New Rap That Doesn’t Suck – November 2011 Edition
Saturday December 03rd 2011,
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As more and more new rap music continues to suck, the task of finding recent shit that doesn’t make me want to cut my face off with a broken bottle and slowly peel the skin off has become more and more difficult. Naturally, all of these songs are old news on the internets by now but if you’re reading this that clearly isn’t an issue for you anyway.

Action Bronson – ‘Cliff Notes’

Statik does his best DJ Premier impersonation for the track, which means we get a scratch hook included at no extra charge. Bronson also insists that he never got high on his own supply, if that kind of thing is how you judge a rapper’s character.

Grap Luva – ‘Work It Out’

This may as well have been recorded in 1994, since it deals with the cutting-edge message of encouraging kids not to shoot each other. These days it might be more productive to request that those same kids don’t listen to shitty music and dress like emo douchebags.

Mobb Deep feat. Nas – ‘Get It Forever’

Hav and P don’t do themselves any favors letting Rapper Nas get on a song with them in this day and age, considering the fact that he can he still rap and they just mumble vague threats to themselves. That being said, this song is great.

M.O.P. – ‘Blasphemy (Blast 4 Me)’

The Sparta LP they did with Snowgoons is musically as dull as dishwater, but this track was the lone standout. The lesson for today? We need Mash Out LP produced entirely by Fame.

Show & AG – ‘South Bronx Shit’

This song wins based on the title alone.

Styles P feat. Pharoahe Monch – ‘Children’

The least annoying member of the LOX is also the only one with good taste in beats. Could have lived without the Mon Chi-Chi crooning, though.

The Opposition feat. Starvin B and GS Advance – ‘Baby’s With Razors’

Outdoorsmen crew affiliates Shaz IllYork and Spit Gemz graduate from B-Team status with this cut from the Rules Of Engagement mixtape.

Thirstin Howl III – ‘Surrounded By Criminals’

The Polo-Rican is consistently entertaining on the vocals, but is often let-down by terrible music. All is forgiven thanks to this superior chorus.

Tragedy Khadafi – ‘Black Prince’

‘Ashley’s Roachclip’ anybody? I’m just glad to hear Trag on something without keyboards again.

Willie The Kid – ‘Waste Not Want Not’

LA The Darkman‘s brother continues to be the quiet achiever. No drums? No problem.

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Check out Rashad & Confidence’s new album, “The Element of Surprise.” It’s classic 90s hip-hop. D O P E!

Comment by Will 12.03.11 @

Also, the “South Bronx Shit” just played the M.O.P. track again.

Comment by Will 12.03.11 @

^ Fixed.

Comment by Robbie 12.03.11 @

Glad to have you back in the building, Rob!!!

Comment by oskamadison 12.03.11 @

tthis should be a regular article since its so hard these days to find new and good hiphop

Comment by Jp 12.03.11 @


so you mean to tell me u fuxin wit hardbody shit, but you ain’t feelin DANGER ft.Meyhem Lauren and F.T aka Fuc that ? whoa!

<- shit harder than a cple jawns u got up there….In my biased opinion, lolz

Comment by Spekt 12.03.11 @

the whole action bronson statik selektah album is fiyah

Comment by TED 12.03.11 @

^ Except for that saxaphone joint….

Comment by Robbie 12.03.11 @

All of these were ace. Cheers.

Comment by M 12.03.11 @

“The least annoying member of the LOX is also the only one with good taste in beats.”


You probably didn’t listen to Styles last album with Green Lantern or his new joint all the way through with that statement. Both albums were mediocre in terms of beats/rhymes. AND I really like P.

Comment by Thomas 12.03.11 @

master p rap snacks > master p

Comment by kaybee 12.03.11 @


Comment by QUITDABS 12.03.11 @

Ka cold facts

This guys got the gift.

Comment by Gx 12.03.11 @

Thanks Robbie, please check this recent post and compilation at my blog.

Comment by Jaz 12.03.11 @

Truck Turner. i got truck on vhs. thas the sample u hear

Comment by vintvangoh 12.04.11 @

The Opposition is the best new shit!!!

Comment by andrewfrumrussia 12.04.11 @

Action and Statik’s album is dope. The Mobb Deep and Nas song too. Salute to Robbie for being the first one to introduce me to Action Bronson’s music. Dude’s consistently dope.

I might add El da Sensei’s song Every Day In the Street with Rah Digga and Tame One to the list.

Comment by Skinny 12.04.11 @

after a long hiatus (filled with b.s.) natural born skiller comes along dope.still bumpin the doppelgangaz lp. new torae and jmt is nice too.
scram jones and black cocaine do well.
and like sean p said :

‘Tight pants n*ggaz can’t stand me now/ Fuck ’em all except for Danny Brown.’

Comment by swordfish 12.05.11 @

“they just mumble vague threats to themselves” that’s a good’n.

Comment by AO 12.05.11 @

All of these are decent, but “Work It Out” is the standout, imo.

Comment by eric 12.05.11 @

I thought you were gonna post some rap that doesn’t suck?

Comment by Mac Hustle 12.05.11 @

Action is one of the few cats doing new stuff that actually gets me interested. That Mobb joint is useless until Nas kills it.

Comment by BIGSPICE 12.06.11 @

“Get Yours” is also a good track from Sparta

Comment by JP 12.06.11 @

“the cutting-edge message of encouraging kids not to shoot each other.” – hahaha

Comment by PAS 12.06.11 @

i meant body on the iron

Comment by JP 12.06.11 @

The only thing “dope” about Statik is his fucking IQ; match that with Action “Morbid Obesity” Bronstein and yeah, it’s a real “winner.”

That mediocrity like Meyhem or a bloated novelty like Bronson can get any fucking attention is more reason NYC hip-hop is truly dead.

Sean Price, Nas, Ghost, Roc– the rest either fell the fuck off or were always straight ass, including Dogshit Since ’92 Rakim and all-fake everything Nathaniel G. Rap.

Comment by Just Say Stint 12.06.11 @

^ Tell ’em why you mad, son.

Comment by Robbie 12.07.11 @

@ Just Say Stint, you obviously get no pussy to be so mad like that. Or you’re just short, balding and ugly. It is what it is.

Those songs are cool, Robbie. I think my favorite off the Bronson & Statik album is “Central Bookings” and “White Silk”. And there’s still plenty of good Hiphop comin out. Looks like JAZ did a pretty good job with the compilation he put together on his blog.

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 12.07.11 @

Hey, it pains me to say it but what can you do? Did ya’ll listen to the last Smif ‘N Wessun? The Mobb ep? Raekwon since OB4CL2? Any other non-Ghost Wu? (And Ghost ain’t exactly ‘on a roll’?)

I forgot to add Blaq Poet– I thought the album with Premo was thee single best ‘throwback’ album since whatever but when even M.O.P. let us down, these are dire times.

Hopefully Tragedy– whom I greatly respect– will get the beats he deserves but sadly, I’m not too hopeful.

Also, ya’ll REALLY need to stop paying lip-service to a no-talent zero like Statik Selektah; coronary heart disease and diabetes will take care of the Bronstein problem soon enough but seriously yo– how old is that sack of shit and he has so little respect for the art/life he lets himself in that condition? Ain’t even close to Big Pun where you know dude had bad environment growing up.

Oh, of course I’d add DOOM the next time he bothers to rap.

Comment by Just Say Stint 12.07.11 @

I gotta agree, Mobb ain’t done anything worth a fuck in yeeeeears. Yo Robbie, u gonna touch on that Common joint where he’s dissing Drake???

Comment by BIGSPICE 12.08.11 @

Liked “conquer” off the mobb deep ep, also the styles p lp had a few nice tunes on. I just don’t get action bronson, if I wanted to listen to a third rate ghostface killah tune I’d select one from his numerous lps. Plenty of good music around – new roots lp, kendrick lamar.

Comment by SG 12.08.11 @

Hey Munson,

What did you used to write before Jeffrey Korn killed your career in half a night?

Comment by digglahhh 12.14.11 @

This is a perfect example of how un-qualified you are, how horribly you misrepresent the arts you claim to support with this blog … You are promoting garbage new music as if it is related to what these artists are respected and/or legendary for …


Comment by AC 01.20.12 @

Word to A.C. the Program Director (I can smell ur posts a mile away, lol)

Comment by Kaos 02.07.12 @

hey ac – i checked out your so called new hip hop philosophy 1. meh. couldn’t sit through it due to boredom kicking in, so i’ll pass on volume 2. i’d rather listen to that tragedy joint on repeat for an hour and a half. but if there ever comes a time that i have a hard time falling asleep i’ll just go back and listen to that shit mix again. peace and love…

oh, and dissin others as a way to shamelessly promote yourself is not a good look

Comment by mike wizowski 03.16.12 @

thirsty is the man. lyrics above everything. although his beat choice is bunk, you are right.

Comment by ralph rip shit 04.06.12 @

Ralph Bitch Tit

Comment by Huntsman 01.31.14 @

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