New Blog: No Country For (Old) Rap Men

The crew over at Acclaim magazine (who I have been writing for since 2007) have just given me a weekly spot at their new site. To start things off, I offered my take on the Lord Finesse lawsuit against Teen Wolf:

Eff A Mac Miller

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Mac Miller is co-signed by rapper the Gayme who is known to not be a stripper or a Bitch.

Comment by Jebidiah 07.20.12 @

And lord finesse can tip both of them…..fuck a Mac miller goofy ass teen nick ferris broker looking son of a bitch

Comment by tim 07.21.12 @

You’d think millions of views off of another man’s classic beat/track would be enough to get him to reach out more substantially.
Thing is Finesse is going to have a hard time since the track is only out for free as far as I know. Still, I’m sure all the attention will be nothing but good for Finesse who’s just put out a bunch of remixes and demos and could use the interest.

Comment by Lair 07.21.12 @

He should sue this clown for a percentage of his lil wayne mountain dew royalties.

Comment by BIGSPICE 07.22.12 @

Keep it ripping

Comment by Heavy mike 07.22.12 @

Vid got millions of views, Youtube just settled with labels for there cut of music (major) used on their site. Go for yours Finesse.

Comment by rich 07.22.12 @

‘I’m on that get rich list, but they didn’t call my name yet’. Let’s hope they do now. Get paid Finesse.

Comment by Clive 07.22.12 @

Slick Rick should sue Lord Finessse for jacking the piano from Hey Young World n that bullshit Dre song he produced.

Comment by DF1 07.22.12 @

stopped reading from the part you mentioned Chaze & Grim Team. Fuck those old ass bums. When I got back to reading my first thoughts were, good article…get paid!

Comment by DANO$AUR! 07.23.12 @

Lord Finesse never cleared the sample with Oscar Peterson.
Shut the fuck up, Robbie. You are an idiot, stuck in the nineties…and i follow you on twitter, so what does that make me..if Mac was black, you wouldn’t say shit, so to top it off, you’re on some white on white…

Comment by steezolini 07.23.12 @

fuck all these arguments.finesse should get paid. just because.

Comment by swordfish 07.23.12 @

Cleared samples..all these motherfuckers up in here talking about cleared samples dont know shit about the context that hiphop grew up in, it is about what you do with the overlooked, the creative mind of the producer finding what others didnt, and created something new. Kool Hercs idea of extending the breaks of records into whole segments, while people chatted over them, that was taking a context and building something new out of it. Thats not whats this beat biter did, he created nothing new, nothing. He tried to build upon what another creative person showed us what one can do with a couple of second bits of Oscar Petersons music, Mac Miller being a lazy fuck, tried to stand on Finesse shoulders, thats ii and thats all. Oh and why Finesse is charging 10 is because he is expecting 2 thats why, so ppl can get over that as well.

Comment by PAS 07.23.12 @

Mac Miller obviously agreed to buy some beats and left Finesse hanging. And even dry snitched about some Oscar Peterson sample comment which was most likely spoon fed to him by his publicist.

Mac Miller should’ve just bought a few beats whether he used him or not.

Comment by Caesar 07.24.12 @

If Finesse has a case… I guess he might as well sue. But neither party comes off looking good in this. I’m not a Mac Miller fan, and there’s no question MM should break off some bread and dead this asap. But it doesn’t look like he’s gonna do that. And now Finesse has to play the copyright police officer. Plus, the fact that Finesse sometimes pays for samples (when he has no choice) and sometimes doesn’t (when he can get away with it), shows that this is about working the system. Both artists work the system. Yup, it’s a business.

Comment by eric 07.24.12 @

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