Large Professor – Key To The City (Mad Scientist Remix)

New vinyl drop from the Live Guy, now without glasses. Wax has the original, remix, instros and accapella. Uptempo Rap lives…

Large Professor – ‘Key To The City (Mad Scientist Remix)’

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nice tune.great hook.

Comment by swordfish 10.18.11 @

Takin’ it back to that ol’ boom bap – refreshing to hear some effin’ scratching on a track. Extra P all day…

Comment by SEREBX170 10.18.11 @

Wow…haven’t heard an uptempo joint like this in a minute. Sounds like this recorded during G Rap’s Wanted Dead Or Alive sessions. Bangin’.

Comment by oskamadison 10.19.11 @


Comment by Mike 10.19.11 @

I’m a bit disapointed in the remix, I wish Large reworded the whole joint and added some new lyrics. Still decent tho.

Comment by The Funkologist 10.19.11 @

Love this release.
But why the fuck did Large Pro let the cuts from Rob Swift in the 2nd chorus pass? Shit is off key like a muthafucka. You can even hear when he slips on one of the scratches. And this is coming from one of the world greatest turntablists ever.

Comment by grass 10.19.11 @

Dope track, not so sure about that cap though…

Comment by Johnno 10.20.11 @

LOL @ the cap …

I like it, and almost everything he does, except for the 1st Class and The Main Source (that new one from last year+ ago), which only had a couple joints on each … EVERYTHING else he’s been touching is pure future classic shit, and it’s a lot of stuff he’s been doing … I wrote an article on it at

But, a different topic. I notice here at Unkut, you do not relate to hardcore HipHop vs Rap people as much as you like to play both sides of the fence and confuse the two …True fact: Rap has two different legit HipHop definitions. 1. rhyming to the rhythm … 2. Since the early 90’s then the mass media stopped avoiding/ignoring the word “HipHop”, stopped using the word “Rap” and began their misuse, misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the word “HipHop” has been know as “Rap” to hardcore HipHop people since then … Anything fake HipHop that the mass-media, and the suckers (people who fall for it/anything), call “HipHop” is known to hardcore HipHop vs Rap people as “Rap” music and culture … This is a conclusive reality to most people who are in touch and attuned to the evolution of the art and culture of brand new funk …

Your blog is almost more on the HipHop side than the Rap side of the art and culture … almost … but the both-sides-of-the-fence thing with the HipHop vs Rap concept is keeping you a little more on the negative-50% HipHop side of the scale … In my much maligned opinion …

This is uptempo HipHop music, not Rap … Calling it Rap is degrading it, since the early 90’s when the mass media hijacked, mutilated and raped the word “HipHop” … It helps the art and culture to give credit where it’s due, and to give the imitation HipHop the Rap identity … letting cheap-watered-down-imitation HipHop get the HipHop label is very destructive to the future of it … It is the main reason HipHop has such a bad reputation among non-HipHop people ..

Comment by ACthePD 10.23.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 10.23.11 @

The fact that I even need to explain makes me feel like I am speaking a foreign language …

In the 80’s, since 1981, I never understood why they called HipHop music “Rap” … It never made sense to me … When MTV started their show, YO MTV Raps, I never thought it was good for HipHop … I thought it was HipHop spreading it’s legs letting the industry fuck it …. Then, in the early 90’s, the mass media, all of the sudden, stopped using the word “Rap” to identify THEIR use/interpretation … When this happened, HipHop’s evolution and identity was hijacked, raped, robbed, mutilated into a fake-HipHop art and culture that we, HipHop people, have since labeled “Rap” … Rap is two things … Rhymin to the beat, and cheap, watered-down, imitation HipHop art and culture, the art of biting/biters … THe opposite of HipHop … The enemy … The leeches, the cultures, the industry players and whores, the suckers (people who fall for anything, like for example, the misinterpretation of HipHop) … This is common knowledge and conclusive sense, to the vast majority of people who are in touch, NOT CONFUSED, about the art and culture of HipHop today … The evolution of Brand New Funk … 10 years ahead of ‘the times’ … Changing ‘the times’, not changing with ‘the times’ … trendsetting, not following … Gifted art by and from the gifted, and the supporters who stay in their place and do not try to take credit, exposure, the place of the gifted … HipHop vs Rap … You didn’t know? I thought you knew – Ed OG

Comment by ACthePD 10.23.11 @


Comment by ACthePD 10.23.11 @

Yo..while I disagree w/the “Negative-50%..” blanket statement about this site in particular; I am 100% w/ACthePD on the ‘HipHop vs Rap’ concept, true heads need to stop w/the bullshit and stick to a definitive POV of what HipHop music is; and dismiss (now and forever) all that other wack shit that is allowed to LIE in the name of the culture! If it’s over your head; look no further than MTV Sucka Free Countdown. How much “R&B-Rap & Bullshit”-RZA; is on that fucking “HipHop Countdown”!?! Got sing/song niggas rappin on mixtapes and BET ciphers and shit… “I’m a (rap) slanga; you’se a singer like Lady Gaga”- Styles P

Honestly ACthePD; round these parts, you’re preaching to the converted….take a trip over to MissInfo’s site etc… if you want to scream @ the zombies in an attempt to resurrect the dead, I used to and it’s fun to do! (that’s right mothafuckas,I tied in a Halloween visual. Haha)

Comment by bboycult 10.23.11 @

bboy, what up!!!

Comment by oskamdison 10.24.11 @

Dope track, beat and rhymes.

Comment by eric 10.24.11 @

YO Grass, those scratches sounded on point to me I dont know what ur smoking, if you listen to the original the cuts probably sit a little better with the different beat tho –

Comment by wehnUAWAKENurmanhoodwillbetaken 10.25.11 @

this is no breaking atoms, and his flea market hat is queer.

Comment by Thebeallendall 10.25.11 @

thank for using pic of large pro in front of famous japanese temples. You can buy hat hoody at we also have dj drama jazzy jeff 45 king smif n wessun

Comment by 7Union 10.26.11 @

Here’s a hip hop quote that sums up this debate, and it comes from rapper/hip hopper, Talib Kweli – “Just because nobody can understand how you speak, that don’t necessarily mean that what you be saying is deep.”

AC’s point is really a misinterpretation, IMO. It’s an attribution error, applying the change of the culture to a change of nomenclature.

If I was to argue in favor of his point, I’d say that “rap” took over when the music of the hip hop culture was removed from the other elements of the culture. So, instead of coexisting beside breakers and writers, it coexisted beside record moguls and ad execs.

And, in identifying a switch of the terms with that moment in the progression of the culture, I may be inclined to agree. But, the wheels were already in motion on that course. The re-naming of the music didn’t allow for the exploitation of the culture. I think you’re conflating the horse and cart. The culture reached a point where it was getting more mainstream and at the precipice of being diluted, the fact that people didn’t care so much about the labeling anymore indicated the greater involvement of outsiders with the culture, but it played no part in the cause, much like the way your body will react on the outside a certain way when it is sick, but it is not the pox on the skin causing the sickness, but rather the sickness causing the pox.

You can call the beginning the end and the end the beginning, but the story is the same. Language is an ever-evolving tool and when issues within it bubble up to the surface, the impacted communities handle them organically. There isn’t enough contested about this issue within the hardcore hip hop fan circle to even precipitate an important debate about the jargon. Your contention may one day win out, but to do so the underlying issue must first reach the level of a meaningful debate, and I don’t think it has.

Comment by digglahhh 10.26.11 @

OK, enough of this third-rate philosphy, please. Let’s all just sit quietly and enjoy Large Pro’s hat.

Comment by Daddy Bones 11.21.11 @

las raíces de nuestra música, de nuestra cultura, nuestro baile, nuestro estilo, nuestra droga. Antes que nada hay que comentar que muchas personas confunden el termino Rap con el de Hip hop, el Rap forma parte del Hip hop, el Hip hop es la cultura entera, todo el movimiento, compuesta por la música, el baile, y el arte. El rap (junto con el DJ) es la parte musical del Hip hop, por lo tanto, no es del todo correcto la frase de “Yo escucho Hip hop”, es Rap lo que se escucha. Y Solamente Large Professor Es un idolo y una persona con caracter que nos identifica 😉

Comment by Fly Girl 11.26.12 @

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