Junk I Found Out At The The All Access Music Conference – Producer Edition
Monday May 02nd 2011,
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So I hit the streets of New York on Wednesday, and so far I’ve hit a bunch of open bar events, dropped into the Combat Jack Show on PNC, tried out a few flavors of 40 Oz. malt liqour and some 4LOKO, visited The Source offices and a few food spots…and of course met a bunch of Internets!

Yesterday I rolled through to see the Producer Panel at the All Access Music Conference with Dallas Penn, Matt Raz and DJ Franchise, where I found out the following actual facts:

1. Cryptonic Liqueur is gonna be big on Halloween but no one will eff with it the rest of the year.

2. Ciroc vodka wins with OJ but loses with blue bottle Moscato.

3. I should have brought a briefcase to bag-up more of the Fuse TV 2GB promo flash drives.

4. Music industry panels stay losing. Who cares about a bunch of executives giving advice about some business model that hasn’t been relevant for the last five years?

5. Just as we were getting ready to bounce after grabbing a few more rounds of Screwdriver’s in the V.I.P. room, who should be sitting there but Engineer All-Star Marley Marl? Naturally, the first thing I asked him was what ever happened to the T.J. Swan album, and he mentioned that he might drop a couple of songs from it on the next Hot Chillin’ vinyl release…

6. Turns out Buckwild was there too, and him and Marley did a sit-down for everyone in the place which made the whole event worth attending outside of the open bar. Of course most of the youngsters there had no idea they were, but the handful of those who did were treated to a few trivia gems…

7. Not only did Busta turn down the ‘Whoa’ beat, but Buck also offered it to Big Pun.

8. G Rap turned down ‘Vapors’ since he thought it was ‘too slow’.

9. Marley would record different Juice Crew members over the same beat and award it to whoever rocked it the best, which is why he decided that ‘Raw’ was better suited to Big Daddy Kane.

10. Marley made more off the publishing of Mya feat. Jay-Z
‘Best of Me, Pt. 2’ (which sampled ‘Make The Music’) than the entire Biz Markie catalog.

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#5 – I’m glad he hasn;t given up on HC; I was beginning to worry.

#9 – Oh shit! Imagine what must be in Marley’s vaults!

Comment by Werner von Wallenrod 05.02.11 @

Say whatup to Dallas for me – from the Australian chapter of the Ghetto Big Mac.

Comment by Jesse 05.02.11 @

Looking forward to many more stories from the Big Apple. Congrats on the world assault. Unkut is for the children.

Comment by Crisis 05.02.11 @

Nice one Robbie. Great to see you’ve arrived in NY.

Comment by Hams 05.02.11 @

New York gun talk is America’s best. lol @ asking Marley about the T.J. Swan album, I swear you’re the biggest T.J. Swan stan. Have fun in NY man, big up.

Comment by gstatty 05.02.11 @

Good lookin’ hittin’ Marley with those questions. I think g Rap would have soundeds just as good as Kane over that “Raw” joint. Here I am, mad at Atlantic Records for pullin’ that Motown shit, havin’ different artists do a version of a song to see who has the best one and Marley was on that too? Go figure.

Comment by oskamadison 05.02.11 @

7. Not only did Busta turn down the ‘Whoa’ beat, but Buck also offered it to Big Pun.


This is true. I was there. I told Mr. Busta to reconsider but he told me to shut the eff up and go wait outside.

Comment by Spliff Star 05.02.11 @

Robbie thinkin he all fancy now hangin wid da internetz in NYC.

Robbie holds weed for Dallas Penn.

Comment by Spliff Star 05.02.11 @

Can we have Tragedy Kaddafi guest post for the REAL story behind Bin Laden’s “death,” 9/11, and the Moon Landing??

Comment by McNulty 05.02.11 @

G Rap would have killed that Vapors beat…he could slow-flo…peep that Ill Street Blues for proof!

Comment by vitaltwofor 05.07.11 @

In addition to the album..what happened to TJ Swan PERIOD????

Comment by dlp 05.09.11 @

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