Trem – For The Term Of His Natural Life Album Review
Friday October 14th 2011,
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You know how sometimes you wait for something for such a long time that you begin to doubt that it will ever happen? This record was almost like that, except for the fact it actually came out last Friday! Rather than unleash 14 tracks of Bitter Old Man Rap, which would be somewhat understandable coming from a 20-year veteran not named Nasty Nas, Trem has delivered a remarkably well-rounded testament to perfectionism and the humble art of mastering your craft. Equal parts fiercely traditional yet unmistakably modern, For The Term Of His Natural Life sticks to the classic rap album blueprint while never neglecting to refine and improves the timeless recipe. Nothing on here sounds eager to please or compromised – Trem simply climbs out of the dungeons of rap, plants the flag and dares the competition to try and step up to the challenge accomplishment. Witty wordplay scales the often treacherous peaks of the Brag Rap mountain, but don’t get it twisted and confuse this anything retro or throwback.

This is a cutting-edge collection of finely crafted tales of the come-up, declarations of verbal supremacy and tributes to the often neglected disciplines of bombing, digging and scratch hooks. Trem also expands his sonic range by enlisting production duties from across the globe, with carefully selected audio contributions from the US, UK, Germany and Australia combining with the self-produced tracks to deliver a varied yet cohesive package of hard drums and melancholy keys. It would also be remiss of me to neglect to mention the outstanding zigga-zigga on display here, as the mighty DJ Revolution, DJ Bonez, DJ Dcide and Trem himself slice and dice a vast tapestry of classic rap quotes with surgeon-like precision, serving as a timely reminder that nothing can fuck with a well-orchestrated scratch hook.

With guest spots kept to a minimum, it’s safe to say that this record exceeds the heavy weight of expectation that may have crushed a less well-orchestrated audio onslaught. It’s not easy to keep the faith in regards to this rap shit sometimes, let’s just be thankful that Trem decided to stick to his guns and craft his solo debut the way he must envisioned over twenty years ago. Job done…

Cop it on iTunes or order the CD from here.

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Haven’t check for Aussie stuff in a long time. Will be all over this one though.

Comment by Crisis 10.14.11 @

Aussie rap? No thanks.

Comment by McNulty 10.14.11 @

mc nulty ignorant cuuunt

Comment by bob 10.15.11 @

Production on that Animal Kingdom joint illustrates the beauty of simplicity. Vintage era sound – it was never broken, don’t know why dudes tried so hard to fix it.

I don’t fux with all kinds of foreign shit, but there’s plenty of quality hip hop abroad. Hip hop xenophobia is for suckers, and is one of the reasons why the genre evolves in all these directions we don’t want to see it go. Things have to change a bit, we can’t see the same dudes make the same albums over and over again – one way to see evolution is to embrace different perspectives, styles, and voices (literally and figuratively) from all over the world. But a bunch of small-minded hardheads squash that shit too, so, constained, hip hop then starts to push in other directions that those same people who prevented it from moving in a natural direction then complain about.

There’s no such thing as Aussie rap, there’s just good music and shitty music. Some motherfuckers never leave their block – and physically, some don’t really have much of a choice about that, but your mind doesn’t have to be as confined as your body. There’s a whole world out there people – grown ups embrace that and see it for the treasure it is.

Aight, off the soap box now. Peace out.

Comment by digglahhh 10.15.11 @

“There’s no such thing as Aussie rap, there’s just good music and shitty music. Some motherfuckers never leave their block – and physically, some don’t really have much of a choice about that, but your mind doesn’t have to be as confined as your body. There’s a whole world out there people – grown ups embrace that and see it for the treasure it is.”


Comment by QUITDABS 10.15.11 @

I mean I don’t understand why these types of dudes (foreign motherfuckers) can’t get their own style and shit. They wanna be New York soo bad. It don’t even sound right to me.

Comment by kaybee 10.15.11 @

A LOT of ignorance in a coupla posts…
Wake the fuck up! A BIG world out there…
Your location, accent shouldn’t matter as long as you bring the goods!!!
Animal Kingdom is DOPE! end of.

Comment by Blitz 10.15.11 @

hmmmmm coincidence?

Comment by Hatin Ass Terry 10.17.11 @

No ifs or buts about it, its THE best album release this year (or in a VERY long time actually).

From the amazing DJ Revolution intro til the last track…Trem did Melbourne proud.

Amazing album, 10 out of 10.

Shouts to Unkut Recordings…shit is ill!

Comment by AFFEX 10.22.11 @

Imma have go out on the limb here, and co-sign what kaybee stated; It’s obvious these cats are heavily influenced by a certain era of NY rap, that’s cool. I’m just not sure why they let that turn into borderline jocking of styles with a down under accent. Where’s the Aboriginal emcees, btw?

Comment by fosterakahunter 10.26.11 @

Robbie, thanks for showin an old brother some love on the site!
For what its worth @ Hatin terry, yeah we team n all but this is very much Robs shit and thats mine, if he hated Im good with his opinion.
& Foster, golden eras where it at plus you might wanna check the clip again to answer the last part to your question.
Cheers all

Comment by TREM ONE 10.27.11 @

what ever happened to J-Red ?

Comment by F Business 10.28.11 @

Stoopid fux

Rap is rap, dont try and act like you gotta re-invent the wheel just because you from the other side of the globe, album has some mad tracks on it, and with a name like McNulty…ur a reverse oreo…show some love to ur white spittas u Black jocker…much respect to black people for giving us the music but u cant even support ur own

Comment by goonkiller 11.20.11 @

It’s called being a “wigger”. I cant stand Australian accents in rap, sounds fuckin silly, especially when they try to sound hard. Authentic or not the shit sucks to me, my 2 cents

Comment by McNulty 11.29.11 @

@Mcnulty its been a wigger rapping in a australian accent? Would it be less wigger for a aussie to rap in a US accent? Or are you just saying people outside of US shouldnt rhyme?

@fosterakahunter im pretty sure Dontez on the hook of Animal Kindom is Aboriginal.

I think why alot of Aus rap has a NY sound is because the artists are from that late 80s early 90s era, expecting Trem to have some other style of beats is the same as expecting AG to. We got kids here doing all sorts of boundary pushing bullshit and same as US its rarely good.

Comment by gx 11.30.11 @

This is me:

Comment by McNulty 12.02.11 @

Your a bad comedian from 1999?

Comment by Gx 12.03.11 @

dope stuff..big up!

Comment by pool 12.24.11 @

….Aussie Hip hop has some of the best artists out there right now, and naahhh your all trippin if you think oz hip hop is a down under classic hip hop knock off.
My man Dialectrix shits all over 90 percent of American rappers…

in australia hip hop is still a culture…its not sugar coated, it aint fancy whack dance shit, graffiti writers are respected just as much as the MC, DJ or B Boy…something which america lost a looong time ago.

Comment by Pepe 01.11.12 @

Wat a tripper!!!! Dialectrix is one of the better Australian rappers but better than even 30% better than American rappers….ur fuckin off ur fuckin headmate…straight drugs……ur just another example of a deluded Bogan brain dickhead that make us look bad supporting lame ass local music

Comment by goonkiller 01.30.12 @

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