Video: The 45 King – Making The Beat feat. Diamond D
Thursday January 19th 2012,
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Mark has been making these for awhile, but I only just caught on. This may be the 14 most awkward minutes of video I’ve ever seen, which is all the more amusing for the fact that 45 King and Diamond have known each other for a long time. I’m not sure if they both smoked some killer weed or are really hung-over from a night of drinking hard booze. Or maybe it’s just the ‘zany’ sound effects…

Get over to 45 King’s YouTube channel for more episodes with Premier, Biz Markie, Prince Paul, Double J, Kid Capri and more.

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Comment by QUITDABS 01.20.12 @

“Anymore questions?” Diamond is sitting there like “What the fuck am I doing here”. Poor guy haha.

Comment by ... 01.22.12 @

I don’t think it was as bad as I heard it was, but when 45 King starts rhyming and stuff, I wondered what was going on for a bit, and when Diamond’s looking at his watch… In a bizarre way I like this weird vibe compared to the hyper polished TV shows of today.

Comment by silent minority 01.22.12 @

this shit was funuuuunnnnnny!!!lolol!!!

Comment by gman 01.23.12 @

Classic material
pure comedy

keep em comming 45 King

Comment by m 01.27.12 @

Hey Dudes, I know i’m not the right person the do interviews ,so somewhere down the line double j might take over, there mistakes in all of the shows,i’m getting better with each show. and a lot of people said diamond show was awkward .they all are lol. dudes i’m just havin fun ! it’s a you tube video. but me and Diamond doing show pt.3 and skipping pt.2. plus Diamond had someone picking him up , so maybe that why he looked at his watch.there’s another time when I forgot what the say next, i do that a lot ,and i put a station ID vocal or something, OH yeah, i wish a didn’t put sample things at the beginning when Diamond started to talk, My bad . the live and you learn, let’s see what else
.the music is too high,the mic in his face.I smoke weed but i don’t remember being too high to do a talk show. and Diamond
been to my house more than anybody just about,so he was just chillin , and i can’t remember the last time i had a beer , sorry dudes people are seeing stuff that’s not there, People I edited the show,if I thought it looked like we was drunk and weeded up I wouldn’t put it on you tube. well i guess we do pt 3 in March Thank for all comment good and bad
Good Luck with your upcoming projects! 45 king

Comment by 45 king 02.13.12 @

I dig the relaxed vibe. Maybe too relaxed for some. Awkward? Nah, just life in real time.

Comment by eric 02.27.12 @

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