Five Roc Marciano Guest Spots
Friday September 30th 2011,
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Reloaded still hasn’t dropped but here are five cameos from Rocky.

Roc Marciano – ‘My Persona’ [Produced by MasterKraftsmen]

Evidence feat. Roc Marciano & Prodigy – ‘Fame’

Timeless Truth feat. Roc Marciano – ‘Irene’

Blaq Poet feat. Roc Marciano & Wais P – ‘Bushmaster Music’ (Remix)

Pollyn feat. Roc Marciano – ‘Cold Sweat’

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SALUTE ROBBIE AND UNKUT!! WE will be leaking music from RELOADED VERY SOON! Of course UNKUT will have it!! Follow us @Rocmarci and @JazzUNGang, PEEP GAME AND MOVE WITH US! PEACE

Comment by Jazz 09.30.11 @

My Persona is not a cameo but a track from Reloaded

Comment by errmmm 09.30.11 @

shit is raw regardless

Comment by errmmm 09.30.11 @

My dream collab right now: Roc Marc, Jay Elec and Three Stacks. Sick…

Comment by oskamadison 09.30.11 @


Comment by Jazz 09.30.11 @

I miss the old unkut. Remember how interesting this place was once – now it just seems idk lazy ?

Comment by Chriss 10.01.11 @



Comment by QUITDABS 10.01.11 @

word – prodigy done this

Comment by ao 10.02.11 @

I must agree:That’s the best I heard Prodigy sound in YEARS. Roc Marc is still a monster.

Comment by oskamadison 10.02.11 @

Thanks for these – the first four joints are tight.
And Prodigy fell back on.

Comment by djbosscrewwrecka 10.02.11 @

Here’s to hoping that ‘Black Cocaine’ EP is gonna tear through pussyrapcats kool aid pumpin aortas and ventricles. SALUT!

Comment by bboycult 10.03.11 @

that marco polo joint “lay it down” is amazing..

Comment by Red snow 10.03.11 @

whatitdo unkut carriers?

Roc Marcy be that nigga…nhjic…that Marcberg project stay in steady rotation…sun need to do a visual tho…

Comment by $yk 10.03.11 @


Marc got that Greeneberg joint out now. His next mission: an album exclusively produced by Pete Rock.

Comment by oskamadison 10.05.11 @

oska, with due respect, it’s time put motherfucking Jay Electronica out to goddamn pasture. this nigga Do. Not. Care. nor should you. those few flashes were just that– a firefly ain’t lightning.

roc is terricific, exponentially better than the young lames he’s sometimes lumped with like always boring meyhem lauren or always retarded action bronson with his white boy gunplay, rick ross mantits etc

Comment by felixungah 10.06.11 @

The fuck is with that last song “Cold Sweat” cuz that shit is hot GARBAGE!! *shaking head*

I wasn’t feelin that Blaq Poet joint either cuz I don’t really like the beat. Oh well…

And yo Chriss, I kind of agree man. What the fuck has happened to UNKUT??? Now it’s like one new post every month or two. The fuck happened to you, Robbie??? C’mon man, get with it! I haven’t even seen any interviews in a minute either. *shaking head*

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 10.07.11 @

Please drop some UN material again some day, even if it’s material from the vaults. Marciano should work with Pete Rock again, I agree but Large Pro would be just as good based on ‘What They Want’. I’m still listening to the Petestrumentals tracks featuring The UN, it’s some of the best post 2000 hiphop without a doubt.

Comment by silent minority 10.07.11 @

Rac raps on way too many beats that are not worthy of him …

Comment by ACthePD 10.07.11 @

Well, depends on what he likes I guess. He does seem to favour non-conventional beats, I prefer the more traditional kind but his rhymes never disappoint. Kind of why I wish he worked with Pete or Large Pro again.

Comment by silent minority 10.07.11 @


Comment by Jesse 10.08.11 @

oska what’s good?


where them Reloaded leaks @? At least throw the wolves a Roc Marcy produced crack pebble…

Comment by $yk 10.10.11 @

I fux with all this Roc Mar shit. Salutes to dude for being courageous enough to fux with groups like Pollyn and Das Racist

Comment by Dallas Penn 10.12.11 @

@ Dallas Penn
Word to that. If you’ re a genuine artist you get a pass when you try things and they don’t work out.
One of the reasons people still check for Nas.

Comment by djbosscrewwrecka 10.13.11 @

“Roc raps on way too many beats that are not worthy of him …”

I agree.

Comment by Flawless 10.24.11 @

@ felixungah

Didn’t see your comment ’til today. I’m rockin’ with Jay Elec, regardless ofhow sporadic his output is. I rather wait for some heat than get hot garbage thrown at me daily. I hope Hov knows what he’s doin’ with dude. Compared to all these fake cats shinin’, I’ll run with the “firefly’ all day. BTW, make sure you have your half of the rent this month.

Comment by oskamadison 11.17.11 @

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