Raekwon, Inspectah Deck and Young Dirty On Australian Radio
Thursday August 04th 2011,
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Turns out The Chef is quite the economics wiz… special shout to the fruity-ass JJJ hosts who call Rebel INS ‘Inspectah Decks’.

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Saturday will be real ill!

Comment by Crisis 08.04.11 @

Turns out The Chef is quite the economics wiz

Um, no, I turned it off as soon as he said he can’t understand why the reserve doesn’t just print more money. If you just print more money, it loses value and since we already borrow 40 cents of each dollar; figure it out. Clearly he has clue about economics and now I fully understand why his raps are random word cluster fucks that sound absurd.

I heard another interview where he was asked about being in the game for over 20+ yrs, he’s like ..’nahmean, 20 pieces of chicken..’. LOL, he just makes up bullshit and people think he’s nice! file this one under bullshit/wack juice/overpaid, overrated, & overweight.

Comment by kaybee 08.04.11 @

BET you wont wont say that to him wu-tang forever you gay porn star

Comment by timothy 08.04.11 @

20 pieces of chicken motherfucker!

Comment by Gx 08.04.11 @

Yeah. I’ve watched a few interviews with Raekwon (and Ghostface) recently, and a lot of it is incoherent stream of consciousness. There’s no real content and it doesn’t stand up to any logic. I love their “random word cluster” emceeing style because it makes for dope music. But half of the “deep meaning” in their rhymes exists in the mind of the listener. Be real = they’re hip hop geniuses, not intellectual geniuses.

Comment by djbosscrewwrecka 08.04.11 @

Yea………….. The older you get, the more you see how these dudes are full of shit (Wu Tang & everyone else in hip hop).
It’s the soundtrack to my youth though.
What can you do?
At this point in my life, hip hop is a guilty pleasure. It’s the equivalent of playing video games as a grown man.
You know you’re lame for indulging in it; but you do it anyway.

Comment by OpnHds 08.05.11 @

are people complaining that raekwon doesnt really know the stockmarket?

Comment by gx 08.05.11 @

are people complaining that raekwon doesnt really know the stockmarket?

Comment by gx 08.05.11 @
on the contrary; it’s the fact that he acts like he does know, and you suckas believe him! LoL
he’s a clown. ghostface and rza (creatively speaking & production) are the only wu dudes i can fuck with anymore, ghost is top 10 all time to me.

sorry gx, wu wear was always garbage.

Comment by kaybee 08.05.11 @

“on the contrary..” < douche. Raes been killing it the last couple of years.

Comment by gx 08.05.11 @

Mr. Obama:
gx’s financial advisor, Raekwon the Chef, has found a solution to the debt ceiling. Order the reserve to print more money. Simple but genius, why didn’t you think of that!? Pop his cd in, he drops knowledge out of nowhere (really though).

He’s 41 and still rapping about the exact same shit with the exact same flow from 1994. Wow, that’s your favorite emcee. How’s he manage moving all that coke while making songs, albums, giving nonsense interviews and touring? Truly amazing. gx, rae, it’s 2011, just fyi.

Comment by kaybee 08.05.11 @

Thing is rappers are damned if they do change damned if they don’t. Have a look at the grap post the whining going on there because he spits diff to 88. Go listen to credence Clearwater revival or whatever..

Comment by Gx 08.05.11 @

are you faggots seriously complaining about Rae’s comments regarding the economy??

Harden the fuck up and just enjoy the music

bunch of marshmallow soft sandy vagina faggots

Comment by AFFEX 08.05.11 @


Comment by house 08.05.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 08.06.11 @

About the hiphop being a guilty pleasure thing, I went through that years ago but there’s so much hiphop that is lyrically superior to most other musical genres of the last 20 years that there’s plenty I’m cool with listening to.

The guilty pleasure thing still applies to thugged out QB music from the 90s for me, mainly the ultra ignorant stuff.

Raekwon and some of his comrades have been rambling verbally for years, they were never eloquent in interview situations. Except Gza, though,probably.

There’s certain rappers who talk sense or try to when not on a track but it seems the majority are kind of idiot savants.

Comment by silent minority 08.06.11 @

The only Wu cats who were/are consistently coherent and comprehensive (in music and in interviews) is Meth, Deck and GZA. I like Rae’s flow but I don’t know what he’s talkin’ about half the time. With RZA, it’s a crap shoot, either he’ll drop the most profound jewel or he’ll say some shit that tosses logic off the top of the Sears Tower. As for Ghostface, my favorite Wu cat (used to be Gravediggaz to Wu-Tang Forever era RZA when he was more consistent), I have two words: Supreme Clientele. Bong Bong

Comment by oskamadison 08.06.11 @

Oh yeah, 20 PIECES OF CHICKEN!!!! I’ma have that shit tattoed on my arm, lol.

Comment by oskamadison 08.06.11 @

Oh yeah, 20 PIECES OF CHICKEN!!!! I’ma have that shit tattoed on my arm, lol.

Comment by oskamadison 08.06.11 @

^ word, get a drumstick on your face similar to you other favorite mc, gucci mane. that’s a real good look for you dunny.

Comment by kaybee 08.06.11 @

@ kaybee
Nah, my dude, no face tats. Them shits look crazy. But if I did, I’m a wing kind of cat.

Comment by oskamadison 08.06.11 @

Rae better make that shit grilled chicken, no more fried bird for his big ass.

Comment by BIGSPICE 08.06.11 @

Chicken wings are overrated.
Breast, all the way.

Comment by djbosscrewwrecka 08.06.11 @

“Print more money” yea rae, I feel you on that one. Do that and a loaf of bread will cost you a cool g-note. Trust me, its been done before and it never worked.

Yes rae, go, go back to school and stay off the airwaves please.

Dont talk, just rap

Comment by biggist from brooklyn 08.07.11 @

Rae is going to feel Unkut doesn’t respect his mustache or the hair on his legs…

Comment by silent minority 08.07.11 @

Hey, yall know what Rae’s economic advice reminds me of? That Dave Chapelle sketch with RZA and GZA, Wu-Tang financial. “Salomon Smith Barney? A bunch of bitches…”

Comment by oskamadison 08.07.11 @



Comment by QUITDABS 08.07.11 @


’nahmean, 20 pieces of chicken..’

LOL!!! That’s the beauty and brilliance of Rae and Ghost and U-God and Cappadonna….it’s straight “Slang Rap Democracy”… If you want more literal MCing you got plenty of choices to choose from; But there only a few MCs that kick abstractions from a street point of view.

Comment by BKThoroughbred 08.07.11 @


sorry, not impressed. my grandpops is way nicer at making up his own words and their meaning. an absurd imagination doesn’t equal brilliance for me.

Comment by kaybee 08.07.11 @


what are you supposed to be doing if you’re 40, playing the rocking chair contemplating life insurance? Filing for AARP & SSI? Wearing golf shirts, cardigans and slacks with track shoes? Only listen to jazz, classical or nature sounds cds?

Feel free to express what society says you should be doing at a moment in your life. If you’re close to 40 or older, you should have a vast catalog of music anyway because you were around before Hip Hop. And a lot of Hip Hop wasn’t/isn’t “ignorant”.

* waits for an absurd remark like “grown men shouldn’t be wearing jeans that sag” when you know that’s not what I’m saying *

Comment by $yk 08.07.11 @

20 PIECES OF CHICKEN!!!!…and a diet Coke.

Comment by oskamadison 08.07.11 @


what are you supposed to be doing if you’re 40, playing the rocking chair contemplating life insurance? Filing for AARP & SSI? Wearing golf shirts, cardigans and slacks with track shoes? Only listen to jazz, classical or nature sounds cds?

^ if that works for you. or you can have the same outlook on life and art that you had when you were a teenager. the word is ‘progression’. .

* waits for an absurd remark like “grown men shouldn’t be wearing jeans that sag” when you know that’s not what I’m saying *

i mean, does such a remark seem absurd to you? lol, i know that’s not what you’re saying..but you’re not hearing me. raekwon isn’t actually very talented at all. he’s full of shit whether just casualy speaking or rhyming. his stock is super low for me and i don’t think it’s rebounding.

Comment by kaybee 08.08.11 @

Woh there, in my opinion at the very least, Rae is very talented, it’s just for the last ten years or so he has rarely used his talent in the way he once did.

I’m guessing a lot of these guys completely lost the hunger that they had when they entered the scene. Hunger for artistic recognition, not hunger for food.

I’ll always check out his material regardless, even if I’m in the minority that didn’t like Cuban Linx 2.

Comment by silent minority 08.08.11 @

Let’s see, in x years Rae has…

* ‘presented’ Ice Water– dogshit

* sabotaged 8 Diagrams (a 4/5 album)

* ‘masterminded’ ‘Wu Massacre’– dogshit

* OB4CL2– comeback! (a 4/5 album with dogshit mastering)

* Shaolin V. Wu Tang– generic dogshit (2.5/5, nothing really happening there at all but not awful either)

Still, I’d rather TREASURY SECRETARY RAEKWON than Obama fucking anything.

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 08.08.11 @

@ SyK–

Feel free to express what society says you should be doing at a moment in your life. If you’re close to 40 or older, you should have a vast catalog of music anyway because you were around before Hip Hop. And a lot of Hip Hop wasn’t/isn’t “ignorant”.


I might argue with “a lot” but the point is very well taken. I hate to say it as dude growing up BEFORE hip-hop, and remembers when hip-hop was party music, and how MELLE MEL changed all that etc but hip-hop is just one music of many American and of many great BLACK American musics.

That what passes for hip-hop 2011 reflects a world without jazz, without blues, without even fucking CHUCK D (let alone Smoove Da Hustla) ain’t nobody’s fault but our own.

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 08.08.11 @

@ kaybee

“the word is ‘progression’.”

^ we all have an individual interpretation of this word

Like if Rae has gone from the pjs starving to a home and assets for his seeds to live well, doing the same rap style thing he did years ago, hasn’t he progressed?

I hear you (it’s more about artistic progression, the same thing McCoy/Munson says about G Rap), just sticking some thinking points out there…and tbh, Rae has never been one of the stronger Wu Clansmen, just one of the guys people gravitated towards.

Comment by $yk 08.08.11 @

Ya think Rae is just gonna come out on the air with his high profile economic tips? so all you bitch ass wingers can multiply your monopoly money?? think about it..

Got OB4CL spinning on my Inspectah Decks right now sahn!

Comment by Purified Thoughts 08.08.11 @

@ Syk
“…Rae has never been one of the stronger Wu Clansmen, just one of the guys people gravitated towards.”

True indeed, if the Wu had a starting 5, it would be GZA, RZA, Meth, Deck and Ghost with Rae coming off the bench.

@ Munson
Just curious, how come you’re not referring to Raekwon as Corey, his government?

Comment by oskamadison 08.08.11 @

A shame GZA got tired and lazy– NOT “old”; he just doesn’t have motivation to be keep his technique 100%. He can still write well when inspired though calling his last album “Pro Tools” was inane.

Ghost, btw, is by far #1 Wu mc for his career; nobody else did so much so well and is still growing (if not always).

Meth never really came with content like I hoped he would though he’s kept his chops and singlehandedly keeps Wu a semi-viable live group.

As for Corey, show me a Nathaniel or Rakim verse since 1992 that comes close to this:


Snowy night, fiends basing
A Raisin in the Sun was amazing
The joint on the dresser, a gauge went off
Jumped up, fish tank, it fell and they stuck
They shot her cousin LaVon, he owed a buck
Willie was awful, pulled out the ratchet, let off two
Grits fell on his leg, Kiana ripped the cold bowl
He violent, an Island nigga with the talent
Of six killas who just came home, from straight wilding
Robbing everything in Macy’s, Lacy, short haircut
With long arms, who fuck niggas, got four babies
Yvette jabber her, slapped her wig off, ran in the crib
She did the dumb shit, my nigga then clapped her
Lester, smoked Chester sister, Vest, I heard it was a mess
They ripped the apple out her throat, blessed her
Hungry hyenas from Medina, all eight trained us
Who got reluct’, think fast, and blast from Beamers


Problem is Rae is mad inconsistent but both “Immbilarity” and “Lex Diamond” are mostly first rate lyrically and a progression, albeit one tied dragged down by second-rate or worse MUSIC.

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 08.09.11 @

“but hip-hop is just one music of many American and of many great BLACK American musics.

That what passes for hip-hop 2011 reflects a world without jazz, without blues, without even fucking CHUCK D (let alone Smoove Da Hustla) ain’t nobody’s fault but our own.”

^ realest thing I’ve see you type Munson…no darts either…

“if the Wu had a starting 5, it would be GZA, RZA, Meth, Deck and Ghost with Rae coming off the bench.”

^ being from B’klyn and knowing about the Nation (this comment thread is about showing/articulating intelligence), Ghost wavers because he’s one of the “gravitational” Clansmen, not the 120 Clansmen, which are…

Masta Killa
ODB (sans the firewater)

Why do you think Papa Wu was building so heavily on OB4CL?

Rae, Ghost (in my top 5), Meth & Cap are the “gravitational” guys. Sucks to be U-God.

Comment by $yk 08.09.11 @

$yk, I can respect the math though I didn’t grow up that way. It’s interesting how deeply that philosophy affected the community, and how some folks had nothing to do with it.

Q: do you know the book “Street Kingdom” by a cat named Douglas Century, about Franklin Avenue Posse? Worth checking out if not; it’s as well done as any outsider (invited in, even into D&D) could ever do, with cameo by Buckshot.

Just thinking about ODB makes me sad, I’ll tell you that. Were you still in BK when he was cracking up? I remember the false ‘shoot out’ with cops, rescuing the little kid from car wreck etc.


Bitch ass niggaz counterfeit the funk
I smoke the bead and the skunk, tree top of the trunk
Moonshine drunken monk, YaHEAD, get shrunk
The touch of skunk, I be fuckin bitches by the chunk
my name black, do words wanna play in my dirt?
Bitch stop my momma serve, free lunch from the church
I come like a thousand doves
Bitch you quiet at the bus, makin the fuss, I gots tough love
Unglove the news, watch a nigga transfuse
Dirty add to the fuse, heavy at the booze
I don’t walk, I get carried
Gold and platinum frisbees on my wall, lookin properly
but come-ly, I U.F.O. you Wright Brothers
The Indian that sold Manhattan to the white man
my grandfather, step up and get knocked right the fuck out
Come to the cook-out, Dirty bitch at the mouth
You scared? Run around like a plane about to crash

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 08.09.11 @

“about Franklin Avenue Posse?”

^ the old stomping grounds


Crown Heights>>>>>

The ‘Bush>>>>>

click the name and search “Penny Loafers-BK Black Knights’ and check the comments…I speak from a general’s standpoint, not a soldier’s ambition…

Comment by $yk 08.09.11 @

@ $yk

Interesting spin you put on my starting 5 scenario. I looked at it from strictly an MC standpoint, you approached it from a 5% standpoint. Just out of curiosity, where do you think Deck falls in your equation.

Comment by oskamadison 08.09.11 @

@ Munson

I’m sure Rae had better verses than what you cited. Hell, I can think of about 5 off the head
(Faster Blade, Assassination Day, Miranda, When The Fat Lady Sings and since you gave me a story, I’ll give you one: Spot Rushers.) As far as the verse you cited in comparison to Rakim post ’92, honestly, “The Mystery (Who is God)” will probably body most of Rae’s catalog. As for the KOOL GENIUS OF RAP, anything off his “Top 5 Dead or Alive” mixtape would eat that.

Comment by oskamadison 08.09.11 @

oska I’ve always seen the Wu like that…

INS? A 1-40 guy…actual facts & solar facts can have you floating helplessly in space…slang for he knew it, couldn’t grasp it all…

Masta Killa
ODB (sans the firewater)
Killah Priest (those verse placements aren’t accidental)
Rae (“U memorize the 1-40? on the 19th degree”…Rae BARELY drops universal language)

Comment by $yk 08.09.11 @

$yk, thank you, I’m on it. The main portrait of “Street Kingdom” is of Kawan Adon; the author met him when K. was hitting open mics. I don’t think the book is well known for its BK or hip-hop content but has had some life because it talks about the 52 hand blocks.

Lotsa speculation in some circles about what Tyson did or didn’t know about the 52 in addition to everything he studied with Cus D’Amato.

Oska: I’ll listen to your advocacy with respect though I Nathaniel is presenting a multi-faceted mature version of himself on mix tapes and not albums I gotta question why. I don’t think Rakim has done much of value since Eric B. took the dookie ropes away (sorta like DJ Polo with KGR) but dude was too talented to lose it ALL… Still, remember when cats would front on Rakim & Dre, like Dre (who I have zero use for, his were weakest beats on OB4CL2 also) was ‘holding him back’ or wanted him to make club tracks or some shit. Well, what has Rakim, a free man, done since?

But I digress and that’s just stoop talk.

Much respect to $yk with the secret history.

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 08.09.11 @

As for 5 man MC rotation…

<Supreme Clientele Ghostface
RZA (the math hinders his lyrical popularity)
Cappadonna (a beast)
Inspectah Deck
Killah Priest (he’s Wu, not Sunz Of Man…was placed there)
Masta Killa (the math hinders his lyrical popularity)

Rae in the on deck circle practicing…

Comment by $yk 08.09.11 @

“Lotsa speculation in some circles about what Tyson did or didn’t know about the 52 in addition to everything he studied with Cus D’Amato.”

^ a Pandora’s box moment

General Steele is from that Seth Low area…the burnout/homeless pjs…I had these twins from there….wow…

Comment by $yk 08.09.11 @

and yes Ra fell off once Eric B disconnected the 1200s…

I remember when Ra had that comeback show in BK…was on stage left when them cats got popped outside of the venue…but it was good in the heyday seeing them both cashing checks on 57th & 8th Ave in NYC (MCA was 1755 Bway) at the Chase Manhattan Bank.

Comment by $yk 08.09.11 @

Say what you will about Rae but OB4CL is still the most powerfully consistent(Lyrics & Production) WU ALBUM to date. IMO

Not to say Rae is the best lyricist of the Clan but he made the best album hands down. I always loved Meth, Deck, & GZA when WU first dropped and Rae crept on me with the K.O. when that album dropped but now Ghost is holding the fort for the whole crew. So I guess everybody has their moment with the WU(excluding U-God haha) even Masta Killa dropped a decent album. But the unfortunate truth is WU has fallen off and RAE’s last album was boring as shit to me.
All in all I think once RZA started drought season with the production it marked the decline. All in all I will always love WU for what they have done and STILL might do. But I do wish U-God would have been replaced by Street Life or Killa Sin. But that’s a whole other discussion.

P.S. I always thought RZA’s delivery was trash. He had lyrics but delivery = Trashbags.

Comment by CRESNO FRESH 08.10.11 @

@ Cresno

OB4CL being the most powerfully consistent WU Album to date? Absolutely and that’s includes Supreme Clientele (dusted brilliance) and Liquid Swords, a joint that overall is lyrically better but the production falls just a really thin hair below OB4CL. Funny, Liquid Swords, to me, is an album that’s simultaneously acclaimed AND slept-on, if that makes any sense. U-God actually DID have his moment (however brief) with that “Bizarre” joint. Didn’t hear the “Redemption” album that it was on but from what I’ve about it from fairly reliable sources, it wasn’t complete trash, which brings me to Ruler ZigZagZig Allah. While his delvery wasn’t always the most fluid, it was quirky and unique and it worked for him, especially when the production matched his bars (see Wu-Tang Forever).

Comment by oskamadison 08.10.11 @

Y’all Cat’s is BUGGIN!!!!!

Rae NOT in the Wu starting 5…GTFOH

He’s ALWAYS been one of the dopest from day one. y’all dudes forgetting “C.R.E.A.M”& “Can It Be All So Simple” He was featured on two of the best songs on that classic album.

I knew he was gonna blow up BEFORE OB4CL dropped, cause him and Ghost kicked that shit NY getting money thoroughbreds loved in that fly slanguage.

He’s has by far the best discography from the whole clan. From a technical standpoint Gza, Meth, and Ins are more sound. But, from a consistency output, Rae IS the 1st team and the entire Wu is coming off the bench.

Don’t believe me check dudes catalog….

There’s alot of meat to digest here. cause y’all went off on several routes: Which memebers of the Wu are true scientist based on rhymes. $yk, I feel the list But Killa Priest definetly ranks higher than ODB and Power (I thought he was the brians, I’ve never heard him rhyme)

Also Iron Mike is from BK and came of age in the 70’s and early 80’s I would find it hard to believe that he knew nothing about the 52 before he met Cus.

Comment by BKThoroughbred 08.10.11 @

now THIS is an unkut comment thread…

“$yk, I feel the list But Killa Priest definetly ranks higher than ODB and Power (I thought he was the brians, I’ve never heard him rhyme)”

^ I wouldn’t be mad at the correction either…Sunz Of Man were 120 heat holders…

Comment by $yk 08.10.11 @

@BKThoroughbred I’d say Ghost has the best discography homie. Rae has dropped quite a few albums and some gem guest spots but Ghost has the consistency a few notches higher in the overall catalog.

I do agree with you that Rae was on some shit the 36 Chambers dropped. But.. when I heard
GLACIERS of ICE(first cut I had heard of OB4CL) it kicked in like “OHH SHIT..this dude is about to raise the bar on everything dropping for the next decade.” Then he dropped the album and my head exploded.
But you’re right cats are a little hard on him now a days. Try making an album like that and then making it over and over again the rest of your career…NOT GONNA HAPPEN FOLKS.

@oskamadison As far as I’ve heard U-God can’t rap that well but will bust yo ass on some grown man shit so I see why he’s part of the crew. Still can’t co-sign him on the mic though. I’m rolling with Killa Sin or Street Life… ALL DAY. (Even though Street Life’s album was a HUGE let down due to production value.)

And Liquid Swords was a spectacular album and acclaimed and slept on. I FEEL YOU. A few beats were suspect though.

RZA’s flow will always sit a little weird with me. On a dope beat or not.

Comment by Cresno Fresh 08.10.11 @

“And Liquid Swords was a spectacular album and acclaimed and slept on. I FEEL YOU. A few beats were suspect though.”

^ which ones Cres?

Comment by $yk 08.10.11 @

Totally agree about Glaciers of Ice, as soon as it started doing the rounds on radio shows I was tuning in just to hear that track, it was mind blowing. So many layers to that beat, the artillery sounds, Blue Raspberry wailing on it, 60 Sec Assassin finishing it off, and that’s not even mentioning the rhymes (tend to skip Masta Killa’s verse these days, it slows the track down). That was a track I must’ve played hundreds of times perhaps approaching triple figures.

Rza’s rhyming – I always liked it due to his unorthodox flow, especially during his phase around the first Gravediggaz lp.

Comment by silent minority 08.11.11 @

@ silent minority

straight co-sign this:’RZA’s rhyming-I always liked it due to his unorthodox flow, esp. during his phase around the first Gravediggaz lp.” Yo, “6 Feet Deep” was when RZA became that dude, to me anyway. I even liked his early Tommy Boy era joints, Deadly Venoms and Sexcapades. He lost me somewhere around the first Bobby Digital joint. Too far out there for me at the time, I suppose. As far as Glaciers of Ice goes, as ill as that was, Criminology was the joint that cracked my head.

Comment by oskamadison 08.11.11 @

Yeah I pretty much stopped checking for Rza’s vocals after the Bobby Digital lp dropped. I still remember buying that lp, expecting some ‘Tragedy’ type stuff and getting the Bobby Digi…

His delivery was dope to me on that Razor Sharp Gravediggaz style, like on the intro to Scientifik’s As Long As You Know, the Shaq joint (crazy!), etc etc

Comment by silent minority 08.11.11 @

oahhhhhh. my head is just swelling with all the wisdom you fuckheads are dropping on here. mygod how do you find time to post to youtube aswell? oahhhh, my head. please crack another egg of knowledge all over me sir.

Comment by SUCK MY BALLS 08.12.11 @


“Gold” & “I Gotcha Back” are throw away beats to me.

“Swordsman” was on the list but grew on me(in a big way) over time.

And I know I’m gonna catch hell for this but “Killah Hills 10304”.

The concept and lyrics he killed it but those synths annoy the shit out of me.

@Silent Minority

That Bobby Digital album is what made me throw RZA the peace sign permanently on his mic skills.

Comment by CRESNO FRESH 08.12.11 @

Actually I meant “Swordsman” was throwaway and “Gold” grew on me. My bad.

Comment by CRESNO FRESH 08.12.11 @

I agree ‘I Gotcha Back’ isn’t the best of beats from that period but the rhymes pushed that over the top, just great lyrically.

I always preferred the alternative Rza mix of ‘Labels’ that was on the promo, was disappointed when the Gza mix was on the lp.

Comment by silent minority 08.12.11 @

@ silent m and cres

I digs how y’all are buildin’ on the Wu, respectful disagreements and all but not feelin’ Killah Hills 10304 and I Gotcha Back?!! Both beats match the subject matter perfectly, especially I Gotcha Back. GZA talkin’ ’bout some gloomy shit and the beat fit it AND if you remember, that joint was originally on the “Fresh” soundtrack and the overall vibe of that movie was gloomy as well. Just my humble opinions, yall.

Another thought: we always talk about how ill that first cycle of Wu albums were (everything up ’til Wu-Tang Forever), yet OB4CL and MAYBE Liquid Swords are all I see mentioned. What about Ironman or Return to the 36 Chambers?

Comment by oskamadison 08.12.11 @

Jesus H. Christ, can you please post something new. Raekwon is fat and lazy.

Post a Watch The Throne album review. I wanna hear my unkut folks opinions and thoughts. Really I already know, but I wanna discuss it anyways…

Comment by kaybee 08.12.11 @

<—–what up w/ another interview? Yo your interviews are extra dope, I do not-and will not front.

Comment by kaybee 08.12.11 @


“Otis”(Jay & Kanye) vs. “Ghetto Dreams”(Common & NaS)… new discussion. Let’s go.

Comment by CRESNO FRESH 08.12.11 @

or Skiiny Boys vs. Fat Boys
or La The Darkman (N.Y.) vs. La The Darkman (A.T.L.)
or Terrie B. vs. Kreayshawn
or DJ Tat Money vs. DJ Cash Money
or U-God vs. Malachi the Nutcracker
just saying though..

Comment by CRESNO FRESH 08.12.11 @

@ oskamadison

I see what you’re saying, I wasn’t actually dissing the I Gotcha Back beat though, I just meant more that it’s not in the top tier of Rza’s material from that period, just in my personal opinion. I love the track though, even the video. I like Killa Hills, both the beat and the rhyme.

Fresh was a great film too, I was always a fan of that film and you’re right, the film was quite dark.

Comment by silent minority 08.12.11 @

Sorry for the double post, can’t edit comments.

Ironman is one of my favourite lps of all time, I actually prefer it to Supreme Clientele, although not many at all would agree. I like both lps but prefer Ironman perhaps because of the time it takes be back to in my life.

ODB’s debut, I liked some of the tracks a lot and still do, but I kind of place it with Tical in that both lps didn’t see the two artists reaching the true potential they were easily capable of.

Comment by silent minority 08.12.11 @

Fresh = Kaiser Soza SWAG

Comment by CRESNO FRESH 08.12.11 @


Otis vs. Ghetto Dreams-Ghetto Dreams lyrically is whupping Otis’ ass but as dope as it is, it didn’t have me stuck for like 3 days like Otis.

I was just watching some Cash Money footage last night…damn, dude was/is a monster. Never mind Tat Money(though he’s dope too), get Jazzy Jeff and Cash in the ring again. I heard they battled back in the day in Philly and Jeff took it by the narrowest of margins. Cash did some vile, unspeakable things with “Liquid Swords”, youtube it.

U-God vs. Melachi…damn, I feel insulted for Golden Arms, lol

sm, you might be right. Song for song, Ironman is better BUT…Supreme Clientele just has this ill, dusted aura about it. It’s kinda like Illmatic vs. It Was Written (I swear I’m not tryin’ to start some other shit here, lol.) As a whole, It Was Written was a better album than Illmatic but Illmatic just has that aura about it. “Straight from the fuckin’ dungeons of rap…”

ODB’s debut-Funny, I’ve heard the whole album but in spurts. I’ve never listened to it from beginning to end. “Rawhide” is one of my top 5 favorite RZA joints. Tical-I used to always say that it was the weakest one in that first cycle BUT…Bring The Pain, Sub Crazy, PLO Style, oh my God, METH VS. CHEF? Nah, Dirty’s was the weakest.


You caught that. Lil man played both those cats. “Throw the clock on ’em, I’ll eat they ass up”…lol

Comment by oskamadison 08.12.11 @

Oh yeah…kaybee

WTT, upon first listen, had some joints that I liked but as a whole, I don’t really like the feel of that joint. The album had more of Kanye’s energy than Hov’s, much like that first Blackout album had more of Red’s energy than Meth’s. I think it will probably grow on me but when you’re dealing with that caliber of artists it shouldn’t have to grow on you.

Comment by oskamadison 08.12.11 @

Ghetto Dreams > Otis (poop)
Skinny boys > Fat boys
La The Darkman NY all day
Tairrie B > Kreayshawn…it’s a toss up though. I think I’d rather fuck Kreashawn though.
DJ Tat Money > DJ Cash Money
U God > Melachi The Nutcracker!? WTF???? LoL
I always loved ‘Words from the Nutcracker’ on Hard to Earn though.

Comment by kaybee 08.12.11 @


completely agree. too much ye, nut enough jay. WHY DID JAY NOT GO IN ON ANYTHING!? So disappointed. the album sounds like dark twisted fantasty part II or some shit. that shit is purely pop music and that’s a damn shame. what a boring album and it took them mad long to make it. and i’m the biggest jay z stan on unkut.

Comment by kaybee 08.12.11 @



Comment by QUITDABS 08.12.11 @

“Actually I meant “Swordsman” was throwaway and “Gold” grew on me. My bad.”

^ * puts away darts *

co-shizz the rest of that comment.

And I ain’t cop that WTT yet so I’ma let y’all tell it

U-God vs. Malachi the Nutcracker

* walks in precinct with a lit blunt *

Comment by $yk 08.12.11 @


I feel you on Common a.k.a. NevertheSameAfterBaduandtheGapads.
But I thought he spit on the new shit. Just did’nt think with a title like “Ghetto Dreams” it was gonna be about a chick.(But then again it is Common)


Dude Tairrie B. was thick as hell in her prime. Nowadays not so much..but when Everlast was tapping she had the goods. Kreayshawn looks like a methhead who gives great brain.

And on that WTT. The album is very average but Jay had a few verses on there that were kinda on point. To say he had nothing is kinda stretching it. Kanye is Kanye but it’s all the same verse to me nowadays. I agree the popness of most of the tracks kinda hurt the album rather crucial.


I almost darted myself for that slip up. haha


Ironman and 36 Chambers are a given for greatness. I was just trying to keep it somewhere in the lines of staying on topic with Rae. GZA just slid his way in there somehow.(sneaky son-of-a-bitch ain’t he)

Comment by CRESNO FRESH 08.13.11 @

unkut has changed.at least the audience did.

Comment by swordfish 08.14.11 @

Shit, getting into this way late.

First of all, I’m with silent minority – Ironman > Supreme Clientele.

But, I’m surprised at the lack of love for the Chef here. John Maynard Keynes he is not, but that’s not a realistic standard either. Frankly, Rakim’s as much of a theologian as Rae is an economist. Nearly all rappers are full of shit it in that way, but who cares because I don’t look to Albert Pujols to explain super string theory either.

Somebody up there nailed it when they said that the brilliance of Rae and Ghost is in the eyes of listener. The effort of attempting to decipher the slang creates a more fulfilling listening experience than they could provide by rapping more literally. There’s a two-way engagement, and it’s done through a style that is all their own and can’t be imitated – if it could Kool Keith would have figured it out long ago.

Oh, Cappa is 100% trash – the worst rapper who is visibly associated with the Wu to that level. Killah Priest was fantastic (Heavy Mental is of the same caliber as the better 1st generation solo albumns), but he’s fallen off. Killa Sin is amazing, and singlehandedly made the Killa Army album worth purchasing. And, in the letter generation, Trife is an upper echelon post 2000 rapper.

Comment by digglahhh 08.14.11 @

Breaking this up into 2 parts, and here comes the point where I open myself to flaming…

Ghost owes his success to Rae! For most of the first decade of the Wu, Ghost was really just Styles P to Raekwon’s Jada. Meth emerged as the show-stealing on 36 Chambers, and Rae won the silver. Ghost didn’t do much to distinguish himself at all on that album – not saying he wasn’t good, because he was, but he was fairly generic. It wasn’t until he played right-hand man to Rae on OB4CL that people started paying attention and thinking, oh shit, this guy is pretty dope too. …GFK was still evolving his flow and his style when Rae had mastered the sound that would come to define both of them. I think some of y’all are forgetting about how fearsome Rae was back in that era. First of all, I think he outshined Ghost on the majority of the seemingly endless stash of late 90s unreleased joints and B-sides. Want to re-live Rae at the height of his powers, think about the Let’s Be Specific joint – take your favorite emcee and sandwich him between Trag and Freddie Foxx, and let me know if he manages to steal the whole fucking record!

Ghost is actually bordering on overrated, IMO. He’s a great, great artist, but he has a lot more crap than some people like to admit. He’s heralded for his creativity and deservedly so, but I feel like many of the people who hold him in such high regard because of it, are also quite narrowminded in terms of their musical tastes, etc. Yeah, Ghost is on some interesting bugged out shit the way he puts words together and what not. And, if you’re just some ignorant dude on the benches, maybe you’ve never really seen shit like that before, so you think it’s some totally ground breaking shit. But, there are hundreds of poets who do shit like that, and there are dudes like William Burroughs and shit. It ain’t that crazy (I’m beginning to sound like Munson now, I feel). Anyway, my point is that Ghost is fantastic, but I feel like he’s gotten this rep as the Wu member you have to like the best if you’re a true hip hop head. I don’t subscribe to that. The student may have surpassed the teacher in some ways, but Rae’s professor status is emeritus. In many ways, Rae is my favorite clan member.

Comment by digglahhh 08.14.11 @

I agree with some of that, but Ghost, unlike say, Raekwon or Deck, kept growing after they went into slumber mode and therfore attracted a lot of attention.

I think both Rae and Ghost stepped it up several notches on Cuban Linx after their earlier efforts though, they surprised a lot of people who had slept on them before that.

Regarding Cappadonna, he can be a deadly emcee when he has to be, it seems he just stopped putting a 100 into it after his Ironman appearances. It’s a damn shame, he gets a lot of hate. What happened to him and his style is similar to Prodigy’s fate, but Prodigy actually lost it a lot worse.

Comment by silent minority 08.14.11 @

whoa…interesting Ghost theory…

can’t even dispute what digg typed, just…


does one not see he didn’t suffer the “sophomore jinx”? That dust had his Montblac scribing…

Comment by $yk 08.14.11 @

The Pillage>>>

his verses on ‘Winter Warz’,’Triumph’ & ‘Maria’ were certified…’Run’, ‘Check For A N!gga’, ‘Slang Editorial’ & ‘The Pillage’ were ill too…but he does have a gang of read-off-the-paper, mail it in verses.

Comment by $yk 08.14.11 @

forgot ’97 Mentality’

Comment by $yk 08.14.11 @

Man.. I don’t even know where start driving my derby car in this convo; so I will just say that I am 100% dead ass…that when my physical is made ashes to ashes… I want Killah Priest ‘MYSTIC CITY’ played for everyone in attendance; especially the babies. And they ALL have to shut the fuck up and listen to it from start/finish and I MEAN that shit!

Even the part where he says ‘Minillium’ instead of ‘Millenium’.. I LOVE THAT SHIT! Haha

That album is for Barbarians ONLY!

Comment by bboycult 08.15.11 @

I go for Ironman over SC as well. I kind of agree with some of the stuff digglahhh brought up, like Ghost had to be your #1 MC from Wu. I also never bought into that. Don’t get me wrong, dude is nice and I am a fan, but lyrically I don’t think he is as gifted as some of the other clansmen. Cappadonna is a shame to me. When he wants to be on, he is fuckin insane. But then he comes across as lazy and uninspired at other times. Last I heard dude was driving a taxi out in Baltimore.

Comment by BIGSPICE 08.15.11 @



Comment by QUITDABS 08.15.11 @

Never really felt Cappa – even the vintage Winter Warz verse is kind of a paper tiger. He went last on a Wu posse record and was given like twice as many bars as anybody else. He was novel and new, etc. But, is that a killer verse? Hell, to keep the LOX analogy, he’s Sheek Luch-ing it. And, FWIW, Sheek held his own during the pre-Bad Boy NYC mixtape gods era. But, some dudes don’t have the stamina. Great rappers are like great pitchers, the true greats can still give you 7 strong even when they don’t have their best stuff.

I’ll agree with QUITDABS too. Meth is criminally underrated. He has one of the most natural and effortless flows in the history of hip hop, IMO. The way he would go off on those early freestyle sessions, with semi-basic but just advanced enough to be nice lyrics was just a clinic in how to just ride a beat.

In a lot of ways I also feel that Meth keeps the Wu legacy in tact these days – mainly because he doesn’t shill for your dollars by making product that doesn’t deserve the Wu brand stamped on it. He’ll come out for group projects and tours and shit, but he’s done his thing is satisfied with his legacy and ain’t trying to fuck it up by making more unsuccessful comeback attempts than Brett Favre. Granted, he’s got more change than say Deck, so he can afford to just live off his success in a way that not all the Clan members can, but Meth seems to have aged with dignity, as a man, more than even as a rapper.

The one other thing that I’ll really give to Meth – Ghost to a lesser extent, was how relate-able he was. He really helped bridge cultures. I had these two worlds that weren’t joined when Wu was emerging – I was going trooping outta my neighborhood to nerdy junior high and high schools when Wu was taking over the scene. I had my friends from school, who were mostly better to do and white. Then, I had my neighborhood friends, most of whom minorities flirting with the criminal justice system. Did my “thug” friends want to try acid, or smoke out of a bong? Would they seen like George Carlin stand up specials? Did my upper middle class friends want to go boosting, or bombing. Wu Tang was a huge element at that point where hip hop culture began to really just meld with youth culture, and Meth was a huge part of that because he was totally just that happy go lucky dude from the ghetto – fangs and Tical schtick aside. You had Wu Tang, you had the 2nd wave of crossover appeal of skateboarding (happened once before in the earlier generation when dude were skating OG Jordan Is and shit, and is happening again in a horrible fashion), and you had other cultural watersheds like Larry Clark’s “Kids” that helped hip hop culture and youth culture become one.

Comment by digglahhh 08.15.11 @

Apollo Kids is fire you fucking dummy!

Comment by Pete Pablo 08.15.11 @

Method Man was their first star, all the media and the fans flocked to him because he had charisma.

However, the complex flows head early in his career, from say, Release You Delf, Stimulation, and other Tical tracks to Wu Gambinos, he lost them. His flow became simplified and basic compared to what he was capable of. Also, 80% of his freestyle appearances had him pulling out the same old rhymes eventually, the usual ‘drunk off of cheap wine’ ones.

I once read that Snoop had a large vocab that he didn’t use because he could attract more listeners with simple word, in a different way Meth dumbed it down too. Listen to the Deep Cover track or Lil Getto Boy, although he doesn’t get complex Snoop never really rhymed like that again after Doggystyle. I can’t stand Snoop now anyway, I literally want to hurl if I hear his voice.

Comment by silent minority 08.16.11 @

‘complex flows he had’, that was meant to say, not ‘complex flow head’.

Comment by silent minority 08.16.11 @

Next up on the WU Decline Analysis Hour: Method Man

I think Meth has and always will be the posterboy for WU because he was (as stated by digglahh) the most relate-able and down to earth person in the crew. He had a smooth flow and talked about serving mc’s, smoking weed, and did’nt take himself as serious as the rest. He was easy to grasp and enjoy from a die hard hip hop point of view to a novice “I listen to rap every now and then” perspective. And interview & media wise most of the other members were either non-existent or went all out with the slanguage to a point that the average person would sit back scratching their heads after hearing them. That being said Meth is still most likely the most recognized and successful(financially) member of the Wu(except maybe RZA).

But decline wise..For me it was his BEATS. All his solo albums post Tical were victims of poor beat selection in my book. Under the right production he would have been right up there with Ghost catalog wise. But the more his albums declined.. the less sales he got.. and the more frustrated and lazy he got with his style. It’s a shame because I thought him & Red doing the Blackout albums would have brought him back to his A game but let’s face it BLACKOUT was interesting because of Rae not Mr.Meth. All in all the right production and a resurgence of that hunger he once had he still might have a classic in him.(But doubt it)

Comment by Cresno Fresh 08.16.11 @

“BLACKOUT was interesting because of Rae not Mr.Meth” haha

I meant Red not Rae.

Comment by Cresno Fresh 08.16.11 @

And not to flood the board but at this point who cares.

Cappa.. Well he is just one of those dudes who would have flourished in a group but is not cut out for a solo career. He is good at killing a verse but whole songs…not so much. No shame in driving a taxi though. Work is work at least he’s not all prima “donna” and thinks he’s to good to work an average job. He’s even stated it in interviews like..”Yeah I drive a cab and wear $20 dickie shorts nowadays. What!!” That’s a real dude right there.

Killah Priest… His flow bores the shit out of me but I always liked him for some reason. “Fake MC’s” was on repeat when I first heard that. But through the years I never really checked for him. Respect him but don’t check for him is the best way to put it. But I must say he shined hardbody on that Black Market Militia album.

Final thought….What up with TIMBO KING!!!

Comment by Cresno Fresh 08.16.11 @

‘WU Decline Analysis Hour’ – haha!

In keeping with the Economics theme of Robbies post, I have sold most of my stocks in Wu members, lost a ton of money on them, kept a few shares in perhaps the wrong members from a financial perspective, just to show support.

Cresno – What about Shabazz? After a very promising start on the Gravediggaz lp, some early lesser known tracks and then Death Be The Penalty and Crime Saga, he never flourished like he should have. Was it him or Dead Prez who were angry at Lord Jamar for business dealings?

Comment by silent minority 08.16.11 @

Since we’re playin’ “whatever happened to…”, let me go OG on yall: Carlton Fisk!!! Dude held Meth down on “Tical”.

Comment by oskamadison 08.16.11 @

Before I say anything else, Y’all cats went in, came out, had a little Henny, smoked a little and went back in again on this post. I respect all the supported opinions, respectful disagreements and overall jewels dropped here. (Cumbaya moment ends now.)

@ Cresno

“BLACKOUT” was interesting because of Red not Mr. Meth”

Uh, understatement of the decade. Red owned Meth from “How High” on, sealing the deal on the last verse of the original version.

Comment by oskamadison 08.16.11 @

i see y’all…

just put up ‘Dangerous Grounds’ @ the site and it still goes…and nominate Streetlife for the Wu milkcarton…

Comment by $yk 08.16.11 @

Nah, $yk, Streetlife was on Blackout 2 in ’09. he’s still somwhat visible. Carlton Fisk gotta get that, for real. BTW, forgotten Wu joint: Semi-Automatic Full Rap Metal Jacket, U-God, Deck and Streetlife.

Comment by oskamadison 08.16.11 @

“Streetlife was on Blackout 2 in ’09”

^ I stand corrected…


^ Carlton Fisk is on 4:21…’09 too

think I’ma do a “Carlton Fisk” posting…

Comment by $yk 08.16.11 @

I peeped the 4:20 joint with Carlton Fisk. Guess I’ll have to replace him with Timbo King for the Wu-Milk Carton. BTW, who can sing the most off-key: Blue Raspberry or Tekitha, lol.

Comment by oskamadison 08.16.11 @

I’m way late now but though Meth gets an MVP award as a member of the group, I don’t think he progressed lyrically since “Tical 2000,” which is >>>> “Tical” except that greatness is covered in bad skits and a few throwaways.

$yk or anyone: did ya’ll listen to the last U-God album, which I think was the best Wu solo besides “OB4CL2” since “Fishscale.” All the arguments for Cappa when he’s on I’d apply to Uey AND I’m especially curious about Scotty Wotty and his supposed mentoring of some Wu.

re: Rakim the theologian, it’s an unpopular Unkut argument but I maintain both Ra and G. Rap (Nathaniel) lost something HUGE when their DJs took the dookie ropes away.

Eric B versus DJ Polo got next!

Comment by Ejaculation Munson 08.16.11 @

“Before I say anything else, Y’all cats went in, came out, had a little Henny, smoked a little and went back in again on this post. I respect all the supported opinions, respectful disagreements and overall jewels dropped here.”

$yk raised this issue earlier: this is what Dudes 35+ need to be on: Trading our shared and varied perspectives on the art we love.


Y’all got me checking in and while I’m chilling on much needed vacay…

Comment by BKThoroughbred 08.16.11 @

“this is what Dudes 35+ need to be on: Trading our shared and varied perspectives on the art we love.”

^ most of our OGs are in the penal or addicts…I rep the new batch of OGs…proud of it too

* passes el to the BK brethren *

* flips shrimp skewers on grill *

* smacks the ass of the young snowbunny here at the rest *

@ oska

Blue Rasberry>>>>Tekitha

@ Robbie

100 + fam…switch it up now, it’s another week…let us build on the toilet bowl observers…

Comment by $yk 08.17.11 @

yeah robbie, change the fucking channel.

Comment by kaybee 08.17.11 @

Gotta disagree with changing the post up – been enjoying this thread more than anything else on this site (no disrespect). Peace to everyone contributing here.

Comment by djbosscrewwrecka 08.18.11 @

@ oska… I just saw on UGHH a couple of days ago Timbo-King is about to have a new album release. Case Solved… “And all you get is box a box of Newports and some Puma sweats!” –3rd Bass

Comment by bboycult 08.18.11 @

@Silent Minority – Agree both ways re: Snoop. I don’t know if he ever could have been considered “nice.” But he was dope as hell on that track. And, like you, I can’t stand him nowadays. I mean, go coach your son’s football team or whatever, that’s cool. But, stay off the mic and stop shucking and jiving for white America. This is the same Murder was the Case dude?!

@Cresno – I also agree deterioration in beats deserves a lot of the blame in the Meth’s fall from glory. Like, look at Sheek (sorry to pick on him again), he used to be able to rap somewhat, and now he just can’t rap anymore. Ditto Snoop. That never happened to Meth, at least not to the point where he isn’t still capable of making high-caliber rap music, but the quality of his music continued to decline.

Oh, oh, that’s actually a great discussion for the Unkut commenter group. Who else should join the “Hi, I’m a rapper and I do a terrible job selecting beats for my albums” 12-step program.

Meth is definitely somebody who should check in. Of course, Nas is the lifelong achievement winner here. Maybe Ras Kass (though he’d have to go to as many “I disregard the concept of ‘flow’ when rapping meetings” – he carpools to those with Chino XL. Talib Kweli is completed that program, and though he relapses occassionally, he’s largely a success story).

Comment by digglahhh 08.18.11 @

Oh, you know what, since so many of the heavy hitters are checking in on this discussion, this is as good a time as any to dial up the Unkut request line?

Do you any of you guys have the Agent 106 freestyles from the Double R and G-Bo the Pro mixtapes (probably vols. maybe 14 – 19 or so)?

I know I should buy the boxed set just for the old school R&B blending alone, but at the same time, I own just about every track on that series of tapes, except the “Renaissance Crew” intros. I’d take the PuertoRock stuff too (and there was a third guy who rhymed a few times, I think), but I need to find out if Agent 106 (The Black Jedi) was as freaking ill as I believe he was.

…Maybe Robbie should make and “sticky” a permanent Unkut Request Line post for stuff like this.

Comment by digglahhh 08.18.11 @

Keep it goin’? Fuck it…

@ bboycult
Nowadays, you get one loosie and an old ass FUBU T-shirt, lol.


“Who else should join the “Hi, I’m a rapper and I do a terrible job selecting beats for my albums” 12-step program.

Meth is definitely somebody who should check in. Of course, Nas is the lifelong achievement winner here. Maybe Ras Kass (though he’d have to go to as many “I disregard the concept of ‘flow’ when rapping meetings” – he carpools to those with Chino XL. Talib Kweli is completed that program, and though he relapses occassionally, he’s largely a success story).”

You’s a fool, lol. Talib’s flow has improved greatly over the years. Ras Kass’ flow got better but he needs to make better life decisions and get a good team around him. Game is what Ras should have been 15 years ago. I’m about to throw Lupe in the shitty beat club. If ‘Ye, no I.D. Preme, and Don Cannon can remix Lasers, it would be damn near a classic. Oh yeah, don’t be talkin’ crazy about my dude Kool Keith. That’s the OG of that “wtf is he talkin’ about?” shit, lol.

Comment by oskamadison 08.18.11 @


if you’ve had enough of raekwon sausage linx. i cannot wait for another mega album.

Comment by kaybee 08.18.11 @


Lupe is quite talented, but I haven’t checked for him in a minute, to be honest. And, no disrespect intended to Kool Keith, I was just saying that if you come up with some crazy shit that Kool Keith never even tried, you’ve come up with some original shit.


Yes, bring on more Mega albums. He’s been pretty consistent, and is incredible at his best. Thinking back to the G Rap discussions, he could learn a lot from Mega about how to evolve and mature as an artist.

Comment by digglahhh 08.18.11 @

@ kaybee and digglahh

I always respected Mega but never felt compelled to check for dude. He has bars but truth be told, he could have been a candidate for the “flow disregard” club, too. However, I peeped “Born And Raised” and I must say, it was a hard album. Glad to see he kept it indy and avoided the major label shenanigans. Good look linkin’ back up with Extra P, too.

Comment by oskamadison 08.18.11 @

Blu is the new hip hop. Peep him on okayplayer.com

Comment by Dub 08.19.11 @

I wasn’t always a big fan of Mega, always liked him but his choice of beats for his first three recorded lps was without fault for the most part and he has a lot of heart. On quite a few tracks he rises above the fictional street tales G Rap has made his career for the last 15 or so years and tries to speak on a human level about friendships, betrayal (not the Nas thing), etc etc.

Not dissing G Rap but he really could learn something from Mega by making it more personal again, like he did on his own early material.

Comment by silent minority 08.19.11 @

Yeah, I’m a big Mega supporter, and been in dude’s camp since day one. He really overcame that Nas shit. I sort of feel for him with that whole situation because he probably wanted to move past it artistically, but people wanted him to keep going back at Nas, and he also knew that despite being a talented artist, his feud with Nas is what he was best known for and the best way for him to continue to further his name. So, the thing that was probably best for his short term career was worst for his true aspirations and detrimental to his attempt to achieve his true potential as an artist. Clearly, he struggled with whether to engage this and he seemed like he wanted to break away, but then would succumb to temptation and regress to go back in on Nas (sometimes in response to Nas lobbing grenades).

Letting that shit go musically was probably a big step in his maturation as an artist. He also began to expand his subject matter and started achieiving a lot of crtical success to go with his street cred.

I think contemporary Mega is very relatable, and he’s a genuine MC with a lot of talent and a wealth of experiences that he uses to inspire his music. Multidimensionality is unfortunately uncommon in rappers – and Mega used to suffer from that too, but he’s overcome. A people’s champ and a good story for aspiring artists.

Comment by digglahhh 08.19.11 @

All I can say is…well said digglahhh. Now excuse me while I go bring myself up to speed on dude…

Comment by oskamadison 08.19.11 @

I see we’re no longer relying on Robbie to change the topics. LOL

Mega is the man. He’s just a genuine cat. Not the nicest but he’s smooth and sincere when he does his thing. Not to mention his beats are never ever wack. I just remember back in the late 90’s when he was first supposed to drop. And they had the 30 second snippit for “DEAD MAN WALKING” and they hyped it up like “The song that was banned in the U.S.” I was like “Ohhh shit this is gonna be crazy”. Then I heard the song and showing how desensitized I was already by that age..I was like “eehhh nothing too crazy”. Still Mega may not be the illest but he never dropped trash. More than you can say for a lot of QB’s finest. Not to mention his documentary was dope. I’ve ran through that in the double digits.

Comment by CRSNO FRESH 08.20.11 @

^True @ Mega never droppin trash…plus his stage show is official too!

Comment by bboycult 08.20.11 @

Yeah – even on the independent tip, he’s always able to lure the finest producers to work with him.

I remember the weekend I bought my first hooptie, my boy and I drove up to Cornell to visit a friend of ours who was going to school there – and hella lonely because there ain’t too many dudes like us at Cornell. I had this promo tape with a Mega freestyle where he flipped a couple of beats for like 3 minutes – I think it was a Loud promo joint or something because there were also joints off the Dirty 30 on that tape. We must have put that 3 minute session on like 15 times each way.

Co-sign on his stage show being above par.

His biggest problem is that he always has to double up his vocals and sometimes you can pick up on the layering. But, in the world of everything being overly polished, those kinds of idiosyncrasies can even be engineering nowadays. Like, look, it’s art – made by a real human being…

Comment by digglahhh 08.20.11 @

* hands in late pass *

* grabs lighter *

who is this Mega y’all speak of?


Cormega>>>>>a lot of them QB reppas

left field: why is Cons on one with Pusha, but doesn’t mention Mos Def, a newly signed GOOD Music artist…

Comment by $yk 08.20.11 @

btw I been did that Fisk posting…like he had verses, perhaps he can’t make songs that would be his Achilles…

Comment by $yk 08.20.11 @


Some people don’t realize when the window of opportunity gets slammed shut. As one dimensional (for the moment) as Pusha T is, Cons really don’t want it with dude. Mos Def is closer to Cons’ lane and yet a light year away. The bigger question is this: Beats, Rhymes and Life was ’96 and dude wasn’t on The Love Movement in ’98. I didn’t hear from Cons again ’til the College Dropout in ’04. What was he doin’ for 8 years that he couldn’t make some sort of moves to advance his career? Maybe personal issues, who knows? All I know is far too many grains of sand in the hour glass are being wasted on this imaginary “war” with GOOD music. Let it go and keep it movin’.

Comment by oskamadison 08.21.11 @

evidence – cats & dogs 9-27 i think. i’m definitely waiting for that. evidence is much slept on. his low-budge videos are dope too. hip hop 4 sure.
um, earl sweatshirt? wow, that kid is hungry..

Comment by kaybee 08.21.11 @

Cons is a really talented dude all around but I think his frustration with being underrated got the best of him. The going to war with G.O.O.D music is not a smart move. He’s been around and worked with hugely successful & talented people his whole career and never got past the underground dude stage. So I think it has to be something with how he does his biz. I honestly think he could rap circles around Pusha T but at the same time they are apples & oranges in comparison of music to me. Pusha has a lane and Cons does’nt(besides disgruntle employee). And as far as MOS goes..He don’t want it with Mos Def. And I’m sure they actually have a relationship(no homo) having the same roots with Tribe and all.

I think Earl is more interesting than all of them cats at the present moment. Too bad his moms is a hater.

Comment by Cresno Fresh 08.22.11 @

Wow… are we really talking about Earl The Sweatshirt on UNKUT. This site is changing.

Comment by Cresno Fresh 08.22.11 @

This has turned into some stream of consciousness shit for real. Earl The Sweatshirt? Really?? He’s the best one out that Odd Future click? How much is that really sayin’? Wow…4 straight questions…weird.

Comment by oskamadison 08.22.11 @

yep, sorry, and if you can’t admit earl’s nice, then you are hating sir.

Comment by kaybee 08.22.11 @


Earl is nice period. He just has them weak ass Tyler a.k.a Pharrell on an acid trip playing with one hand ass beats. On the right production the kid is nice.
And when I say “kid” I mean it. I don’t think many dudes his age are or ever have had a talent for spitting like him. Like I said he just needs real beats behind him.

Comment by Cresno Fresh 08.22.11 @

Ok… I’ll say it. Is Robbie dead in a basement somewhere w/housecats crawling in/out of his rigor mortis decay!?! Somebody better hit that dudes crib and check on him, get that dude a medic alert bracelet or somethin!
Australia Stand Up!

Comment by bboycult 08.22.11 @

Okay, I give up – what the fuck is an Earl the Sweatshirt?

And, here’s the thing about Consequence – though I’ll admit I say this with limited knowledge of dude, like if he lived right next to me I’d have no idea. He was an ATCQ weed carrier back in the day, and perhaps an average to maybe even below average rapper for that era. …I’m an ATCQ fan like all of y’all, but let’s be real – if there was a dude who could really spit who was down with them and appearing on those records, he would have stood the fuck out like when Canibus rhymed after Noreaga on those Hot 97 sessions. Not dissing ATCQ, but if they had a sidekick who was truly ill, that alone would have been enough to launch a career for that dude. Cons simply couldn’t distinguish himself from the host of other generic emcees of the era.

That said, his main problem was being a part of the wrong era. Tons of dudes who couldn’t make a dent in the hip hop consciousness throughout its golden era come along and get praised as lyrical geniuses and rap savants in the watered down age. …This happened on an albeit small and brief scale for a dude like Rhymefest. If Cons would have debuted post 2000, he might have been on some Lupe Fiasco level stardom (though Lupe, on the other hand, is a pretty good freaking rapper).

ACTQ is a great group, but to be honest, as emcees they were only talented enough not to fuck up the overall sound and vibe they were creating. There were lots of groups like that – The Beatnuts, for example. The Liks, though I’d argue that they are at least a level or two above most of these other groups on the MC tip.

Random topic of conversation on this tip. So, I often offer the observation that the Liks and the Beatnuts are pretty much the west and east version of one another. One, does anybody disagree? Two, what other examples can you think of where one emcee/group is pretty much just another region’s version emcee/group?

Comment by digglahhh 08.22.11 @

Maybe pretty obvious, but Canibus and Ras Kass as opposite coast versions of each other? Intelligent, talented emcees without the beat choices and career focus to reach their potential.

Comment by djbosscrewwrecka 08.22.11 @

Yo…tears are rollin’ down my face right now laughin’ my ass off. Yall are really holdin’ down this Earl The Sweatshirt muh’fucka like he’s the love child of Kool G Rap and Lauryn Hill. Reminds me of a recent incident. After hearin’ and readin’ about Odd Future for months, I said what the hell and checked out some of Tyler’s shit on youtube. I forget what song it was but I left a comment, nothing that foul, simply sayin’ like what’s the big deal about dude. I got jumped by like 3 or 4 different lil’ swagged out punks talkin’ mad shit and pledgin’ allegiance to Wolfgang and shit. The shit was mad funny to me. I never heard Earl’s shit but let me check this sommabitch out since UNKUT muh’fuckas are co-signin’ this dude…


There may be a certain amount of truth about what you said about Tribe. The whole was greater than the parts or however that sayin’ goes. But the end result can’t be fronted on. 3/5 of their albums are considered classics. As far as the Liks and the Beatnuts, I was a fan of both. The primary difference between the two to me is the Beatnuts emphasized the production side of things with the rhymes, competant as they were, being an afterthought. The Liks stressed the MC’in side of things and generally had a more party vibe in their music. If the Liks were an east coast group (and perhaps on a different label), they would have gotten more of the acclaim they deserved. My answer to part two to your question is something that was thrown out there years ago: Ludacris, the south’s version of the great Funk Doctor Spot.

Comment by oskamadison 08.22.11 @

LOL @ digg…fam be dismantling the 206 bones in them comments…

that kid Earl is raw talent…nhjic…get your youtube on oska…

Cres, kay what’s tha word?

best believe Robbie is smiling reading all of this…

IMO Cons was never “next”…to me he was Jarobi’s replacement. Sometimes dudes need to realize they are in the place they were MEANT to be in before they act up trying to be in that place they WANT to be in.

Why don’t Spliff Star comment anymore?

* drafts ‘Cha, Cha, Cha’ Flipnode song for next sykoticfiles drop *

Comment by $yk 08.23.11 @

OK, I peeped Earl. He’s aight, at least he’s better than Tyler. BUT…there’s nothing new under the sun. You know what Earl is? 2011’s version of Young Zee/Pacewon. Outsidaz, where yall at???

Comment by oskamadison 08.23.11 @

At a time I feel that Dogg Pound was kind of like a west coast Mobb Deep for several reasons.

Comment by Pwilson 08.24.11 @

Robbie, where the fuck are you? I just heard your verse on Raise’s tape for the first time, I think I at least deserve an update from Unkut.com for that… Perhaps that Doppelgangaz interview? Hmm?

Comment by Jesse 08.24.11 @

is that Jesse G from XXL?

LP: FLIPMODE (my bad Spliff)

oska said Pacewon…totally forgot about fam…

Comment by $yk 08.24.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 08.24.11 @


Sorry holmes..EArl is Outsidaz..maybe on the random subject matter tip but besides that no way close. Danny Brown….updated Outsidaz flow(especially Young Zee).

Ouch..but true about ATCQ. But they still made great albums and that to me is better than a lyrical whirlwind who can’t make a rap album any day.
As far as Liks and Beatnuts..I put their Strret Level album above anything the Liks did because I bump it to this day.(and i’m a West Coast cat) But lyrically the Liks were shitting on the Beatnuts. But once again that goes to show you how a solid album beats lyricism.IMO.

As far as East = West…

Lady of Rage & Rah Diggah
Dogg Pound & Heltah Skeltah
Ice-T & Schoolly D
Alchemist(early years)(eehh.. hemm..biting) & Premo
Mix Master Mike & Roc Raider
Ya’ll So Stupid & Pharcyde
I had some other obscure references but I figured that would just be going tooo nerd for ya’ll.


Ya’ll are underdogging CONS by a mile saying he’s not up there on the lyrics. HE SPITS. He’s even got beats nowadays but I feel the fact he just does’nt cut it for some odd reason. But to say he’s just a bench player is sleeping.


Homie ass the torch if you quit. I know there are only so many old school interviews you can do that people give a shit about but this is getting bananas. Hope you good and if not god bless your soul.

P.S. RassKas was WAAAAAY more diverse than CanIbus which may have been his downfall but at the same time look where CBUS is. I gotta roll with Ras is out his league.

P.S> I’m drunk

Comment by Cresno Fresh 08.24.11 @

@ Cresno

Get slizzrd, that’s what’s up!!!,lol

@ Robbie

It’s been 3 weeks today since that Rae post. What’s up??

Comment by oskamadison 08.25.11 @

i think the cool kids found robbie and left him in an alley somewhere..

Comment by kaybee 08.25.11 @

@$yk nope.

Comment by Jesse 08.25.11 @

I still knock the shit out of Street Level too.

True story, I’d have trouble filling a 60 Maxell tape with Ras Kass shit I really feel, and that’s with 8 minutes already eaten up by Nature of the Threat. I just don’t think he raps – quite simply, he doesn’t say enough words that rhyme. (Prodigy’s struggles with this are well documented; he even claims credit for inventing this “style.” Poison Pen is also good at this)

I’d rather have the “I speak in frequencies dogs would have trouble hearing…” freestyle than Ras Kass’s career. …Frankly, I’d rather have one of about 20 different Canibus verses than Ras Kass’s career. Just a matter of opinion tho, I guess.

I’m really the epitome of a lyrics reign supreme dude. Good music is definitely appreciated, but being nice with it what makes me love hip hop. Good music can take the form of all kinds of music, but the complete bitching of the English language can only happen within this genre.

So, if you can’t rap, you better be really ill with the way you put words together. And, Ras Kass isn’t nice enough to rap as poorly as he does. Just in case you’re reading, Chino XL, that goes for you too as well.

Comment by digglahhh 08.25.11 @

I’d rather have the “I speak in frequencies dogs would have trouble hearing…” freestyle

Just in case you’re reading, Chino XL, that goes for you too as well.

^ * fistfights Zeus with ashy knuckles *

Comment by $yk 08.26.11 @

For what it’s worth…

Cons – I thought he was good as a part of Tribe. Taking shots at former allies isn’t a good look for him. But Don’t Quit Your Day Job was a slept on album with a lot of solid tracks – Cons talks about regular stuff.

Tribe – Good point that they are more than the sum of their parts, but it doesn’t matter at all when their shit knocks so hard. There’s hundreds of hip hop artists that would do well to learn from their lesson.

Beatnuts and Alkaholiks – Alkaholiks for lyricism. Beatnuts for beats. I could never get into the Alkaholiks too much because I always felt they needed to get on some more Left-coast type beats to really shine. Beatnuts albums are more listenable for me because of the headnodding beats, and they flow well over them. They play their roles, Tribe style.

Cormega – Makes solid albums that are always worth checking, and has been changing up the lyrical content enough to keep things interesting.

Method Man – The most disappointing Wu emcee, for me. After Tical he seems to be coasting along stringing together catchphrases more than writing focused verses, in a sing-song intonation. His recent verse on Legendary Weapons shows how much better he is when he concentrates.

Comment by djbosscrewwrecka 08.26.11 @

do more posts robbie! I miss regular updates of unkut.com aka the best hip hop blog on the net

come back lad!

Comment by Rex Mundi 08.26.11 @

canibus > ras kass

canibus is capable of destroying a microphone everytime he touches it. i can’t believe some of his rhymes, he’s fucking nice.

Comment by kaybee 08.26.11 @

Where is Robbie?

Comment by PAS 08.26.11 @

it was a loss when combat jack and some other internet celebrities let their blogs slide but this here is sad.

Comment by swordfish 08.26.11 @

yeah…one of you nerds hack this shit and grab the reins. do it. do it.

Comment by kaybee 08.26.11 @

The comments on here complaining about the stream of conciousness flow and raps perfectly shows what happens when people that never lived the reality that Ghost and Rae and other emcees talk aboutare their fans and simply grow out of it. Street knowledge is what they preach. There’s many jewels and many truths. The dialect is just part of the flyness like their fashion. Go back to listening to Nirvana and Radiohead you losers.

Comment by psyence 08.27.11 @

“Method Man – The most disappointing Wu emcee, for me. After Tical he seems to be coasting along stringing together catchphrases more than writing focused verses, in a sing-song intonation. His recent verse on Legendary Weapons shows how much better he is when he concentrates.”
Comment by djbosscrewwrecka 08.26.11

^ great assessment

Comment by $yk 08.27.11 @

New Roc Marciano-track to big up, Robbie! Come on now

Comment by PAS 08.29.11 @


Comment by PAS 08.29.11 @

@ PAS…yo, is that the new unkut!? is that paul wall @ the top?! oh, no!

Comment by kaybee 08.29.11 @

Aussie people.. Snarky radio personality. Im surprised none of them got smacked By Rae or Deck. I lived in australia for 3 years im from Queens NYC. love Australia but i know how the people are out there.. They be some some smart shit some times.. I wish i could bring them to NY sometimes they be one some bullshit.

Comment by Mad_Mateo 08.31.11 @

It’s a shame that it looks like the worst thing to ever happen to Unkut was moving to NY.

Hopefully Mr. Ettelson is just away penning some amazing Unkut hiphop bible (or articles he’s actually getting paid for) but i get the feeling he’s just off caught up in the hype, whatever that hype may be. Probably going and getting drunk with his favorite rappers.

Is it too early to start saying R.I.P Unkut?

Comment by BigWord 08.31.11 @

Kreayshawn > Rick Ross

Comment by Robbie's Brother 08.31.11 @

wtf happende to this place?!? Guess Robbie is still around since comments are censored, so whats up Robbie ??

Comment by Rohh 09.02.11 @

I think we killed this site. “Murder was the case that they gave me…”

Comment by Cresno Fresh 09.03.11 @


Comment by TYBO2020 09.03.11 @

Exactly one month since this post went up. This is indeed a sad day – Fathers day as well – this is too much.

Listening to some grown man rap and having a Nescafe coffee in memory of what once was.

Comment by Crisis 09.03.11 @



Comment by QUITDABS 09.04.11 @

Dats fucked up ROBBIE! how u gon leave all deez headz hangin like dat? Gotdamnit man….smh.

Comment by LAJIKAL REASONZ 09.04.11 @

I just saw Robbie’s picture on a carton of milk. Pour out a lil liquor for this site. I reminisce. reminisce.

Comment by Crom the Conqueror 09.05.11 @

Maybe dude got up with some braod and got turned out by some NYC coochie and is in recovery. In which case, let him be, he’ll be back…

Comment by oskamadison 09.05.11 @

Fuck I hate Triple J…… stupid cunts

Comment by Smear 09.30.11 @


The comments on here complaining about the stream of conciousness flow and raps perfectly shows what happens when people that never lived the reality that Ghost and Rae and other emcees talk aboutare their fans and simply grow out of it. Street knowledge is what they preach. There’s many jewels and many truths. The dialect is just part of the flyness like their fashion. Go back to listening to Nirvana and Radiohead you losers.
Comment by psyence 08.27.11 @

You have no idea what life most people commenting have lived, you’re just assuming a lot. Whatever life an artist lived, doesn’t give them a pass for bad material. If you give someone credit for bad art, you’re not really helping them. Just like a ‘Yes Man’.

Comment by silent minority 02.29.12 @

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