Three New Show & AG Tracks
Wednesday September 14th 2011,
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Not to be discouraged by the luke-warm reception to their previous comeback EP, Show & A have dropped three cuts from their next project over the past couple of weeks. While a few of you haven’t been a fan of Show B.I.Z.‘s recent style, a case could be made that maybe it’s Andre The Giant who needs to sharpen up. Personally, I’m not complaining, since ‘Here & Now’ wins. Taken from Mugshot Music.

Show & A.G. – ‘Here & Now’

Show & A.G. – ‘Suspended Animation’

Show & A.G. – ‘God Is 4 Us’

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The beat for ‘here and now’ is some vintage DITC banger material. Don’t mind the other two tracks either.

AG is somewhat of an acquired taste at this point. However, if you’re in the right mind state (i.e high) and the beats fly there’s few people better to listen to. As evidenced in this recent Party Arty (RIP) and AG tune :

Comment by Lair 09.14.11 @

“While a few of you haven’t been a fan of Show B.I.Z.‘s recent style, a case could be made that maybe it’s Andre The Giant who needs to sharpen up”


Comment by QUITDABS 09.14.11 @

I’ll always check for Show & A, even if the quality varies.

Comment by eric 09.14.11 @

A is the truth

Comment by the raw 09.15.11 @

Is that the cheapest music video ever made?

Comment by Ross 09.15.11 @

fucking LOVE this shit!

AG…one of my favourites of all time, and Show has put out WAY too many bangas!

Can’t wait for album!

Comment by AFFEX 09.15.11 @

I can hear prodigy all over that Here an now beat. I like all 3 songs!

Comment by bode 09.15.11 @

Bangers for sure!

Comment by kaybee 09.15.11 @


It’s not really about the video is it? Listen to the rhymes and the beats kid.

Comment by Jesse 09.16.11 @

wayyyy better than the joints on “OASIS”. can’t wait for the album to drop. hopefully on wax too.

Comment by Benson 09.16.11 @

OK…it’s been a minute since I heard AG and dude stepped his pen game up. As for Show, these tracks are decent but I need that “Stages Ans Lights”-type bounce from him. All and all…dope.

Comment by oskamadison 09.16.11 @

Tracks that snap pussyrapcat wigs back…I’m in.

Comment by bboycult 09.16.11 @

Randall Cunningham references stay winning in my book.

This is a quality track. I’m really feeling the beat.

I’m not the biggest Rock Marcy fan, but he should definitely drop a freestyle over this. Vintage Prodigy would merk this shit too. In fact, kind of out of left field, vintage Eminem could come off on this in a totally different and dope way.

Comment by digglahhh 09.17.11 @

here and now, can’t hate on that.

Comment by sg 09.17.11 @

This song is the best of the three, but I’m really hoping the album will have some heat cuz Showbiz just hasn’t brought it in recent years. I mean, he’s still made good beats, but there hasn’t been anything GREAT in a long time.

I’m sure the album will be good and will have some joints, but will the album be what we all expect??? I hope so…..

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 09.17.11 @


Comment by TYBO2020 09.17.11 @

ShowBiz and AG are back now for real. Hardbody Bronx HipHop right here. The beat send chills, of that NEW YORK CITY HipHop, WORD UP !!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by felipesiny 09.18.11 @

“so versatile I’m like fuk that style…”

son responding to blog comments before hand…that ‘God Is 4 Us’ is jewel heavy…and y’all chop it up if you want but I like AG flowing like this better than before…

and I’m wondering what y’all smoking because them beats are tough

Comment by $yk 09.18.11 @

And that ‘Here And Now’ would be tighter if Prodigy & Roc Marcy jumped on that

Comment by $yk 09.18.11 @

Dope hip hop period.Show is still a beast on the beats and A compliments the production. God is 4 us!!! That shit is amazing!!

Comment by JOJO 09.18.11 @

What is it about DITC dudes they age so poorly? Is O.C.– once a giant– even still alive?

Comment by Franklin Ave Shuttlecock 09.19.11 @

fuck putting prodigy on it!!! roc marciano will suffice!!!

Comment by R.K.M. 09.19.11 @

O.C. has aged alot better than 90% of 90’s dudes, Starchild was ill.

Where’s the Maffew – Rhyme Pays post/review Robbie?

Comment by Sam 09.23.11 @

these joints are WAY better than that Oasis album with OC. that shit was wack.

Comment by D1 09.24.11 @

Yo…just cause I don’t give a fuck; this. is. a RADIOCLASH on pirate satellite!

sLY Stone is HOMELESS and living out of a camper van on mothafuckin Crenshaw blvd!?! Gat Damn son.
(if you don’t know who/about Sly…I’m tellin you right now STFU B!)

Comment by bboycult 09.28.11 @

Also; Eric B & Rakim up for induction into the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame

…….not ONE rap blog/vlog about it; Pitchfork knowledged me about it.

Comment by bboycult 09.28.11 @

Here N Now is a fucking banger but the other two cuts are pretty dull, I can’t see much replay value there. It just sounds like mediocre indie rap.

Comment by don king 10.05.11 @

NOT a fan of the evolution of Showbiz’s styles … He went from light years ahead of the ‘game’ to dime-a-dozen beats … He dumbed down his whole shit, BOTH percussion and samples … SMH

Comment by ACthePD 10.07.11 @

Showbiz never fell off. He just started making his own beats. Read between the lines, dummies

Comment by Remstar 10.21.11 @

These cats just don´t quit! Time after time they come with some of best lyrics and beats. I´ve been following them since Runaway and will never stop. Few of the only that have consistently kept true to hip hop. Much love!

Comment by Sam 04.05.13 @

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