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Wednesday June 13th 2012,
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I just woke up after a three-month bender. There’s a dead hooker beside me and a lot of empty Jameson bottles.

What have I missed out on in the mean street of these internets?

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Actually, the internets missed you.

Comment by turtle 06.13.12 @

Dallas Penn was off the Combat Jack show for a few weeks but might be back.

El-P and Killer Mike had strong albums.

Havoc and Prodigy had a falling out.

That’s about it.

Comment by Alex 06.13.12 @

Comment by chestrockwell 06.13.12 @

Welcome back.

Thought the same aliens/undercover spies that kidnapped Canibus had got you too.

Comment by Crisis 06.14.12 @

Nice to see you back.

The new Large Pro is about to drop, but also got leaked… the Cormega and Tragedy tune was my favorite.
Mega and Pro also announced an LP together.
The new O.C album is also probably one of his best in a while.

p.s that hooker was dead before you laid down, don’t let the cops tell you otherwise.

Comment by Lair 06.14.12 @

Welcome back. Hope the three month hiatus was a one-time thing Robbie. Loyalists need unkut man. Very little to get excited about over the past three months. The Lord Finesse re-release of SKITS/Set it off troop comes to mind but not much else.

Comment by mecbar 06.14.12 @

Damn, Robbie you went MIA without settin’ one foot in the state of Florida. Thank God I had egotipland.com to hold me over. Your boy Nasir is gettin’ ready to drop his best album since It Was Written (quit makin’ that face, I see you…)

Comment by oskamadison 06.14.12 @

That Ka “Grief Pedigree” had some steamerz on it…New Show & A.G shit, Steve Colossal – “The City That Bleeds” is grimy as fuck, “Constant Deviants – “Fulton Street” deserves burn, Bumpy Knuckles & Preemo had some heat…New Large Pro.

The Legion – “Straight Flow”……..MA Doom had a few moments, Rob Swift “Roc 4 Raida” on general principle…..To name a few..


But we need those fresh interviews from you Robbie !!!


Comment by SHAMZ 06.14.12 @

Damn Robbie, that Porno killer from Canada was really you? Do your thing man. Glad to see you back!

Comment by BIGSPICE 06.14.12 @

You also missed a gang of Roc Marciano-tracks

Comment by PAS 06.15.12 @

Welcome back fam! Silver Fox from fantasy three dropping new double disk album/mixtape! expected in august. Silver Fox hosting “Ride Wit A Star” mixtape vol.1 by “jayton the Mac” dropping in July! Recieving hop hop honor award july 27th in New York! performing in Logan and Salt Lake City Utah July 7th and 8th..Not Much going on LOL

Comment by mc Silver Fox 06.15.12 @

@shamz are you dissing or liking the KA album? Because a steamer to me means steaming pile of shit.

Comment by Gx 06.15.12 @

Nah, I’m not dissing…..Where I’m from steamers is slang for FIREPOWER….

Ka’s album has some banging joints on it……”Every”, “Cold Facts”, and “Vessel” are my top picks..


Comment by SHAMZ 06.15.12 @

I like the album too, he really jumped into roc Marcis lane IMO. Production even more minimal.

Comment by Gx 06.16.12 @

welcome back…besides the tpoics bein mentioned…
that joey badass kid is doin nice…
and sean price likes long walks in the park…

Comment by swordfish 06.16.12 @

Canibus got murked by Dizaster at KOTD the other week. It was cringeworthy. Canibus pulled out a notepad.

Comment by mike 06.17.12 @

Peace Robbie…. Ka is holdin it down. Bigg Jus is back as well. Kool Keith is quitting rap; but it’s Kool cause he got a Spanish Mami w/tha phattest ass!/Large Pro is a must, Pete Rock showed a little skirt And Nasir will kill shit dead this summer! (agreed Oska!)

Comment by bboycult 06.17.12 @

Aw yeah………………..MCA went to bboynirvana.

Comment by bboycult 06.17.12 @

Reading the remarks, that pretty much sums it up. Welcome back.

Comment by LEX 06.19.12 @

AB Soul, dont sleep on Top Dawg and Kendrick Lamars people. KA album is dope as hell too

Comment by 357 nyc 06.19.12 @

Laughterhouse album dropped like a hot steaming turd, sold 65,500 first week in the U.S. (international was 260,000), white battle rap nerds rejoiced and Joell Ortiz– whiniest voice in rap besides brain dead Action Bronstein– is laughing at his own cornball punchlines even as I type.

Comment by Mad Dog Morgan 06.19.12 @

Let’s see…. Drake’s about to be deported. There’s a new kid outta BK named Joey Bada$$ that’s trying to restore the feeling. Co-sign on the much anticipated Nas Album. Meek Mills ( who was also involved in the Drake dust up) has a fiyah mix tape out and it’s got 3 million+ downloads on datpiff. Pete Rosenberg would feel at home on this site cause all of a sudden he’s the ultimate hip hop purist. AND Peanut Live 215 is the hottest young Bul outta Philly!

Comment by BKThoroughbred 06.19.12 @

Oh yea… Tim Dog was busted on Dateline for scamming women.

Comment by BKThoroughbred 06.19.12 @

Welcome back Kutter

Comment by Dallas Penn 06.21.12 @

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