeping the public entranced at the moment. Keith never really did this and i think is still suffering because of it. The only movement he was ever a part of was the bowel movement, and a lot of people decided to flush him rather than sift for gold nuggets.

Comment by Lair 05.18.11 @

whats good with DARK NITE {420}

Comment by ABGOHARD 05.18.11 @

I cant even hate the dude. He’s got a nice flow. Especially, when you consider that a lot of cats releasing music in his age group are really muffin soft. The production was iffy for me, but the concept is dope.

Comment by tsi the shelltoed 05.23.11 @

file this under WACK! only the yonkers vid was ill. ( talking about the vid) the beat on that sucks! boring shit though u bettah check that nick wiz shit

Comment by waxcat the pek blentah 05.24.11 @

I like the Earl Sweatshirt stuff and the Fallon performance was ill…has hip-hop passed some sort of barrier now that upper-middle class black kids can make rap that sounds like weirdo-white-boy music? Like kaybee said, it IS a new generation–they’re all of what, 17? Good luck to ’em, I say.

Comment by vollsticks 05.24.11 @

@waxcat the pek blentah Nick Wiz is trash, homeboy, and the beat on Yonkers is dope.

Comment by Karl Weathers 05.24.11 @

Earl Sweatshirt is the truth. Tyler is come and go. TRON CAT is the shit though. At least these new youngin’s ain’t no punks. Style wise we’ll see where it goes.

Comment by Cresno Fresh 05.25.11 @

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