Luv NY feat. Kool Keith and Roc Marciano-Pressure Up

Back in my 2008 interview with Roc Marciano, we discussed his appreciation for Ultramagnetic. Four years later, he gets to share a track with the Poppa Large himself. Niiice. NY Luv LP is out now.

Robbie: You mentioned that Ultramagnetic had a big impact on you?

Roc Marciano: When I heard Ultramagnetic I made up my mind! [laughs] This hip-hop shit just ain’t no ‘to the hippit, to the hippit’! When I heard Ultramagnetic I was like, ‘Yo! This shit is really like a ill art, yo!’ When I heard that shit I just like, ‘Yo, it sounded scientific’. That always just intreigued me about them and shit. Beats to the rhymes – it don’t really get no iller than Ultramagnetic, man! Straight up and down. I love them niggas. I never forget when I was on tour with Flipmode – I think Busta still on the tour bus or whatever the case may be – and we stopped at a truck stop and shit, and I saw Kool Keith. I’m like, ‘Oh shit! Kool Keith!’ I’ve met a lot of motherfuckers in the music business and I’m not a star-struck nigga. I don’t do that type of thing. If I’m a fan of your music I show respect and keep it movin’ type thing. But when I saw Kool Keith I was like, ‘Oh shit!’ ‘Cos I’m not really the type of dude to still run up and approach on a motherfucker on their personal life. If we was at a club or shindig or somethin’? I probably slide over, ‘Yo, what up?’ Introduce myself. But in personal life, I see a nigga and I’m like ‘Peace’ and keep it movin’. ‘Yo, I’m feelin’ your shit dog’ – keep it movin’. Even though that’s what I still did, but I seen the nigga and it was funny to me ‘cos everybody lookin’ at me like, ‘Why is this nigga goin’ over here to this dude?’ Out of nowhere, we somewhere on the road at a truck stop. I’m like, ‘Yo, this this nigga Kool Keith, B!’ I come back, they was like, “Wow. That was Kool Keith?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, B. Kool Keith can’t hide from me! I know who the fuck Kool Keith is!’ He was the forefather to this shit. Definitely love Ultramagnetic, man. They definitely a big part of why I do what I do. Chea.

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Comment by eric 07.20.12 @

Loving this shit!

Comment by AFFEX 07.23.12 @

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