Video: Kool G Rap – In Too Deep
Thursday July 07th 2011,
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This came out a couple of weeks ago and seems to have been completely ignored…by the way, Riches, Royalty & Respect is out on 2xLP for those of you who still have those record playing devices. Directed by OdaGiant & Eddy Duran.

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Are you serious?

I imagine most heads are ignoring this out of respect for what Nathaniel used to be, which was a great MC.

This fake ‘street’ ‘crime’ rap over fugazy fake-soul beats is one reason NYC is almost dead, though doesn’t Nathaniel live on a golf course in Arizona or some shit like that?

Listen to Curtis Mayfield a thousand times before wasting even one more second of our time with Nathaniel 2011.

Comment by White Van McCoy 07.08.11 @

off topic-I am listnening to show and ag, live hard, i might be drunk but this is some of the dopest shit i ever heard-P

Comment by illroy 07.08.11 @

Kinda boring. AZ would have ripped this beat. I love G Reezy but I need more energy my O.G.

Comment by Cresno Fresh 07.08.11 @

Yo, this shit wack. Kool G whatever is old and washed up. Flabby like Larry Holmes. Matter of fact this site is wack as fuck. Need more southern Hip Hop, more Lil B. New York rappers are done. Put a fork in it.

Comment by Lil B's Cousin 07.08.11 @

Hey Robbie the Douchebag:

Put up that new Common/Nas joint produced by No I.D. “Ghetto Dreams”

Or are you only content to put up Nas tracks when the beats is wack so you can criticize him like a little bitch?

Comment by lordgruff 07.09.11 @

oh man I wish I could get a bitch made filter for these crybaby commenters, like ignoring 11 year olds on xbox live. I’ve said it so many times I’ll say it again, Common is a terrible rapper. Also you don’t like G rap because you have no taste, everything tastes like dick to you. Rant over, this background chick can actually sing, I miss the days of Tekitha on wu joints with those tone deaf choruses. This is one of a few vinyl LPs I need to buy soon, the other being that new vast aire and I’m sure there is another I’m forgetting.

Comment by gstatty 07.09.11 @

hahaha, dude needs to buy this AND Vaste Aire !!!!! ?????
I’d advise you to save your money and buy neither. Or at least wait a month and both will be in the bargain bins.

Comment by Thebeallendall 07.09.11 @

Straight up what do people who hate on music listen to? Its all ‘this is wack or you dont know shit. If you know some dope shit share it rather than trying to be some smart ass critic!!!
I remember when this sites comments actually had some decent debate by heads who know the deal, nowadays, not sure.

Comment by tareq 07.09.11 @

Co-sign gstatty on the crybaby commenters, fucking nerds I will never understand why they check the stuff you post on this site, Robbie…this is HIP-HOP for real, and if you don’t feel it just go listen to something else….
As far as this song, maybe I would have done without the female vocals but I think GRap still rips this track on the laidback tip. I am going to buy this album, along with that Pete Rock/SmifNWes collabo. Peace.

Comment by ceedub 07.09.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 07.09.11 @

Actually kinda like this joint better with the quality editing on the video.
If you don’t see new G Rap music, whatever it’s quality, on unkut, you know somethings wrong.

Comment by Lair 07.09.11 @

@ceedub good looks homie, I didn’t know Pete Rock and Smif-n-Wessun did an album recently, thx for the heads up.

Comment by gstatty 07.09.11 @

The Pete Rock Smif N Wessun is pretty good– not as good as Steele’s last, political solo mixtape/street album but better than Tek’s, which makes some ridiculously bad Southern moves. As a duo I think they’re sort of dumbing it down, alas. The Pete Rock beats are good, not great.

The Nathaniel record, however, is fucking garbage. In a wide world of music– black music– this is your goddamn standard? He’s not only an embarrassment to himself but compared to all the great blues, jazz, rock, r&b etc artists of the last 100 years he’s total dogshit.

You goddamm hip-hop nerds talking bullshit “knowledge” are the ones who need to shut the fuck up, read some books and listen to musical HISTORY.

Nathaniel, if he’s not a big dummy like Redd Foxx used to say, sure as hell plays one on this album.

Common sucks, however, you are correct. At his best he wasn’t even a third rate Gil-Scott Heron.

Comment by White Van McCoy 07.09.11 @

“black music– this is your goddamn standard?”

FOH with that nonsense. You’re not kicking knowledge either, it’s your opinion. It’s one song. It’s like people expect these rap dudes to re-invent the wheel every time they step in the booth.

Do some of you ever think that maybe your expectations are to high?

Video and cut are decent.

Comment by $yk 07.09.11 @

White VanMcCoy is a total joke, he was talking the same Nathaniel shit on an older KGR Unkut post, only he did it with a different nickname. Don’t give him too much attention, he’s probably some cocksucker whose only excitement in life is talking shit about G-Rap while calling him by his government name and comparing him to Jimi Hendrix and the Ohio Players. Fucking loser.

Comment by ceedub 07.10.11 @

Robbie: Speaking of albums dropping and no one noticing Sadat X dropped a album this week.

I like this g-rap album. I don’t know why ppl who don’t like it watch it , comment on it etc.

Comment by Gx 07.10.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 07.10.11 @

$yk, you’re no dummy: what artistic growth has Nathaniel shown in the last ** 18 years **, since “Live And Let Die”? That’s fine but all rap nerds need to spare us the criticism that we don’t “respect” or listen to the legends. We ** do ** and its awful.

As for the Ohio Players et al, I’m not here be Phoenix Unversity if Unkut or The Teacha’ Jr. but the OP were a fine party band, not much more. You oughta wear out all your P-Funk records first, and Duke Ellington, and– you want knowledge– read about the Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra. Funkier and more rockin’ than the Ohio Players only 40 years earlier. Listen to the music that say Malcolm X knew and ya’ll might learn something about both music and history.

Pandering to Nathaniel who– if he has suffered the last two decades (which I believe he has)- has repeatedly proven himself incapable of or unwilling to express that in his “art” isn’t doing anyone a favor.

Nathaniel “fans” would be better off paypaling the dude $5 than buying this lousy album, the sale of which nets him less than that I’m sure.

Comment by White Van McCoy 07.10.11 @

Co-sign QUITDABS about Lil B fans. Get the fuck outta here with that garbage. And why do people (now I am included) even respond to this White Van Clown guy? If I wanted to pretend to hear about how much “knowledge” u have, I would ask….but I didn’t. Go start your own blog that nobody will read.

Comment by BIGSPICE 07.10.11 @

huh, new Sadat X album???

Comment by DaGrimeyWay 07.10.11 @

There’s too much music on this spinning orb to be dissecting one’s artistic growth.

Again, people expect too much from these “music celebrities”. I wonder if Louis Armstrong fans did the same to him, or did they just support his craft and enjoy it until he could no longer do it.

Comment by $yk 07.10.11 @

The Internet has made fans participants. Every third rate critic, rapper, producer now has an outlet for their shitty opinion and music with hundreds of like minded morons, who by agreeing give these guys a green light to keep going.

Yes, of course we should critique and discuss, but why are we out and dissing. If a certain performers music isn’t to your liking say so, state your reasons and move on – no need to ridicule a whole career – does it make you feel better on your office cubicle lunch break??

This whole government name business is giving me the shits also – Munsun/White Van, get off your high horse, you made your point by using G Rap’s government name already in a previous post, now give it a rest. Bet you wouldnt call him Nathanial to his face?

I love how Internet tough guys have finally infiltrated Ha.

Comment by Crisis 07.10.11 @

REALLY?!!! Are we gonna go through this “Nathaniel” shit every G Rap post? If you’re gonna use a different name, talk some different shit. If you know you’re not gonna like the music, WHY LISTEN?!! The song itself? It’s aight.

Comment by oskamadison 07.11.11 @

Here we go again with the hate. The site used to have good and serious debates. not anymore. btw I like this track. laid back joint. oh, the pete rock/smif n wessun joint is dope & random axe!

Comment by The Leagcy DJ 07.11.11 @

White Van, Munson its all Telephone Tough Guy anyway..had you listened to the album, without hate mode, maybe you wouldve picked up on the largely coherent 70s vibe throughout, with some missteps, the effort to try and build the feeling of a 70s movie, now if he succeded in that or not is another case. But it is evident that that was what he was going for this time around, as an artist. The song is alright, not the best on the album, not the worst. Im wondering about going for a censored version though, I tought we were past that with the internet and all, are there any TV channels that play rapvideos nowadays? When even MTV play, say, Cee Lo Greens Fuck You unedited, who is the censored version for?
Now please, Van the man, fill us in on what exactly KGR has done to you, the people want to know!

Comment by PAS 07.12.11 @

I’m a G Rap fan from way back (I bought Road To The Riches on vinyl when it was a new release), but speaking honestly, the newest stuff I’ve heard from him just doesn’t do much for me. He sounds old and tired, even moreso when you consider how fast and dextrous he was with his back in the day. That said, I wish him nothing but success. He’s worked hard for his for like three decades. Dude is an icon, which is probably why he *seems to* have fallen so far from his glory days.

Comment by Buckminster 07.12.11 @

Ohio Player’s Ecstacy is my shit and I will slap you in the mouth with that Van McCoy talk

Comment by keatso 07.12.11 @

The whole Ohio Players catalogue is classic, calling the group “a fine party band and not much more” disqualifies everything else this guy has to say about music.

Comment by ceedub 07.13.11 @

this is straight wack

Comment by qwermoop 07.13.11 @

rap critic, talk about it, while i live it….

Comment by tareq 07.13.11 @

I understand that cats who hate on everything that drops on UNKUT are just bored. But ya’ll need to KILL THAT SHIT about if you “Think it’s wack you must be a nerd critic or a hater”. That’s what comments are for. Maybe if you LOVE everything you are an idiot just as much as the people who HATE everything. COMMENTS is on this site so people can express their opinion. And my opinion is THIS SHIT IS BORING. And yes Kool G. has fell off. If you can’t see that you blind but entitled to be blind. STOP DICKRIDING legends just because they are LEGENDS. Even Legends have a bay day(or couple of years or a decade or so…LMAO).

Comment by Cresno Fresh 07.14.11 @

Dipshits– yeah, in a world with Jimmie Luncheford, Charles Mingus, Freedie King and James Brown…

The Ohio Players catalog is “all-classic.” Just because your daddy dripped sweat on your moms before dropping his genetic load doesn’t make then “all-classic.” They were a nice band but songs?

Better than B.T. Express– maybe, for their career– but in world with George Clinton?

Back in the day you could say oh, kid doesn’t have money, folks aren’t that into music, a lot of jazz, blues, r&b etc wasn’t easy to find (you often had to buy French, Swedish, UK, Japanese etc reissues) but in 2011–

especially in a venue where you all have fucking internet–

Learn Your Fucking History and THEN try to come back at me with something besides limp dick ig’nant fanboi whining.



Comment by White Van McCoy 07.15.11 @

p/s: Is “Nathaniel” his “government” name?

I thought Kool G. Rap was a “don”!!

“Giancana” style, right?

Nat Turner says fuck you.

Comment by White Van McCoy 07.15.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 07.15.11 @

@ QUITDABS. Lol. It’s unfortunate that the one thing he seems mOst passionate about, is the one thing he hates the most. I wonder how many copies of Catcher in the Rye he owns?

Comment by Crisis 07.16.11 @

C’mon, Everyone who listened to G Rap from the early days can honestly say that this is weak. It’s not even about hating, there’s no heart to this track.

Comment by Statikatik 07.16.11 @

@Crisis- laughed out loud at your Catcher in the Rye comment. Fuck this guy.

Comment by BIGSPICE 07.17.11 @

@BIGSPICE. We shouldn’t piss him off too much. There is a reason we have the term, ‘going Postal’. Lol. But seriously, how long till he changes his screen name again – hundred bucks he changes it to, ‘White Ejaculation’ for the next round!!

Comment by Crisis 07.17.11 @

I befriended this Bird on facebook and she claimed to have ghostwritten for him and her her name is in the credits…..I love the album , I bought it……but after finding that out….I dont feel the same….sheeeiiitt…Rap is the only artform where u gotta write your own shit, without that..wat fuck is it?

Comment by goon killer 07.17.11 @


Comment by goon killer 07.17.11 @

Meh. Sounds dated, in a bad way. Not terrible at all, but nothing special either. A totally forgettable, but not necessarily embarrassing attempt. And, yes, KGR has basically been falling off since 4,5,6 – but we do hold him to a different standard than most. So, it’s hard for him to win. I would like to see him branch out more, content-wise. It’s odd in the sense that his work as a kid was more mature than his work as a man.

See, Munson, that wasn’t so hard; was it?

Comment by digglahhh 07.17.11 @

That looks like a tranny in the video. No Mr Cee

Comment by D1 07.18.11 @

HOLD UP, HOLD UP, I think I just figured it out…Ejaculation Munson and White Van McCoY is really none other than…KEYBOARD MONEY MIKE!!!!!

Comment by oskamadison 07.18.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 07.18.11 @

Keyboard Money is too busy hanging out with Pharrell and re-writing the history of Hip-Hop to post comments on Unkut.

Comment by Crisis 07.19.11 @

Unkut has fallen and it cant get up

Comment by keasto 07.20.11 @

This shit right here is like some old school shit in a new school era, tight shit!!

Comment by selorm denu 08.04.11 @

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