Kool G Rap feat. Havoc – American Nightmare
Wednesday May 18th 2011,
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KGR combined with Havoc and ALC? Game over.

Kool G Rap feat. Havoc –
‘American Nightmare’

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Come the fuck on with this CRAP.

Kool G. Rap was a complete MC– he killed all three albums with DJ Polo: personal, political, moving into crime…

Since then, he’s been a stone loser, without the guts to write it, so we get GARBAGE like “Roots of Evil,” “Giancana Story” etc.

The real question is what the fuck happened to NATHANIEL and why is he so shook to spit ** anything ** true anymore?

Stop pandering.

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 05.18.11 @

this was on the free EP and will be on the album too. I was hoping all songs on the album would be this good, sadly the rest of the album is not.

Comment by JP 05.18.11 @

It’s literally painful to listen to Kool G Rap these days. I can’t believe this is the same person who made “men at work”

Comment by Thebeallendall 05.18.11 @

The production on this is so bad, so boring what happened to funk in Hip Hop? ..no wonder the music & artform is dyeing & a joke to most people in 2011

Comment by Mac Hustle 05.19.11 @

What you all on about, this is dope.

Comment by End Level Boss 05.19.11 @


Comment by FACTUAL 05.19.11 @

I think this site needs some new followers as most comments are unbelievable lately…this stuff is killer, what the fuck y’all talkin’ ’bout? crap? painful? boring? this is hip-hop ladies and gentlemen, not that popped out stuff you are probably listening to…and of course early KGR was classic but since he stayed street does not mean he didn’t evolve. And he still lyrically kills most mc’s out there.

Comment by ceedub 05.19.11 @

@ Thebeallendall
Co-Sign. KGR this days sounds like a wannabe.

Comment by qwermoop 05.19.11 @

Buncha retards, seriously

shit is dope as fuck.
And I’m diggin the album so far too, only heard 5 tracks, but so far so good.

Comment by AFFEX 05.19.11 @

Something went wrong with NATHANIEL beginning with “4,5,6”; that album wasn’t a disaster but it was an artistic fall-off.

All his fake black mafia shit since then has been pathetic. Kool G. Rap is a fucking ** LOSER ** …

… And ** THAT ** is what could make him very compelling.

Fuck garbage like “Scarface” and its ilk; Watch crime movies like “Straight Time” or “Friends of Eddie Coyle” or “Miami Blues” etc.

Ya’ll who big up G’s garbage only prove you didn’t understand the true nature of his achievement with DJ Polo.

I don’t care what the “reality” was; with Polo’s name on the record the song was hot; without it NATHANIEL was hiding from the complex truths he once offered so freely.

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 05.19.11 @

While I will say that my favorite era of G Rap was his Juice Crew period (roughly ’86-’90), lyrically, very few can see G Rap. I would love to hear him get away from the gangster shit for just a minute but hey, he is who he is.

Comment by oskamadison 05.19.11 @

I mean…it’s Kool G Rap man; suckas let ‘The Corrections Officer’ feed’em fairy tales ALL DAY….might as well kick back and let G Rap ‘paint his pictures’ too, Y’know!?

Comment by bboycult 05.19.11 @

Man, I am so truly tired of all these pseudo Hip-Hop progressive types such as Ejaculation Munson who think that everything a legendary artist does after his prime is garbage! It seems as if they wanna stress the fact that they know their Hip-Hop history better than others and no one can touch their precious knowledge. Saying that 456 was an artistic fall-off is out of this world. I had it in my deck last week and I was thinking that, if something, that album is underrated! Same goes with albums by other great rappers such as Rakim or even the WuTang. Of course their early stuff is untouchable but I still listen to The 18th Letter or The W and bob my head while doing it. And by the way, calling G.Rap by his real name and typing it in capital letters doesn’t make you look cooler.

Comment by ceedub 05.20.11 @

Cosign ceedub, shitting on legends just for the sake of it, is pitiful. I didnt quite dig this free enterprise as I did “Sad”, that song is all killer amazing, Im sure the whole album will be better, KGR knows better than to throw your best shit into the wind. Im looking forward to the album. KGR might have done some duds in his days, but he has never fell the fuck off. Every artist, save for Tom Waits(no really), have in hindsight, made some not so great music, that is what an artist is about, you want to expand your art and experiment with your format, not stand and stomp on the same square for all time.

Comment by PAS 05.20.11 @

Again, go back to the personae Nathaniel showed on his first three albums and compare that to all that followed.

How does a dude get LESS mature, and more limited in his concept as he gets older?

He’s had a tough life since then, I’m sure, but pretending you’re black mafioso– or not even doing so with sense of history– is nonsense.

Both Ghost and Sean Price have mentioned Frederick Douglass in their verses; has Nathaniel?

PAS– I feel you on Tom Waits and you could add Nick Cave and some others to the list.

But it’s not about experimenting, ‘growth,’ and failure (like Wu “8 Diagrams,” which I do like), it’s about hip-hop’s near complete failure to progress AND mature– like Marvin Gaye, say.

Granted even George Clinton fell off, even Prince (as songwriter, tho’ he’ll destroy every rapper combined as a musician) but KGR is not producing material on the level of a legend.

Nor, btw, has Rakim, not since Eric B. took the dookie ropes, no matter how much nostalgia mongers want to pretend otherwise.

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 05.20.11 @

Munson, the way you dissect brothers is creepy. I’d love to see you go up against G Rap on stage over mardi gras or stilletto. Leave the weirdo comments out. 456 is fuckin fire.

Comment by AO 05.20.11 @

In fact, don’t even mention 456. That mixtape G Rap did with Whoo Kid, “Top 5 Dead or Alive” was ill.

Comment by oskamadison 05.20.11 @

Fuck outta here with the anti-intellectual bullshit. Ghost called himself the ** WIZARD OF POETRY ** so brother ball lickers like yourself can…

… not listen?

But Nathaniel G. Rap– who once knew a lot better– has been stuck on second-rate “Scarface” (the movie, not the rapper) and Scorcese biting for 15+ years?

At least read Iceberg Slim, if not Chester Himes!

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 05.20.11 @

1- Ejaculation Munson talks a lot of smack. But if homie ever met G Rap in person, he would:
(A) Not refer to G Rap as Nathaniel
(B) Pay homage
(C) Ask for an autograph and kiss the ring like Big Pun

G Rap is a REAL gangster. Not no fairy tale.

2- This track is underwhelming, but mainly due to the BeAT. You mean to tell me THIS is the best beat ALC proposed to G Rap? Hmmm someone’s got tin ears, it seems.

Comment by lordgruff 05.20.11 @

Ejaculation Manson, again you write just to show everybody your all-around knowledge, quoting funk and rock musicians, movies and writers just to prove an opinion which is based exclusively on your questionable ideas. You may not dig gangster stories or maybe in your heart you would have liked to see GRap’s lyrical content going in different directions, maybe you wanted him to become Q-Tip or Chuck D or Ghostface. That’s what you msy think and you have said it but then you went on calling this song crap and saying the worst thing about his post DJ Polo career, which may had some flows but it’s still one of the most consistent in the rap game ever. You compare rappers to Prince, that brings me back to the days when Hip-Hop wasn’t even considered music and rappers and dj’s were not artists. Hip-Hop is about different styles, GRap stuck to his and kept it real being dope throughout 20+ years. So please stop masturbating your intellect and respect the man instead.

Comment by ceedub 05.20.11 @

No, G Rap ** reduced ** to his style to movie-derived gangster cliche.

I think Nathaniel has some real-ass stories about his years in the wilderness but I haven’t heard ** any ** of them that sounded real since “Live and Let Die.”

Listen to this– and praise be Sir Jinx and Sly Stone– and explain to me how Nathaniel hasn’t been in full retreat ever since?


Did G have a ghostwriter for “Road To Riches” or was I wrong to rate him, then, with Melle Mel? (And if Melle Mel was never your hero we shouldn’t even be talking.)



Comment by Ejaculation Munson 05.20.11 @

@ ceedub I think you missed a spot under G Rap’s ball’s. You don’t need to get so butthurt when someone calls out your heroes. G Rap sounds so tired and uninspired on this track that I wonder why he even bothered. This would have been a tighter Havoc solo joint.

Comment by Papi Chulo 05.20.11 @

I have to agree this is not that great, men at work was his greatest moment – i often think why does he not work with marley anymore? why no juice crew anymore – did they fall out over money artistic differences?

To be fare to him even on men at work he talked about his street days, but the story was he was an mc now and moved on from those days – so why does he not talk about anything else????

Comment by Kevlar 05.20.11 @

Are we talking about production here? are we talking about wack flows? are we talking about going pop or making an album filled with R&B singin’? if you wanna criticize a rapper, let alone GRap, for one of these reasons, you have a point. But dismissing something as wack just because of its lyrical content is absurd. Yes, it could be deeper, yes Road to The Riches was doper, yes Live And Let Die had stellar beats but yet, if this is wack I wonder what you call dope nowadays.

@Papi Chulo…it’s not about getting butthurt, it’s about fair criticism

@ejaculation…Melle Mel is a hall of famer but dou you really think he evolved conceptually throughout his career? He mainly talked about partying and sometimes dropped knowledge as in The Message or in Beat Street Breakdown and always did it with style (with some flaws of course). But if you think GRap should have matured maybe you also think Melle Mel should have been talking about politics ans social stuff in his late years, ain’t that right?

Comment by ceedub 05.21.11 @

Like Munson, my criticism of KGR is coming exclusively from a place of appreciation, respect, and reverence. For years, KGR was the people’s champ, your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, and among the best ever. Just about anybody who I consider a really dope lyricist openly credits KGR as a primary inspiration. And, I love all his work though 4,5,6. …After that, it gets highly questionable. And, yes, it’s still better than a whole lot of shit out there, but that’s not the bar I set for the hip hop I listen to, so that’s not particularly relevant to my opinion of KGR’s later career.

So, Munson is basically right, IMO. He still gets it in every now and then, and his failures are still lyrically very good, but he’s just not INTERESTING anymore. And, that is the hallmark of an successful artist – not polysyllabic couplets. Frankly, KGR’s one-dimensional schtick sounds stale, regardless of if he’s “keeping it street” and it gets more tiresome both as the years go by, both because it’s that much more repetitive and he’s that much older. I still click play every time Robbie posts something, but it’s kind of like Yankees fans still getting excited when Derek Jeter gets up in a big spot; it’s hard to admit the run is over.

Now, none of this does anything to diminish his past catalog, but if KGR’s career started with Roots of Evil, he’d be a considered a lyrically capable, but largely forgettable, mixtape type rapper. Kind of like Roc Marcy – I know he’s quite solid, but I’m not motivated to check for him.

Comment by digglahhh 05.21.11 @

Ceedub: oh, Melle Mel stalled out, definitely, but he carried the ball further than anyone at the time. To me, Melle Mel is thee source of Rakim, Ice Cube and others at their best. Melle Mel was coming out of Last Poets (who were largely forgotten) and Gil-Scott Heron (who did a lot of jazz/r&b-style material) but ask anyone who was there, in real time Melle Mel was a mindfucker.

L.L. Cool J carried things further and was necessary complement to corny Run-DMC (a nice group but mediocre MCs) and limited Kool Moe Dee-style raps etc etc.

Of all the old-timers, I’d say L.L. and KRS-One are still the best; even with their missteps, both destroy Nathaniel and post-Eric B. Rakim. Now that I’m thinking out loud, a best of 21st century KRS-One alone would destroy most rappers careers.

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 05.21.11 @

Fuck all that, Kool Keith for president!!!!!!!!!

Comment by oskamadison 05.21.11 @

Munson: Any late career KGR album destroys everything LL has done after Mama Said You Knock Out (hell, almost everything he did except Radio and BAD). And with all due respect I take Rakim’s The 18th Letter over most of KRS’s post-self titled album (the one with MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know). If you really wanna mention some old-timers who kept the quality level high throughout their whole career then you should mention Gang Starr. And by the way, Kool Moe Dee’s style, which you say is limited, CHANGED the rap game. And I am not the one thinking that, KRS said it more than once.

Comment by ceedub 05.22.11 @

This G Rap lp is sadly disappointing, I quite liked certain tracks on Roots Of Evil, though.

With regards to the above arguments, G Rap does sound more mature on his older tracks like Streets of NY or Road To The Riches, and that’s sad.

He is the best at what he does but he isn’t pushing himself at all, but what can you do.

Comment by silent minority 05.22.11 @

This shit is outta control!! Look, did g Rap get a little formulaic from 456 on? Yeah. Is just about every MC formulaic to certain degree? Hell yeah. Like I said, while I would have liked to have seen G branch out just a little, dude simply stayed in his lane, a lane that though he didn’t totally invent but he perfected it to the point that he might as well have invented it. If I’m going to listen to some monotonous shit, I’d rather listen to some skilled monotony. In my collection I have Road to the Riches, Wanted Dead Or Alive, Live And Let Die, 456, the Gianciana Story and the Top 5 Dead Or Alive mixtape and my least favorite is The Gianciana Story. Does that make it wack? No, it’s just my least favorite. The point is this: bar for bar, G Rap is STILL capable of beating the shit, the whole shit and nothing but the shit out of whoever your favorite thug/hustler/murderer MC is.
BTW, callin’ a raaper by his government once to get a point across: cool. Doin’ it repeatedly: creepy as fuck.

Comment by oskamadison 05.22.11 @

“rapper” Pardon the typo.

Comment by oskamadison 05.22.11 @

>>>> all Nathaniel post “Live And Let Die” —

with True Master–


with PE–


I’m saying we could put together a “Best of KRS” that shows his continued growth, complexity as an MC in the last 10-15 years.

The same can NOT be said for Nathaniel.

LL is very inconsistent, yes, but– here’s the key– he did NOT forsake his r-a-n-g-e like Nathaniel.

And Rakim just sounds like he took stupid pills after Eric B split. Maybe the took Ra’s books AND dookie ropes?

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 05.22.11 @

giancana never laid an weak verse.btw.did anyone heard sad? fukkouttahere.

Comment by swordfish 05.23.11 @

Nice English skills, swordfish.

Comment by Slammy The Bull 05.23.11 @

Remember…nobody likes a rap nerd

Comment by ben 05.24.11 @

yo g rap old heads want to hear you spit how you use to….hes new style/flow since giancana sucks donkey nuts…..and im a fan!smh

Comment by smiley 05.24.11 @


Comment by swordfish 05.24.11 @

G Rap don’t look like no Giancana I’ve ever seen.

Comment by The W@tcher 05.24.11 @

Beats boring. Lyrics is clean.

Comment by Cresno Fresh 05.24.11 @

It’s just a sad truth that G.Rap..like many of the veterans..sound”uninspired”..G sounds like the generation he influenced now.He’s not on another level,he looks and sounds like an outsider in a culture he helped to advance at one point.I don’t think it’s hate when you hear fans on this site complain…more than it’s disappointment with his recent efforts,his track-“SAD”is tight..but then you hear this joint..and???

Comment by R.Jones 05.24.11 @

luke warm “gangsta rap” over a non imaginative slow beat? America Nightmare? Already done.


Kool G is STILL > your favorite rapper (unless it’s KRS)

Comment by cenzi 05.25.11 @

“…look at my nose, I even breath more air than you” — at least G Rap never sad no dumb shit like that

Comment by crowded house 05.25.11 @

I would rather have heard G Rap on this version.

Better ALC beat better Havoc verse plus Prodigy. Everybody wins.

P.S. Everybody hollarin’ “I want old G Raps” HE AIN’T 20 NO MORE HE’S PUSHING 40+. We lucky to still be getting anything out him. He doing alright in my book considering.

Comment by Cresno Fresh 05.25.11 @

oh but Nathaniel is black mafia! He knew Giancana! Trafficante! Marcello!

Nathaniel was a mobbed up union rep on the Brooklyn docks!

Nathaniel ran a mobbed up scrap yard in Queens!

Nathaniel was cashier for mobbed up bakery on Staten Island!

Nathaniel learned to be a butcher from Roy DeMeo!

etc etc

Nathaniel Giancana is EXACTLY as corny as every rap retard who has used “Scarface” iconography and never mentions “Dog Day Afternoon.”

Nathaniel’s raps are as ‘gangster’ as Vinnie Paz’s, which is why they cover for each other, probably, and Vinnie pays, which, Gigante knows Nathaniel needs– which is fine, I need it too but how about a little reality from your “rap legends”?

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 05.26.11 @

Lol. Ejaculation just took that too a new level. I like this song and all graps catalog. I reckon whatever ppl do certain ppl going to sook.

Comment by Gx 05.26.11 @

Dog Day Afternoon?!

Yeah, who wouldn’t want to hear G Rap from the perspective of a bisexual failed bankrobber?

Comment by KQ 05.26.11 @

Why do you keep calling G Rap by his birth name? Its really wanky…Though there’s probably some deep pseudo intellectual sub text im missing your trying to imply by doing it…Like “i wont call him G Rap unless its with polo” or “he is not G Rap, he is not a real gangster, he is nathaniel”

Calling him a loser??? Have some respect, he’s made far more constructive contributions to the world with one of his verses than you ever will on this blog criticising and over intellectualising everything.

If you don’t like post polo G Rap just say it, don’t get on a high horse about it. What qualifies you to comment on where G Raps artistic headspace has been post polo anyway? you have no idea. You are going by what you hear, thats cool and fair enough, you dont really like it but honestly get your hand off it. Saying hes biting scorcese or should read Iceberg slim is just a stupid comment for real. Your entitled to an opinion but i dont think G Rap is after a career coach. Sure like anyone i would rather hear G Rap over better production and thats probably the main reason his albums have been less interesting. I dont think his song writing ability has anything to do with it personally. I think better beats would bring out better songs i.e Sad. I really dug Sad, this joint is cool but not as much.

Comment by Dialect 05.26.11 @

what problem does “Ejaculation Munson” have?? G RAP still spits with his trademark lisp – so everything is aaaaight… i kinda like this song, one of the better ones off his new album IMO. G Rap and Tragedy are STILL 2 of the best from back in the day (i mean, just listen to new EDO.G., RAKIM or KRS stuff…!!!)
The only problem with this new album are the beats – which should come from guys like Primo, Pete Rock, Buckwild, Dr Butcher just to name a few…

Comment by DaGrimeyWay 05.26.11 @

Maybe EJ is sick of rap jerkoffs talking about how Nathaniel is “GOAT” and “mad slept on” when they both fail to acknowledge the full r-a-n-g-e of his early art and the pathetic fictions (and shitty beats) of nearly all his non-DJ Polo work.

The age thing is bullshit because many many non-rap dudes (and some women) are still vital, creative etc.

If Nathaniel has had life problems– and there’s every indication he has– that’s understandable. But then how is that not part of his mature art?

But third-rate gangster film bullshit ** is ** ?

If you say hip-hop doesn’t allow that you might be correct but whose… fucking fault is that?

And as far as characterization, narrative etc Nathaniel’s later gangster fictions are just CRAP. You can’t say well, he still writes great because he doesn’t.

Ya’ll– and Nathaniel– should read a book by Jimmy Breslin called “The Good Rat” and see what’s possible in the genre.

It’s long past time for Nathaniel and his bootlickers to step up their games or step OUT of the arena.

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 05.27.11 @

G’s new slow flow sucks big time. New album is trash…”Maggie” work best but that concept was done enough.

Comment by Königstieflkater 05.27.11 @

This track is tight and both G Rap & Havoc compliment each other and drop great verses, the album will be a much needed piece of hardcore hip-hop and away from all the charty rubbish and commercial fluff. Folks should just like the music or shut up!!

Comment by Big Braveheart 05.27.11 @

“It’s just a sad truth that G.Rap..like many of the veterans..sound”uninspired”..G sounds like the generation he influenced now.He’s not on another level,he looks and sounds like an outsider in a culture he helped to advance at one point.I don’t think it’s hate when you hear fans on this site complain…more than it’s disappointment with his recent efforts,his track-”SAD”is tight..but then you hear this joint..and???

Comment by R.Jones 05.24.11 @ ”
I agree 100%

Comment by Ovaseas 05.27.11 @

When Kool G did a song with Rick Ross I loled

Comment by D.Baskett 05.27.11 @

why y’all calling G. Rap by his first name? c’mon son! lol. I think this song is straight! I got KGR albums I don’t feel like typing all that sh*t. KGR is still creative. street mob gangster hip-hop music is what he does!

Comment by DJGH aka R@$#0D 05.27.11 @

What’s more perplexing than g rap’s fall-off is people here listening to a douchebag’s take on “Nathaniel’s” career

Comment by QUITDABS 05.28.11 @

Don’t dismiss EM’s arguments just because he’s being potentially unnecessarily pretentious. First of all, almost all of us are pretentious to some degree – we’re mature hip hop fans who have done our homework and therefore call BS at a lot of the stuff that goes on in the music nowadays. Second of all, Unkut should be above the “tall puppy syndrome.” …See, even the “crabs in the barrel theory” is just a sample reinterpreted. If you don’t think his comparisons to musicians of other genres or references to books or film are apt, refute them. Argue as to why comparing Tom Waits and KGR is apples to oranges… maybe I would, but I’m more in agreement with EM than in dissent.

Look, it’s very difficult to age gracefully and adapt as a rap artist, and KGR isn’t the only one who isn’t doing a great job of it. But, the fact that he is older isn’t an excuse, in fact, it’s one of the things that makes him sound tired – like he’s in some sort of midlife crisis.

The irony of this whole argument is that everybody is focusing on EM calling KGR “Nathaniel.” And, perhaps EM is doing so to disparage KGR. But, what KGR needs to really resurrect his career, IMO, is to tell KGR to keep quiet for an album or two and let the world hear what “Nathaniel” has to say.

Comment by digglahhh 05.28.11 @

Totally off topic, just read the Gil Scott Heron died yesterday. RIP.

Comment by digglahhh 05.28.11 @

Am I trippin’? Or did anybody else think Half A Clip was’nt that bad of a release from my man. Ya’ll act like he has dropped nothing of value since the 90’s. I think ya’ll being a little harsh. And second when was it that KGR did’nt spit thug shit. Wanted “Dead or Alive” is one of the biggest mobster fantasy songs ever, but I don’t hear any complaints about that. I think ya’ll being a little hard on the kid in my book. He ain’t what he used to be but he ain’t bottom of the barrel like ya’ll are proclaiming. Not to mention Nathanial would probally smack the shit out of 89% of ya’ll on here in person.
“Break a bitch neck..Break a bitch Neck”

Comment by Cresno Fresh 05.28.11 @

I think g rap fucked ejaculation munsons wife.

Comment by Gx 05.28.11 @

Yo digglah yep Gil Scot-Heron is dead everything else u said = no

Comment by Gx 05.28.11 @

Well, as long as you’re making quality contributions to the discussion, GX…

WTF does “No” mean? “I don’t like it” is not a valid opinion when you’re engaging the sharing of your opinion with others. If you don’t tell people why you disagree, then it’s like you didn’t post at all.

Take the time to post but, but managing to not actually be part of the discussion = fail.

I don’t even know how anything I said in that last post was controversial – what’s there to disagree with? It’s difficult to age gracefully as a rapper. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact, backed up by the objective and empirical evidence of thousands of rappers’ careers. It’s not any easier for KGR than it has proven for any of the other legends – also a fact.

All I said is that people should address the substance of EM’s arguments as opposed to focus on how he presents them. Address the function, not the form. And, ironically, you responded with the exact form of non-response that I was alluding to.

…Unless you got the whole point and your response was a joke. In that case, a “well played” would be in order. But, most likely you’re just participating in the race to bottom for discussion about rap music.

BTW, I know its sounds like I’m overreacting, but I have my reasons. See, I’ve said this before, but this is one of the reasons why hip hop has not truly earned any real artistic respect, despite the fact that it has earned enormous popularity and incredible commercial success – even most of its most devoted fans speak about it at the level of a junior high schoolyard. Real art provokes discussion beyond “that’s fire” or “he sucks.” In the case of hip hop, it’s not that the art is incapable of doing that, but rather that so much of the fanbase, even the old, learned fanbase seems incapable of having discussions on that level.

Comment by digglahhh 05.29.11 @

Na digglah. I think ppl who like it will just buy it and stfu. I dont really feel the need to justify grap to random strangers. In real life everyone i know agrees grap is still killing it. Yeah he sounds different older etc: he is. Must be mid-late 40s. I enjoyed half clip and offer you cant refuse. Everytime he goes near a mic he does more for music than any blogger/blog commentator/journaliat etc.

Comment by Gx 05.29.11 @

I dont know what some of yall are talkin bout, there is some nice shit on here.How can you act spoiled when almost everything that come out is wack as fuck?

Comment by illroy 05.30.11 @

Blah blah, either you like the song or you dont, Internet make men over opinionated and too gotdamn lady like. Yall talk too gotdam much about how you feel. Shut the fuuuuuck up mayne!!!

Comment by D.Baskett 05.30.11 @

Wow, it’s nice to finally see old time real
G Rap fanatics express the sad truth about the decline. I’ve been having these thought for a long time myself and enjoy seeing others thinking likewise.

The lack of passion, exciting delivery and humor is really hurting his long time fan base.

I don’t feel these people making excuses that this modern (2002 – 2011) G Rap is still better than other veteran rappers. That’s not the point and not true in all cases. They gladly accept whatever half assed lazy mob tales are produced and call it that real sh%t.

The voice of these knowledgable fans hopefully will be heard by affiliates of KGR and relayed to him.
Will it make a difference ? Who knows ?
It can’t hurt for the truth to be discussed in a open forum like this and maybe, just maybe serve as a nudge back towards classic territory he once

Comment by RALLIOP 05.30.11 @

Get off Nathaniel’s dick, you fanboy nerds.

As an artist, he’s a has-been and a fraud. It has nothing to do with his age and little to do with his beats.

It has, however, everything to do with his essential dishonesty and the near-total absence of the imagination that made him worth listening to in the first place.

We might say it’s ‘tragic’ except that Nathaniel’s jerkoff ‘movie mafia’ persona doesn’t incline one to empathy.

And if ya’ll just want to nostalgia trip with oldies, might as well go see Chubb Rock– he puts on a better show than Nathaniel ever dreamed, still.

Comment by Nate Gawd 05.30.11 @

Did Ejaculation get so worked up that he was talking in the 3rd person? This shit is reaching new heights!

Comment by BIGSPICE 05.31.11 @

forget about G Rap for a sec..Havoc’s beats for the last 10+ yrs been stale as fuck!!

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 3rd 05.31.11 @

These comments are ill. I like half a klip a little better than the new release. Cause the album plays at a smooth pace. But the new album is dope cause it doesn’t have a lot of features. $ ova b*thes, maggie, 70’s gangsta, g on I like the best. And of course sad, american nightmare. It is what it is. If you don’t like g rap it’s all good. Did anyone download “royalty status”. Kinda like a best of KGR. 3cd worth of music. KGR fans find it.

Comment by the legacy dj green hornet 06.02.11 @

Funny you should say that. I’m just now listening to Infamy for the first time in its entirety (by ’01, I wasn’t really checkin’ for Mobb like that for some reason.) While the production on there is nowhere near the caliber of The Infamous and Hell On Earth, it’s still better than what little bit I’ve heard from him in the last few years. Maybe Hav needs to go back to that apartment in the Bridge for a minute to get that essence back and maybe take G Rap with him.

Comment by oskamadison 06.02.11 @

Why is it such a big deal that EM is calling Kool G Rap by his birth name? G Rap calls himself something Giancana and isn’t even Italian. By the way, that Hip Hop Mafioso shit is mad corny. It’s not the fucking ’90s anymore. You old ass Blackk men really still all about idolizing some racist Italians? LOL.

Comment by Rodd Futures 06.02.11 @

Nathaniel spent a lot of time on these song titles, didn’t he?


$ Ova B**ches

G On

Da Real Thing

etc etc

What happened to the Nathaniel of “Road To Riches” and all that? Bring back the dookie rope!

Comment by Nate Gawd 06.06.11 @

Yo check the album track 11 ecjaculation cuntson and fuck boys too quick to judge. deep lyrics. I pulled over in my car thinking of you disrespectful chumps. Albums killer. Will by 2nd copy in hope of another. You ppl really piss me off non contributing dickheads filling up a blog that supports this type of music with your bouji opinions.
Grap Fan

Comment by Gx 06.10.11 @

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