Video: Footage of the 1st Annual Rapper’s Boxing Championships!
Thursday January 19th 2012,
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Thanks to the ultimate random find over at Gwar Izm, some footage of the 1st Annual Rapper’s Boxing Championships has been uncovered, 6 minutes into the above clip for the ‘Dance Energy Special 1992’. This legendary, one-off event was originally covered in The Source (scan) and has been a topic of amusement for me ever since. So much so that I felt compelled to ask Freddie Foxxx about his involvement:

You were involved in the 1st Annual Rapper’s Boxing Championships in 1992. How did that go?

It was a boxing match put together by a man named Gary Braverman, whose father was also in the boxing entertainment world – he was a friend of Don King’s. I remember when Eric B. brought the guy to see me I was actually in the back yard, working out on the bag. He walked back and this guy said, ‘Yo man, you really know how to box!’ So he said he was putting together this boxing match with all rappers, and I said, ‘OK’. I was like I didn’t think no rappers was actually gonna show-up. But back then, there was a few cats that showed-up, they wanted to get down. I actually had to train with professional fighters to prepare myself for what it was – Iran Barkley was one of my trainers. The sad thing was, I was already more capable of the boxing ability than these rap guys was, so I over-trained and I hurt a few cats in that. But it is what it is – I wasn’t in there to play no games anyway.

Who did you fight?

I fought a cat named Spook Blunt [from the group True Culture], and then the other cat was Dope E from The Terrorists or something like that.

Wasn’t Tim Dog meant to fight him originally? And you didn’t appreciate having to step in for him?

My thing was, when you rep where you live or where you from, you supposed to step-up. At the time I believe he was big enough to seal that deal for New York – he was beefing with the West Coast, the NWA thing was poppin’ – it was like, ‘You know what? This guy talked all this trash on the phone to me about he was gonna show up and do this and do that, but for some reason he’s not here’. And I felt it made New York look bad, so I stepped to it and I fought the fight. I won both belts [the ‘Heavyweight Hardcore Title’ and the ‘East Meets West Hardcore Super Heavyweight Title’] and gave Dope E the belt for fighting me, cos he didn’t have to fight me. He coulda said, ‘Nah, I should win by default’, cos there were other people who had default wins, and now this guy is coming back out…and I happened to have a sprained right shoulder when I beat him, too. Poet had gave me a high five and I reached to give him a high five with my right hand. He hit it kinda hard and sprained my shoulder, but I still went in and fought anyway. I dropped him with a left hand in the fight – and I’m right handed! He don’t like when I tell people that! [laughs]

Thanks you internets. You have finally proven your worth!

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Ooooooh shit!!!! I remember when this was, but never got to see it!!! Big up for the find…
I heard Bumpy cleaned up that day…

Comment by Blitz 01.19.12 @

Ok…just read the description..shoulda read it before commenting…my bad lol!

Comment by Blitz 01.19.12 @

dance energy was my favourite show back then, bbc 2 straight after the fresh prince, i remember that episode too.

Comment by TED 01.19.12 @

Jay’s hat was tight in that video. Was that before Mel was on the juice?

Comment by BIGSPICE 01.20.12 @

Amazing. Always loved the odd stories you hear about this event.

Comment by Chinese Ching Sniffer 03.29.12 @

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