Random Axe – Understand This
Tuesday June 07th 2011,
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Jokes on you, Jack! You thought I’d automatically post the Roc Marc feature, huh? Cop the album June 14 if you’re so inclined.

Random Axe – ‘Understand This’

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Now ** this ** is motherfucking music… It’s also the first automatic day of hip-hop purchase of 2011 and might be the ** ONLY ** one besides Smif N Wessun.

I’m still not crazy about Black Milk on the mic but the beats, Guilty and P! more than compensate.

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 06.07.11 @

I reckon the true motivation behind such an album but Im not really convinced you’d call this a classic, far from… just another hip hop record. I’d more be anticipating Sean’s Mic Tyson tho.

Comment by Donaleski 06.08.11 @

LOL… you don’t like new G RAP but you like THIS crap????

Comment by DaGrimeyWay 06.08.11 @

Damn….pussyrapcats is gettin the FIRE slapped out of’em this summer!!!!

Comment by bboycult 06.08.11 @

ah glad some share this opinion i was worried to spread out. True that Random Axe is crap! Its only a matter ov taste tho!

Comment by Donaleski 06.09.11 @

I fuck with it.

Comment by A'Peks 06.09.11 @

The beat gets in the way of the emcees. Would be better as one of Black Milk’s instrumental cuts.
This group’s got crazy potential, hope they come correct with the album.

Comment by djbosscrewwrecka 06.09.11 @

The beat is almost there… but not quite. There’s no melody. Minimal is hard to get right, especially without a clear melody. Sean and Guilty are definitely nice with theirs, even on this track. Black Milk has his moments. I like that he is experimental. But his consistency lacks because of it. With the right beats, Sean and Guilty can do serious damage.

Comment by eric nord 06.10.11 @

What ‘melody’ do you want, ‘La-Di-Da-Di’? It took music a 1000 years to FREE ITSELF from the tyranny of motherfucking melodies, ‘harmony,’ etc (read a history book and you’ll see this is true) and now candyasses are saying bring that tune back, bring that tune back?!

You want melody there’s always Elton John or the Beach Boys. You want to live in the world of pure poetry and sound, there’s THIS.

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 06.10.11 @


Normally I wouldn’t take the bait. But let’s see if you (a) understand music theory and (b) can back up what you’re saying.

1. What is melody?

2. Give us an example of a classic song with no hook or prominent melody.

Comment by eric nord 06.10.11 @

@ eric nord: Sucker MCs by Run DMC … no hook, no melody … still classic …

Comment by Ill Street 06.11.11 @

@Ill Street… That’s a good example!

“PSK” by Schooly D is another example of a hook-less instrumental from the old school. So, yes, it is possible to make a classic song without a traditional hook.

Of course, in both of these songs, the drum beat definitely qualifies as a melody. In theory, almost any sequence of notes is considered a melody.

ALL pop music has a melody. A lot of people think of drums as being non-melodic. But each drum (and cymbals) has a distinct pitch and character. A drum break IS a melody. Producers who “tune” their drums know what I’m talking about. ALL instruments are both rhythmic and melodic (and have a timbre).

I understand Munson’s point. I not trying to deny his opinion. I understand what he’s getting at… freedom to not be constrained by convention. And I support that freedom.

I’m only saying that I personally (along with 99.9% of music fans) like a song with a good, distinct, memorable melody. That’s doesn’t mean it has to be cheezy or poppy.

So I was wrong too. This song does have a melody. Although maybe not a “hook”.

Comment by eric nord 06.11.11 @

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