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Over 200 tracks have plundered the bounty of the tripped-out musical voyage that the Scroggins sisters took way back in 1981, so I’ve chosen the 24 finest uses of the ‘UFO’ break for this compilation.


Best ‘art-funk ensemble from the South Bronx’ ever?

DOOM feat. Raekwon – ‘Yessir!’

Continuing the tradition Ghostface started with ‘Holla’, no looping is required as the Chef goes in on some park jam shit.

Big Daddy Kane – Ain’t No Half Steppin’

The ultimate flip of ‘UFO’? My brain melted the first time I heard this.

Das EFX – ‘East Coast’

Solid Scheme really loved them some ‘Blind Alley’ and ‘UFO’ on this album, didn’t they?

Redman feat. Erick Sermon – ‘Watch Yo Nuggets’

For me, this is when the EE Double stopped trying to rap even half decently. Great horns though.

Pete Rock feat. Styles P and Sheek Louch – ‘914’

Pete remakes Erick Sermon’s track but improves it ten-fold. Pay attention, Lupe!

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘Mecca and the Soul Brother’ [Wig Out Mix]

The original mix of this was always my favorite, but this still wins for a nice change of pace.

Tim Dog – ‘Fuck Compton’

Before dating ponzi schemes, the Dog was making great songs like this.

Lazy Laz – ‘Mystery’

Greg Nice co-produced this track for this notable Audio 2 weed carrier.

Cutmaster D.C. – ‘Brooklyn Rocks The Best’

Poor old BK was feeling a little left out during the Bridge Wars, so they made songs like this and ‘Brooklyn Blew Up The Bridge’.

X-Clan – ‘Xodus’

I’m sure there are a bunch of subliminals aimed at KRS-One in here somewhere…oh there’s something about ‘humanists’…yawn.

Intelligent Hoodlum – ‘Black and Proud’

Fun fact: A young Big Twins in this video.

LL Cool J – ‘Murdergram’

James Todd Smith blacks-out on this. Guess they had a few extra drinks at the club the night they recorded this.

Marco Polo feat. Large Professor – ‘The Radar’

Marco really brought out the best of the Large Pro on this one. DJ Revolution on the hook always helps, too.

Gangstarr – ‘Take A Rest’

Remember those shitty UK remixes of this? Me neither.

Stezo – ‘It’s My Turn’

Erick Sermon sez: “Yo, I need those drums, Steve…’

EPMD – ‘Give The People’ [Jeep Mix]

The good old days when remixes were tailored to the type of car you had.

OG Style – ’10 B 3′

The glory days of Rap-A-Lot, before they discovered keyboards.

Grand Daddy IU feat. Kid Capri, Taheim and Big Snow – ‘Blast A New Asshole’

Also the original title of the Frank Ocean album.

PHD feat. MC Cor (aka Cormega)- ‘Set It Off’

Blaq Poet and Hot Day were on that Gun Talk early.

Masters of Ceremony – ‘Rock Steady’

Grand Puba‘s first group combine Aretha and ESG to good effect.

Original Flavour – ‘Waitin’ For My Break’

Rapping about not selling out? How quaint.

Organized Konfusion – ‘Thirteen’

This is when Monche started to ‘avant-garde’ and shit. No wonder Prince Po got sick of him.

Big L feat. Twan, Buddah Bless, Killa Kam, Herb McGruff, Mike Boogie, Terra and Trooper J- ‘8 Iz Enuff’

Herb McGruff for Prez.

Beastie Boys – Sure Shot’ [Large Professor Mix]

Peace to MCA.

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yo thanks for this! looks awesome!

Comment by nico 07.25.12 @

“Grand Daddy IU – ‘Blast A New Asshole’

Also the original title of the Frank Ocean album.”


Comment by Will 07.25.12 @ you should pump this shit like they do in the future…

Comment by swordfish 07.26.12 @

Another classic comp, good one! But the Bob James-smash needs a reup, thats a dope one as well

Comment by PAS 07.29.12 @

Interesting to note too that UFO was played at the wrong speed for all those samples. And it sounds better that way.

Comment by Paul H. 07.31.12 @

Thanks a lot for this Robbie. I’ve got those remixes of “Take a rest”, I agree with you on their quality.

Comment by Chris Ward 08.07.12 @

This is a great listen PHD and Cor def ahead of thier time. They both sound pretty similar now.

Comment by Gx 08.07.12 @

@Paul H was interesting that I hadn’t picked alot of the ones were it was sped up like the radar, the organized joint etc.

Comment by Gx 08.07.12 @
Wrexx-N-Effect – Peanut Butter

Plus is it possible to reup Bob James link?
Thank U!

Comment by andrewfrumrusha 09.17.12 @

Dope compilation. Including the OG Style track was a nice move. I’d also like to nominate “Peep Game” by Tupac and Threat.

Comment by hotbox 03.22.13 @

Props to the producer of UFO & many other great records the late, great Martin ‘Zero’ Hannett.

Comment by sonny7 04.13.15 @

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