Unreleased Latee ‘Who Rips The Sound?’ EP Announced
Thursday March 22nd 2012,
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Get in quick if you’re a Flavor Unit fan:

“Latee is one of those rappers with a limited, but impressive back catalogue. These tracks were recorded around 1992-93 for Latee’s debut album but have remained unearthed – until now!This EP contains 4 previously unreleased full-length vocal tracks, as well as 6 interlude beats. All direct DWG orders will receive an exclusive press photo!

There are 275 hand-numbered copies available in total. There are currently only 75 copies left: get in quick!

The price is £30.00 (GBP) + shipping.

To order, visit our custom storefront.

For more info, links to sound clips and all that good stuff, head on over to our forum announcement right now! We’ll close the storefront once all copies have been sold.

Email any other enquiries here.

We’re very proud to have linked up with Latee and got these great lost tracks onto wax where they belong. Thanks to Scott and Naiquan for the assistance on getting this one out.

If everything goes to plan, shipping will be during the week of 23rd April.”

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Fuck, red wax sold out already!

Comment by Pete Pablo 03.22.12 @

If you like Flavor Unit, you might like my blog, Rhymes and Reasons. It’s a series of interviews with hip-hop heads who discuss their lives and a few songs that matter to them. Pretty powerful stuff. Check’em out here:


Comment by Rhymes and Reasons 03.23.12 @

Order my copy yesterday…

Comment by Anthony 03.23.12 @

@rhymesandreasons It’s not all about you buddy.

Comment by GX 03.25.12 @

The fact that this record sold out within a week or less PROVES that the amount of copies bein pressed are NOT enough. I think it’s fuckin ridiculous that there’s some fuckin faggits who bought multiple copies for the simple fact that they will use those to sell on Discogs for double the price or more. I swear, people like that should have their balls ripped off and shoved down their fuckin throats!! Fuckin HATE people like that.

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 03.25.12 @

Shaun, the MP3s will eventually show up online and then you can jerk your tiny little peepee over those.

More than likely, you had NO intention of supporting the release (it was online for a week before it sold out) – or Latee – in any way, so why even comment?


Comment by Barry 03.26.12 @

Barry, shut the fuck up! And mp3’s can eat a fat dick cuz I don’t mess with that bullshit. I have over 25,000 Hiphop vinyls and have been collecting since ’89. I had every intension of buyin the Latee EP, but I was waitin for my Credit Card to start it’s new cycle. I have bought a lot of the other limited releases from Chopped Herring, No Sleep, GoodFelons, etc. I have kept up with all the latest releases since 1988! So yeah, don’t speak on things or people you know NOTHING about, fAGGIT.

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 03.29.12 @

Yeah FAGGOT!! You actually take music for free! AND you like the same type of music as me!? Well suck a big, veiny cock, because I disagree with you over something on the internet, so SUCK A COCK AND DIE! I SPEND MORE MONEY THAN YOU ON MUSIC!!!! BLAHHHHHHH

Seriously Shaun D, its neat that you’re old AND immature. Uh Oh, guess you’re gonna Ether ME in the comment thread now…

Comment by McNulty 03.30.12 @

Fuck off McNulty. It’s not about who spends what money. But I will say that keepin up with all the latest Hiphop releases has always been somethin thats towards the top of my priority list. I don’t give a fuck about designer clothes, bling, expensive cars and blowin a load of ca$h out in the Clubs and/or Bars every weekend. Just give me some weed, some rum and the latest Hiphop releases and I’m good. Word up.

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 03.30.12 @

25,000 hip hop vinylS

Love it

Comment by BigZed 03.31.12 @

Fair enough, goddamnit

Comment by McNulty 03.31.12 @

Y’all some funny muh’fuckas…

Comment by oskamadison 03.31.12 @


Comment by QUITDABS 03.31.12 @

these re-releases are fucking homo, made by nerds for nerds – if it isnt OG than plug it

Comment by fuckarepressdotcom 04.02.12 @

Boss rips there lads. Forum fighting is the future. Word up.

Comment by Clive 04.02.12 @

$47 (US) PLUS shipping? EFF OUTTA HERE!!! I love Flavor Unit as much as the next cat but screw that madness…

Comment by Ebbaneeza 04.03.12 @

@ fuckarepressdotcom – I agree, fuck represses cuz it’s ALL ABOUT ORIGINAL COPIES! But for instance, this Latee EP is not any kind of repress. This is the first time these songs are available.

The only re-presses I find to be OK are the album re-presses where the original was on a single vinyl and now it’s re-pressed on double vinyl. Or when you have instances like Traffic Ent. re-pressing the Cold Chillin catalog and adding previously unreleased material.

@ BigZed – Word up. And the collection continues to grow as new shit is released almost every week and I’m always out & about here in the Bay Area hittin up all the record stores. Whenever I’m in another city, state or country I hit up the local record stores too cuz this is what real heads do. All the faggit heads sit at their computers and download everything like the loser retards they are. Fuck your stupid Hard Drives!

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 04.03.12 @

Pretty fed up of these ltd run’s now. Is this the only way to get decent hip hop these days??? By forking out £30 – £50 a time?

Double the amount of pressings and halve the price I think…

Comment by AveezeySqueezeyYourTeety 04.04.12 @

like kool keith said : i don’t believe you…

Comment by swordfish 04.05.12 @

And I got even more records downstairs and in my garage. So yeah, currently I have about 25k Hiphop vinyls (maybe 500 R&B/Soul and 100 Hiphop Reggae) and around 2,500 ceedeez (98% Hiphop)! And 99% of my collection are ORIGINALS! Been buyin tapes since ’84, vinyl since ’89 and cd’s since ’90. I’m 37 now and love Hiphop just as much as I did in 1988.

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 04.05.12 @

And there’s NO MAINSTREAM GARBAGE in my collection from fAGGITS like Drake, Lil Wayne, Nikki Minaj, Woka Flocka and all that kinda bullshit. I don’t have nerd rap from guys like Atmosqueer, Sage Francis, Anticon, etc either. My collection is straight up Hiphop! I will say this though, of the 25k Hiphop vinyls I have maybe 7k is doubles of 12″ singles meaning I have 18k different vinyls. Get it? I put my 2nd copies in the same jacket though so I have a TON of extra picture cover jackets.

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 04.05.12 @

Kiss urself my friend..you are so so dope

Comment by 357 nyc 04.06.12 @

cant believe you’re still typing the same shit out on every fucking site you visit you stupid fuck.You must have written the same shit out about your collection, MP3s, and original pressings about 3000 times now.

get it into your head: no one cares!

Comment by ShaunD's mom 04.08.12 @

@ Shaun D

That’s cool man. I’m a wax fiend too. But just so you know there is no such word as “vinyls.” The plural of vinyl happens to be vinyl and I’ve never heard someone with a vinyl collection use the term “vinyls.” Usually its some mp3 downloading kid who has never held a record in their life saying this incorrect and highly frustrating word.

Comment by BigZed 04.08.12 @

@ BigZed

OMG br0, I’m so fuckin sorry! What the fuck is wrong with me?! What was I thinkin? haha

p.s. people who only download are fuckin fAGGITS, period.

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 04.08.12 @

R.I.P. Mobb Deep

Comment by McNulty 04.09.12 @

Shaun, have you considered the fact that your problems are bigger than hip hop?

Comment by eric 04.10.12 @

I don’t have any problems, Eric. But thanks for your concern.

Here’s a brand new Wicked Mix for your ass that I just cooked up live the other night usin ALL ORIGINAL VINYL!! I hit “record” on my cd recorder at 3:16am and mixed live for 79 minutes and this is what I came up with. And see, OllieBEARS was right about me goin home to make another mix. hahahaha Enjoy…

The 90’s Remix Mix (1992-1997)
– Mixed by Shaun D. aka Wicked on 04/09/2012 @ 3:16am

01. Too $hort – In The Trunk (Glove Compartment Mix) [Prod. By DJ Premier – 1992] Jive 12”
02. The B.U.M.S (Brothas Unda Madness) – Take A Look Around (Vinyl Reanimator Remix) [Prod. by Vinyl Reanimators – 1995] Priority 12”
03. J-Live – Braggin’ Writes (Domecracker Remix) [Prod. by DJ Spinna & Joc Max – 1996] Raw Shack 12″
04. KuKu Productions – The Prophecy (Oxidation Mix) [Prod. By Ox & Rocky Marciano – 1997] Noose 12″
05. Funkdoobiest – Dedicated (Eclipse Remix) [Prod. by DJ Eclipse – 1995] Eclipse DJ ECLIPSE REMIXES CIRCA 1994 (EP)
06. Black Sheep – Without A Doubt (Salaam’s Mix) [Prod. by Salaam Remi – 1994] Mercury 12″
07. The Beatnuts feat. DJ Mista Sinista – Get Funky (Remix) [Prod. by The Beatnuts – 1994] Relativity 12″
08. Justin Warfield – K Sera Sera (6 Feet Remix) [Prod. by Justin Warfield – 1993] Qwest 12″
09. Red Hot Lover Tone feat. The Notorious B.I.G., Prince Po of Organized Konfusion & M.O.P – 4 My Peeps (Remix) [Prod. by Red Hot Lover Tone & Frank Nitty – 1995] Select Street Promo 12″
10. Ultra – The Industry Is Wack (Evidence Remix) [Prod. By Evidence – 1996] My Turn 12″
11. Tha Alkaholiks feat. Diamond D. – The Next Level (Remix) [Prod. by Buckwild – 1995] No Sleep BUCKWILD PRESENTS… (EP)
12. Boogie Down Productions – We In There (Remix) [Prod. By Ali Shaheed Muhammad – 1992] Jive 12″
13. Lord Finesse – Stop Sweating The Next Man (Remix) [Prod. By Lord Finesse – 1992] No Sleep/Underboss RARE SELECTIONS EP VOL. 3 (EP)
14. Shyheim feat. K-Dee, Big Daddy Kane, Pop The Brown Hornet & Rubbabandz – Pass It Off (Underground Remix) [Prod. by RNS – 1994] Virgin 12″
15. Clever Jeff – Catch Rek (Guru Remix) [Prod. By Guru – 1994] Qwest Promo 12″
16. Diamond And The Psychotic Neurotics – Best Kept Secret (Remix) [Prod. by DJ Mark the 45 King & Diamond D. – 1993] Chemistry Promo 12″
17. Onyx – Shifftee (Shytizon Remix) [Prod. by Jam Master Jay & Dex – 1993] RAL/Chaos 12″
18. Das Efx – Jussumen (Pete Rock Remix) [Prod. by Pete Rock – 1992] EastWest/Atlantic 12″
19. King Tee – Black Togetha Again (Marley Marl Remix) [Prod. by Marley Marl – 1993] Capitol 12″
20. Capital Tax – I Can’t Believe It (B’leedat Mix) [Prod. by DJ Smooth G – 1993] MCA 12″
21. Madkap – Proof Is In The Puddin’ (Proof Mix) [Prod. by Broadway – 1993] Loud/RCA 12″

Size: 145 MB
Length: 79:35
Quality: 256 kbps
DL: http://www.mediafire.com/?qrqel8980a8gtty

Listen: http://www.mixcrate.com/mix/139686/The-90s-Remix-Mix-1992-1997-

p.s. I was kinda drunk and pretty high when recording this mix… Captain & Coke and the Super Frost strain. haha

Comment by Shaun D. aka Wicked 04.10.12 @

LOL. Shaun Dyer aka Wicked is a closet racist from Mountain View California. He calls black people ngrs with a R. A real peice of shit frontin in this hip hop scene.

Comment by Feta 04.12.12 @

PEACE MCA! **Spray paint my Digital Tag!** BBOYCULT

Comment by bboycult 05.08.12 @

I bet Shaun jerks off next to his record collection + foaming at the mouth while his gf gets her sexual jollies with another dude who has a huge mp3 collection Life is funny like that lol

Comment by truth 05.09.12 @

Suddenly the reason Robbie doesn’t want to post more becomes clear when you read through some of these “debates” you guys have.
Shame since both the new OC and Show&AG LPs deserve a drop on here for whatever hardbody tumbleweeds roll through.

Comment by Lair 05.10.12 @

Robbie is on ice – true story.

Received this Latee today. One of the best ‘limited’ records ever released no doubt. Sound quality is killer also!

Comment by Big Zed 05.11.12 @

Did Robbie die or something?

Comment by esto 05.24.12 @

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