Chi Ali – Who The Fuck Is This?

Wondering what Chi Ali has been doing since he got locked? Here’s an unreleased joint, produced by The Legion, that Chucky Smash just sent me.

Chi Ali – ‘Who The Fuck Is This?’

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This minidoc on Chi Ali is one to watch also:

Comment by PAS 06.17.11 @


Comment by End Level Boss 06.17.11 @

That’s pretty dope too.

Comment by End Level Boss 06.17.11 @

Chi Ali… I can’t hear this @ the gig/office but I damn sure want to. Kid had the world within his reach for a hot lil minute…(first time I have ever applied this) SMH!

Comment by bboycult 06.17.11 @

Free him? Why? He manned up and took responsibility for his actions. Let him do his time and then blow up when he gets out.

Comment by J 06.17.11 @

‘gonna meet his 9?’
Seems like he’s learnt a lot by going to jail for shooting someone. And how many ‘bitches’ is he gonna meet in jail?
Nice beat tho.

Comment by tareq 06.18.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 06.18.11 @

Nice flow considering dude been gone for a minute
if he come out with hip hop songs in this direction he should be good.little less guntalk tho SMH.Legion dudes production proper ever since they Jangle joint shame they never dropped again.FREE CHI IM FOR REAL HIP HOP.1

Comment by joe stark 06.18.11 @

pretty cool, thanks

Comment by verge 06.18.11 @

@tareq lol obviously this is recorded before he went to prison

Comment by eNox 06.19.11 @


thought you would like this video of myself and Fat Joey Butt Crack. we filmed it in OZtralia son when I wasnt busy carrying Mr. Busta’s fakelouie bags.

I think you’r moms in the background somewhere.

Comment by SPLIFF STAR 06.20.11 @

This shit is fresh, sounds pretty recent but probably from not this year unfortunately… well @J, I wish such a rapper be free so we would get dope music like this, this is where our judgement stops…

Comment by Donaleski 06.21.11 @

Never lose Chi Ali’s killa tape if you borrow it. It’s named that for a reason. The funky lemonade ain’t sweet on his block.

Comment by Cresno Fresh 06.22.11 @

Boring…hes fallen off….gun…gun..bitches…blah…blah…blah..

Comment by Kevlar 06.22.11 @

I use to like chi ali for a kid mc back when him illegal, da yougsta’s quo even gimmickie kris kross was out better than these kid rappers out now,but this is far from funky lemonade, and roadrunner days. I know this was made when he got older and times change but I’ve had it with these gun raps and street topic raps I’m sick to death of fools rapping about drugs, guns, women, hustling, money, cars etc and to hear it from him is a GOT DAMM SHAME!!!!

Comment by derrick 06.22.11 @

dreamin’ for a Chi Ali & Freddie Gibbs collabo…

Comment by Chill Will 06.27.11 @

wickety wick wack wank. Throw away the key

Comment by Pick em up 07.01.11 @

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