Nas featuring Large Professor – Loco-Motive

It’s tough to complain about a track that mentions burning the roof of your mouth on a pizza, but why should I let that stop me? I really hate it when songs claim to ‘feature’ another MC and then they don’t actually rap.

No I.D. on production. Obviously this and ‘Nasty’ are the two token great cuts from Life Is Good for everyone ‘stuck in the 90’s’ who still don’t enjoy people singing hooks.

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OK, everything I’ve heard from “Life Is Good” has been crazy. Hey Robbie, if “Life Is Good” is actually a banger, will you give the man his props, finally, lol?

Comment by oskamadison 07.03.12 @

And Oh yeah, Extra P could have given us a quick 8 bars or spit a hook, SOMETHING…

Comment by oskamadison 07.03.12 @

I was also disappointed Large Pro didn’t rap on this, but it’s dope nevertheless.

Comment by LEX 07.03.12 @

i’ll be waiting for his premo collab (if it ever happens). life is good looks like rubbish going from the tracklisting. i mean rick ross? really? c’mon nas, get back to the hard shit. nasty was decent but ultimately unfulfilling to me (a remix wouldn’t hurt).

Comment by 4:20 07.03.12 @

Nas is the most whinged about 90s rapper. He’s sounding better than anyone else from his era right now and still on a major dropping joints like this gets large pro on it and…fail? He should be a CRC hero but no…. Whinge whinge whinge.

Comment by Gx 07.03.12 @

^ You’ve clearly failed to read between the lines, Gx. I make a habit of not posting songs I hate.

Comment by Robbie 07.03.12 @

Sorry. That was directed at the world in general not at this post or one particular poster in this comment section. He just can’t seem to do right by the internets, even when he does a joint like this it’s where’s preemo? Wheres AZ? Etc etc. Ironically if him and preemo do an album it will probably be the most shat on of all. Or it’ll just be ignored.

I reckon you got to give it up to him for sustaining a commercial career but consistently doing throwback joints like this. Or not. Whatever.

Comment by Gx 07.04.12 @

Well said Gx.

Bring on July 17.

Comment by Crisis 07.04.12 @

its better that he didnt rap, he would have ruined it.

Comment by thebeallendall 07.04.12 @

Large Professor has an album out no one on this thread will probably support but all of a sudden this song is lacking a Large Pro verse.

Comment by Kane 07.04.12 @

“reefer is my religion… Smoke a blunt as big as a dread… Shit was felisimo, melting pot, city sweltering hot, staggering drunker and them cops are 2pac shot.” Nas is back son. If prodigy is sonnin big twin Nas is sonnin infamous, qb and the rest of NY.

Comment by gstatty 07.04.12 @

@gstatty: P sonned Big Twin?

Comment by Robbie 07.04.12 @

The same people who hate Rick Ross (an odious “character,” this is true, but it’s too late to stop now) yet pretend Meyhem Lauren or Action Bronstein have delivered even a single verse of interest, let alone actual SONGS… I don’t get it.

Comment by LIBERTY JUNIUS 07.04.12 @

@ Kane, I copped the large pro album off amazon. Its pretty dope.

Comment by LEX 07.04.12 @

@Kane….these internetz already know. Professor @ Large; been in possession.

Comment by bboycult 07.05.12 @

Fuck Rick Ross. I’ll take Action in the battle of fat bearded dudes any day.

Comment by BIGSPICE 07.05.12 @

All of you, shut your faggot mouths crying about no Extra P verse. The man’s always been a wack rapper and would only make the song humdrum with his played out metaphors and snoozer punchlines.

Comment by Ceasar 07.05.12 @

^ Comment of the week.

Comment by Robbie 07.06.12 @

Pointless adlibs on the hook isnt a feature, just an appearance. So stupid, when they couldve went for the classic J-Ro sample “And you must have a Loco Motive, I mean a crazy reason to wanna step up, it’s sucker punk season” from DAAAM by Tha Alkoholiks – decent track otherwise, better than the last one ruined by the cop.

Comment by PAS 07.07.12 @

Large Professor, wack??? Are you high?? Please stop smoking those little white rocks…

Comment by dlp 07.09.12 @

P.S. I still don’t trust Nas for a whole album…

Comment by dlp 07.09.12 @

Word, dlp. To quote the Professor himself, “Crazier than crack in a white owl.” “Professor @ Large” is EASILY one of this year’s best full-lengths and I honesty wasn’t expecting a whole lot from it. It’s stayed in the deck since I copped it.

Comment by p. dom 07.09.12 @

Haven’t copped P@L yet, peeped it on youtube. Shit’s hard…

Comment by oskamadison 07.09.12 @

@PAS. Was hoping to hear that in there too. What a waste.

Comment by Clive 07.09.12 @

This year I watched England at Euro 2012. I know they’re not as good as they used to be so I didn’t have any expectations. I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied by their moderate success.
I’m gonna use this mindset to make sure I damn well enjoy the next Nas album.

Comment by djbosscrewwrecka 07.09.12 @

^ Soccer is geigh.

Comment by A'Peks 07.12.12 @

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