Nas – Nasty
Monday June 13th 2011,
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Another winning Nas lead single which is sure to be followed up by a patchy album.
*shrugs* Whatareyagonnado?

Nas – ‘Nasty’ [updated dirty mix]

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What the fuck Nas? How can this motherfucker drop some hot shit like this and then give a half assed performance on so many other tracks?

Comment by BIGSPICE 06.13.11 @

Has Def Jam seen the light?

Comment by Ivan 06.13.11 @


Comment by krmnl 06.13.11 @



Comment by QUITDABS 06.13.11 @


Comment by dj 33 06.13.11 @

Ha! Did he say… “I’m on my Deen, nigga”?! That’s Brolic!

I will have to fall in line w/all of the abovery… 5 more like this or better Nasir; then you show and prove!

Comment by bboycult 06.13.11 @

Come on…he’s not saying anything on this song…Just another salaam remi banger…and his rap flow…But what the fuck is he saying???? Nas n Damian album made more sense…y’all gettin excited over nothin

Comment by qbd1 06.13.11 @

And you want 5 or 6 joints like this??? Knowledge or garbage??? Make room for the king??? Yo this makes no sense. WAKE UP.

Comment by qbd1 06.13.11 @

Wow…hardest joint dude’s dropped since Theif’s Theme. That being said, dude needs to get that Premo album over and done with…unless it’s gonna have the same release date as Detox.

Comment by oskamadison 06.14.11 @

Damn! If only the last thing Nas released was ‘Made You Look’ then we could start thinking he’d finally found some consistency.

Comment by Hooligan 06.14.11 @


Comment by swordfish 06.14.11 @

@qbd1… I feel like you are aggy; not because he is not ‘saying anything’ but more; you have ZERO knowledge of WHAT IT IS he is saying exactly. Nas is talking ‘street shit’ on this track and within that he’s talking shit to all the ‘street fakin niggas’ out there ‘preppin the role’ (see that’s slang you might not recognize either..haha)…..basically it’s YOU that needs to expand your definition of ‘sense’… nigga!

Comment by bboycult 06.14.11 @

Kelis anger!! We can hope anyway.

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 06.14.11 @

This jam is HARD AS HELL..Fuggedaboutit. Sheeeeeeeitt.. Nas,Scarface,KRS,Cube, Bun , long as my favorite soldiers are still in the game droppin bangers ima support.

Comment by C Style 06.14.11 @

Yeah boyeee!

Comment by End Level Boss 06.14.11 @


Nas hasn’t been talking “street shit” since they briefed him on the “mafioso rap” agenda and he dropped It Was Written. That would be…1996. So whatever slang you think he’s kicking now is wack as fuck.

You prolly don’t know but labels tell rappers what to rap about just to line them up and just enough to fuck them up so they cant say anything real anymore. Some are able to tame it, some fall to the wayside. Nas fell.

“My poetry’s deep I never fell” — He cursed himself.

Comment by qbd1 06.14.11 @

@ qbd1… Word!? So the dude who campaigned on CNN etc. to have his album called NIGGER/Took on Rupert Murdock and the entire FOX News empire… a ‘Label Slave’ now?!? …OH AND he just put out an album w/one of Bob Marley’s sons talking about peace, brotherhood and the Motherland!?!

OK Computer….I’ll let’chu tell it/We’re done here. FIN

Comment by bboycult 06.14.11 @

This track is dope.
At the same time it bothers me that Nas knows he can get away with weak albums so long as he drops one track like this every, what? like 4-5 years? You can already almost hear the choruses of “oh, but nasty was a serious tune” in response to “The Good Life” or whatever he’s going to call the new lp being a sack of cat turds when it drops. Hey, I sincerely hope it isn’t, but I really lost faith after that tragically overproduced and wack feature-heavy “Distant Relatives”.
Also : Nas has talked about being a label slave on his own damn tracks. That might have been in response to past labels, but lets go over the facts : he didn’t actually end up calling the album ‘Nigger’. The FOX “empire” is bigger than ever. And really, taking on FOX news is some sort of rebellious heroic move? I’ve yet to hear a rapper, any rapper, big up FOX news. Going at their figureheads is now a conscious rapper cliché. Plus that “motherland” shit on the lp with Damian where he talks about rolling up to Ethiopia in a limo was some real “knowledge” shit. Some real cute “knowledge” shit.

Comment by Lair 06.14.11 @

Wake up internet faggots and smell the Queens Bridge dirty alley piss!! He just killed it!!

Comment by I used to love her 06.14.11 @

@Lair…. at least qbd1 wasn’t an OBVIOUS lurking craka-ass-craka;if I was guaranteed to have the pleasure of BITCHSLAPPING you after; I would waste the time to murder your psuedo-intellectual ‘points’; but I’m not, so I won’t. So for that…. you can take a fine china plate; get yourself a sterling silver knife and fork; slap your favorite DICK on it…and EAT THAT SHIT UP!

This is HipHop.. STFU B! OK Computer?

Comment by bboycult 06.15.11 @

dope!!!I havent bought an album since Supreme clientele and this song got me wanting to cop this album, from an actual store. do they still sell CD’s?

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 06.15.11 @

I guess you critics won’t be satisfied until Gods Son rhymes over the entire ultimate break beat collection and using slang from 1991. Then you can go to the bathroom and jerk off!! Get the fuck out of here!!

Comment by I use to love her 06.15.11 @

I’m reading all these comments and it only goes to reinforce the fact that Nas, strengths and weaknesses and all, is STILL one of the most beloved, respected and, on the low, feared MC’s to ever do it. The fact that the mere mention of dude’s name brings up so many heated discussions is a testament to that love. As I’ve said before, a lot of his “hate” his actually misplaced love. We all know what dude is capable of when he’s focused and it is a little disappointing when he decides to betray his greatness. Only thing is as soon as you write him off, he’ll hit you over the head with a joint like this. Opinions are just opinions and in my humble one: Nas, STILL one of best.

Comment by oskamadison 06.15.11 @

Nas brings out the WORST in you HATERS…I LOVE it! Nas keep letting these faggots know who is the KING of this HIP HOP shit. Nas can do whatever the FUCK he wants…he has earned that RIGHT! Keep waiting for 5 or 6 more tracks like this…because we all know you HATING ass FAGS will be doing just that….WAITNG to HATE on the most BELOVED and FEARED emcee NASTY NAS! LIFE IS GOOD…LMAO!

Comment by stop the hate 06.15.11 @

co-sign i use to love her comments. Recognise a great track and stop moaning about what the song isn’t ladies.

Comment by sg 06.15.11 @

@i used to love her,you took the words right out of my mouth fam.Niggaz fronting like nice ain’t that dude i mean really alot of you cats sound retarted and rob the amount of wack shit you put on here you need to stop it dude.

Comment by preetytony 06.15.11 @

Again, like it has been pointed out on this site OVER and OVER again, the same talent that makes you love Nas is the same shit that makes you hate him. Like I said before, it is frustrating as fuck (or lack of fuck would be better to frustrate) to see Nas kill a joint like this and then drop 3 or 4 half hearted excuses of a song. I am not saying everything the man touches needs to be dope, but he makes some WACK ASS SHIT sometimes. And it’s disappointing because you know he’s capable of spoiling us with shit like this. This is the same cat that reportedly showed up to the birth of his kid piss ass drunk (and don’t get me wrong, I love the sauce). I am just saying, sometimes son’s aim and focus is off.

Comment by BIGSPICE 06.15.11 @

Why do you care how he showed up to the birth of his son? WHAT does that have to do with this dope song? You gossiping, bitch ass type niggas is what is wrong with hip hop…you getting frustrated at Nas because he wants to experiment with his talent and do different types of music….that pleases him. You niggas act like Nas is supposed to carry you motherfuckers to his grave. As if his creativity and talents is only to satisfy you hip hop groupies. Nas is an artist and any GREAT artist creates what he/she feels. Nas’ job is not to spoil you. Get a life or better yet some talent of your own so that you can create the style of music you want to hear all the time. Nas is not ya’ll FATHER!

Comment by for real 06.16.11 @

I fux with. That is all.

Comment by A'Peks 06.16.11 @

Well, this is straight heat. Hopefully Nas’ll keep it up for an entire album this time (doubt it though).

Comment by The Grand 06.16.11 @

Same formula as “made u look”, but I’ll take it.
Fully expect Nas to self sabotage as his next step. It would be dope if he did something with Mobb Deep and Alan though.

Comment by keasto 06.17.11 @

I’m lol @ you cats that think that everything Nas ever spit or suppose to is straight knowledge, peace, and love …. foh

“This ain’t rappin’, this is street hop” – Nas

Comment by Mec-One 06.17.11 @


Comment by swordfish 06.17.11 @

@”for real”- I don’t give a fuck how this guy is as a Dad, I was just using that to show dude’s focus isn’t always on, and the result of that smoking blunts like a 16 year old mind set has negatively affected his career. Dude could have been the greatest of all time, but he is more content with being great 20 percent of the time and flat out wack the rest of the time. Maybe if he got his shit together he would be more consistent on the mic. And mind you, I am only saying this cause I like the dude. He has all the talent in the world, he just doesn’t always use it. “Nothing worse in the world than wasted talent.”

Comment by BIGSPICE 06.17.11 @

And I knew when I made that comment some wack ass stan would jump to his defense, cause motherfuckers have been doing that for him for way too long. Illmatic was classic, and everything from there has been downhill. But some motherfuckers want to act like everything he touches is dope, and that is CLEARLY not the case. Nastradamus was one of the worst records ever made, but people want to front and pretend like it was good because Nas did it.

Comment by BIGSPICE 06.17.11 @

Ginuwine and Leather DooRags kid

Comment by keasto 06.17.11 @

@swordfish must have been the name of that track that made me forget about it

Comment by keatso 06.17.11 @

Same comments, Nas this Nas that, Nas beats blah blah blah…all Nas has to do is live his life, bottom line.

Cult whaddup? oska!

Nice HIPHOP song…you are a fool if you think Nas is gonna do 2011 MAINSTREAM RAP…an album titled “Life Is Good” to me looks like homie’s gonna AIR OUT some stuff on his mind, then smile and do his thing afterwards. I know some of y’all can’t see that…they don’t teach KNOWLEDGE like that in a book.


Comment by $yk 06.17.11 @

freakin hatorama

Comment by andrewfrumrussia 06.18.11 @

@oskamadison – Well said

@for real – I actually agree for the most part. But, with the freedom to experiment (which nobody actually denies) comes the freedom of the fans to judge Nas’s creation.

I’ve said this many times before, but, IMO, Nas’s failures are more forgivable than many others because he often takes artistic risks and fails the way an artist does. Rappers fail for lots of different reasons, for trying to sell out, for trying to chase a different fan base, for trying to play a role, for trying to become Will Smith… and I’m not saying Nas has never taken bad steps like that, but many of his failures are simply artistic visions that didn’t work out or weren’t executed well enough. That’s a different type of failure and one that deserves to be given more slack.

Look, it’s become more and more clear that Nas can make an album worth of tracks that we know we want to hear – his last few singles have proven that. What Nas is chasing is to make the music that we want to hear but don’t yet know we want to hear. So far, he’s been more wrong than right though. But that’s why when people say, “he’s taking the easy way out and not trying enough” I’m inclined to think the total opposite. Maybe the easiest thing for him to do would be to create an album full of Made U Look, Thief’s Theme, Nasty, etc., but doing so doesn’t fulfill him. Not saying that’s definitely the case, but who are we to know?

Comment by digglahhh 06.18.11 @

BTW, just in case it doesn’t go without saying, just because he may not want to do what we want, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still ask for it.

Comment by digglahhh 06.18.11 @

What Nas is chasing is to make the music that we want to hear but don’t yet know we want to hear.

^ this describes some of the fans more than Nas.

They want the rappers to make this epic, classic, extraordinary song and don’t even know what this pristine song would sound like to compare anything a rapper makes now to it.

Comment by $yk 06.18.11 @

Where yall at? salaam remi production 2006 it never dropped. check it out its on you tube

Comment by mercilesz 06.19.11 @

maybe yall can debate about this one too.

Comment by mercilesz 06.19.11 @

@ $yk, WHADDUP!!!!!!!!!!
@ Digglahhh, Right back at ya!

Why did it take me 3 listens to peep the “neverland” line? Crazy… I’m not gonna lie, I am a little apprehensive about what this album’s going to sound like but like with every Nas album, I toss my reservations aside and plunk the ol’ bank card down at Best Buy and hope for the best. Sidebar: does the fact that 5 years later I’m (along with a lot of other heads) still waiting for him to rock that album with Premo say more about our inability to leave the past in the past (even if it is a better place to be, musically) than it says about him? Just wonderin’…

Comment by oskamadison 06.20.11 @

hi haters. Nas is already working on his forthcoming album with Preem, so you know there is gonna be some heat rocks on there. I really don’t get the irrational disdain for god’s son. Pick any rapper and they are bound to have some weak songs that make you say ‘meh.’ Just because you put a rapper up on a pedestal doesn’t mean he won’t take a shit on you here and there to pad out an album. If he put out an EP and there was one bad song i’m afraid some of you might kill yourselves… good riddance to bad b-boys I guess.

Comment by gstatty 06.21.11 @

kinda sounds like this Hell Razah joint

Comment by BR 06.21.11 @

Nas is one of my all time favorites. But now a days I get scared because the doper his jumpoff cuts are the more mediocre his albums are. Let’s hope this one changes that. All in all…this track is knocking.

Comment by Crsno Fresh 06.22.11 @

P.S. for the haters saying it’s the track…this track is not that hype it’s his vocals that sew it all together. If you sat there bumping the instro you would get bored but with the vocals laced whole nother world. Tell me I’m wrong.

Comment by Cresno Fresh 06.22.11 @

… still not feelin it, wouldnt play it on a mixed tape, the scratch break is fun tho, i still got mad props for nas…

Comment by Donaleski 06.22.11 @

somebody in nas circle should be tellin him…….try again muthafucka

Comment by mobutu shabazz 06.23.11 @

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