Jorun Bombay feat. Mantronix, Tricky Tee and Greg Nice – Get Stupid Pt. 2 (Beat Box Rap Version)

This is one of those examples when it’s a good thing that someone had too much time on their hands:

This is a pieced together session from various multitracks. I took the original beatbox demo used and sampled for “Get Stupid pt 2” – grabbed the best parts, chopped each element and repieced them together so it sounds like a one take beatbox (very tedious work). Took the acapella from the OG demo version of “Needle to the groove” (which had Tricky Tee on it.. bet you didn’t know he was supposed to be on Needle to the Groove?) and pieces of MC TEE’s rhymes which were from Get Stupid Pt 2 and then muted and Get Stupid ended up being an instrumental while Tee’s rhymes got recycled for later songs. I took all of these elements and repieced it into the track you are hearing now. And as an extra spice, i added my own Mantronix-ish type stutter chops (yes i did those) and voila! Get Stupid Pt 2 (beatbox version) with Tricky Tee, MC Tee, Mantronix and Greg Nice. Enjoy! (Produced by Jorun Bombay.. this version cannot be heard anywhere but here) I know it may sound like an authentic Mantronix production because of the chop chop chops.. but truthfully, this version wouldn’t even exsist before i re-pieced it, mixmatched elements together, produced it & posted it. Big shout out to MCtEE, MANTRONIX, TRICKY TEE and GREG NICE who all have been huge influences and helped shape hip hop in the 80’s and beyond. Go look up their stuff and get knowledged! Be a fan of their music.

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Jorun has some of the the best re-edits and re-creations ever produced! Good work!

Comment by Redski 07.26.12 @

In Full Effect should get its day. It was as different as Critical Beatdown in 1988. Not as good, of course, but just as different.

There is a complete lack of wtf? for Mantronix that I just don’t gather. As for earlier shite, Music Madness is flat-out bonkers when loud or otherwise.

Thanks, Sir!

Comment by don_viggro 07.26.12 @

@Don: Part of the reason for me is that MC Tee was pretty light-weight, especially compared to T La Rock and Just-Ice, who really increased the impact of the Mantronik beats they rockefd over.

Comment by Robbie 07.26.12 @

Right-o, but it was all about the Mantronix aesthetic. From song to song, you didn’t know what was coming (harmonica, heavy bass or other weirdness,

For the record, I recite ‘Going Way Back’ in the shower when I need a lift. Do agree about MC Tee. though. Much like many folk may have felt about Guru (RIP).

Comment by don_viggro 07.26.12 @

this is incredible..

Comment by tim 07.26.12 @

My cup of tea.

Comment by dubz 07.27.12 @

This is straight up ILLNESS, son…it’s incredible!! I personally dug MC Tee, he was nice! We were spoiled back then, MCs had their own styles and there was variety…

Comment by DLP 07.30.12 @

Entirely an afterthought here, but we do have the variety now. It’s just so fleeting that you might miss it.

Please do have a closer look at Shabazz Palaces. I realize this blog is NY-centric, but lordy what Ish has done is beautiful. It’s on par with Keith and Octo. The beats are bonkers and a logical extension of Blowout Comb.

To me, what these fellas are doing in Seattle is providing an incredible alternative. I know this is old news to most, but I still haven’t heard anything to touch it.

Comment by don_viggro 08.07.12 @

Get involved

Feckin HEAVY !

Comment by IRISH CRAIG 08.14.12 @

MC TEE was NICE and very slept on. Whatever happened to him? Robbie, you did ill interviews with forgotten legends like Mikey Dee. Can you track down MC Tee? Fresh is the word was so ill….still is.

Comment by DOC SAMSON 08.18.12 @

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