The 45 King Responds To Comments About His YouTube Show
Monday February 27th 2012,
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Just noticed this comment from Mark James sitting in the ‘Moderation’ section:

Hey Dudes, I know i’m not the right person the do interviews ,so somewhere down the line double j might take over, there mistakes in all of the shows,i’m getting better with each show. and a lot of people said diamond show was awkward .they all are lol. dudes i’m just havin fun ! it’s a you tube video. but me and Diamond doing show pt.3 and skipping pt.2. plus Diamond had someone picking him up , so maybe that why he looked at his watch.there’s another time when I forgot what the say next, i do that a lot ,and i put a station ID vocal or something, OH yeah, i wish a didn’t put sample things at the beginning when Diamond started to talk, My bad . the live and you learn, let’s see what else .the music is too high,the mic in his face.I smoke weed but i don’t remember being too high to do a talk show. and Diamond been to my house more than anybody just about,so he was just chillin , and i can’t remember the last time i had a beer , sorry dudes people are seeing stuff that’s not there, People I edited the show,if I thought it looked like we was drunk and weeded up I wouldn’t put it on you tube. well i guess we do pt 3 in March Thank for all comment good and bad
Good Luck with your upcoming projects! 45 king

Comment by 45 king 02.13.12

Don’t change a thing, we need more episodes!
(OK, maybe cut down on the sound effects…)

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It’s refreshing to have see an interview show that isn’t overproduced, but with knowledgeable people. Awkward? I guess. But if it is… what’s wrong with awkward. You might see something different from the usual smoke-up-the-ass routine.

Comment by eric 02.27.12 @


Comment by QUITDABS 02.27.12 @

“So you got Optimum?” “Do I? They send me a pamphlet every three weeks.”

Comment by PM 02.27.12 @

I respect the 45 king, but this is awful! just wasted 5 minutes of my life watching a bit of this……terrible.

Comment by Kevlar 02.28.12 @

45 King’s production is ILL. Trying to track down a copy of Lakim Shabazz’s Lost Tribe of Shabazz and Double J’s Hitman album.

Comment by kOsTyLe 02.28.12 @

I thoroughly enjoyed aLL the shows so far. Especially the one with just him and Double J. Their awkward silent moments have lol’ing.

Only thing that disappointed me about the shows was that Mark didn’t seem to know about much rap music outside of what he produced and what the most popular was. I’m not talking shit and I’m not saying he should know every random record ever made, I’m just saying that usually producers of that era and breed are usually full on rap nerds. Like Prince Paul for instance. He seems like a dude you could talk with for hours about dumb rap shit. Mark seems genuinely disinterested if it isn’t about himself or money.

Comment by nj anonymous 02.28.12 @

His show is great as-is; he shouldn’t change a thing.

Comment by Wernski 02.29.12 @

@ nj anonymous , Dude sorry that i came across genuinely disinterested. And i guess i said something about money , dude
i don’t remember there’s 13 shows ,Sorry, i think you might see something that’s not there. But i’ll check myself since you made that comment, God Bless ! good luck
45 king

Comment by 45 king 02.29.12 @

The shows should continue as they were, maybe with some small changes. As I mentioned before, they were refreshing after the over-produced, polished and cynical crap we are usually told to consume. Nice seeing Diamond pop up, too. This and Sadat X’s shows were cool, from what I’ve seen.

Comment by silent minority 02.29.12 @

alicia keys might be a musical genius, but i bet her acting is atrocious. it’s just the way god works. dj mark is one of the most prolific and influential hip-hop production pioneers that ever lived. consequently, oprah couldn’t hook up a dope beat if her life depended on it lol

Comment by what what 03.01.12 @

“So you got Optimum?” “Do I? They send me a pamphlet every three weeks” LMAO with the mutley laugh

Comment by LOLLY GAG 03.01.12 @

Only seen the Diamond D one, thought it was good fun, very far from the deep anal canal kiss most hiphop interviews turn into.
It was awkward at times, but isn’t there a whole genre of comedy built around that very concept now? (cringe comedy)
It’s nice to see someone who’s more on equal footing with the interviewee than some fanboy desperate for a ‘drop’ from one of “the all time greats”.

Comment by Lair 03.01.12 @

just good to watch and makes me want to dig out a few 45 king tunes. don’t change a thing.

Comment by sg 03.01.12 @

If you’re never met 45 King, or spent more than half an hour in his presence; you’re not going to get his humor.He’s off; in a good way. Most really creative people are. He is not a communications major, give him some time. He’s not a pro like Biz or Prince Paul, they’re been in front of the cameras, a gazillion times. T.V.,films, and so forth.

Comment by rich 03.02.12 @

It is really awkward, but still watchable in a strange way :-). I just found out that 45 King produced BDK’s ‘Set it off’, any of y’all knew about that? Marley took full credit for that classic beat. 45 King is da man!

Comment by The Grand 03.02.12 @

I like those interviews, awkward moments and all. However, I would like to see Mark ask more interesting questions, being that he seems to be a genuine fan of each of his guests. On the other hand, all of those guests he has known for years and he probably already knows the answers to what we would like him to ask. All and all, one of the dopest and most criminally underacknowledged producers of all time. Respect due…

Comment by oskamadison 03.02.12 @

I love all the episodes. My only problem has been with the backround beats sometimes bein too loud where it’s very distracting. Whatever the case, I’m not really complaining cuz I’m just happy that The 45 King is makin these.

And yo 45 King, I saw spin you out here in the Bay Area in San Francisco’s Mission District at a place called SOM (South Of Market) back in July 2010 and you were dope, but I was VERY disappointed to see you spinnin on Serato. Funny thing is, DJ Shortkut got on right after you and tore it down spinnin all 45’s, which I guess you could say is what I expected from you. Why the Serato??? Here’s a pic from that event…

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 03.02.12 @

@Shaun D. aka Wicked , dude ,how are you Sir. yes i make that mistake a lot by havin the music too loud Sorry everybody , and i use serato because bring records too heavy. Plus i don’t really have
a bunch of 45’s anyway , i have some. Good luck with your up coming projects !

Comment by 45 king 03.02.12 @

@ 45 King, Peace to you and MUCH respect. I’ve been a fan of yours since 1989 when I was 15 and saw your name in the production credits of the Queen Latifah “All Hail The Queen” album. Since that time, I been on the lookout for anything produced by you. I own maybe 70% of the shit you have put out over the years, mostly on vinyl, but on CD as well. I don’t really support digital downloads as I need to hold it in my hands and be able to have the artwork and read the credits. I still buy all the dope Hiphop releases today and I’m about 25,000 Hiphop records deep (since 1989). Your joints most definitely get love on my radio show. Keep doin your thing. peace

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 03.03.12 @

Yo Mark!Do you Big Fam!! You don’t owe nobody shit!! One day at a time, one interview at a time!! Keep em comin!!!

Comment by Lord Ali Ba-Ski 03.04.12 @

About 45 King on Serato… I had the same deception a couple years ago in Montreal. I was so stoked on seeing the 45 King live and when I saw the laptop I was like “Damn…” Don’t get me wrong though, I had a great time and the selection was on-point. It was the first time I actually danced in a club in a long long time. Much respect.

Comment by jeanski 03.05.12 @

Enjoyed the relaxed and natural vibe of the videos, with dudes just being themselves. The best thing is that it’s nice to see people you respect as artists aren’t dicks in real life.

Comment by djbosscrewwrecka 03.07.12 @

Yo stop talking BS. The show is BRILLIANT as is.

Please 45 King dont listen to any of those comments. Dont start to think what you could or should change.

Be yourself and have fun while doing it.

The ones who want to complaint, shut the f§”ck up and watch something diffrent !!!!!!!

Comment by Big Ed 03.13.12 @

Well said Big Ed, totally agree. There’s constructive criticism and then there’s idiots who want to troll and have nothing better to do with their time. The format, awkwardness and all, is part of the show and what makes it both unique and kinda funny. Keep doing your thing fam. South London stand up…

Comment by BetOnBlack 03.18.12 @

I, for one, love the relaxed vibe. Yeah, the music can be a bit distracting at times, but it’s refreshing to see a couple of dudes chopping it up without the same ol same ol that most interviews are composed of. Keep it up, 45 King!!

Comment by jack in the box 03.26.12 @

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