No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Did Nas Really Lose?
Thursday August 16th 2012,
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My five cents on the latest Nas fuckery…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Did Nas Really Lose?

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I don’t care whether he did or not. That album was still fresh, unlike hiphop is dead which was fried doo doo.

Comment by Caesar 08.17.12 @

Ok so Shawn Carter is a Capitalist Pig…LikNutz would’ve been tha bang out 15yrs ago…Everybody likes StonesThrow but aint nannbody got a purchased copy of StrongArmSteady/Statik-Sterotype (excluding the kid here)….So we tear Nasir from his perch ASAPRocky….and then what mothatfuckas!?!? ……Fuck All Y’all (period.)


Comment by bboycult 08.17.12 @

bboy, what up!!

For real, the person responsible for airing this out needs to be dumped headfirst in a 50 gallon drum of staircase piss. A ghostwriting accusation for any mere mortal MC is a lose/lose situation ’cause if you’re innocent, you’ll deny it, if you’re guilty, you’ll deny it and if you say nothing, heads will just assume you’re guilty. If this was, say Waka Flocka, the only thing we’d be shocked at is the fact that he actually needed help to come up with that trash. Now, aim that dart at the cat who’s arguably the greatest MC ever and, coincidentally, arguably the most polarizing figure in Hip-Hop and this resulting War of the Worlds is what you get. My take: I really can’t see Nas really taking it there and spittin’ someone else’s bars. I don’t think his pride would let him, for one thing. One other thing: question the source of all this mess and I think we can all chalk this up to being a lot of noise over nothing.

Comment by oskamadison 08.17.12 @

I don’t care about the accusations. I never ate pork again after bust a talking about trachea worms and shit on untitled. That stuck in my gullet.

Comment by Gx 08.17.12 @

Nice article, but I’m still waiting for the Unkut Mobb Deep break up break down. Much more juicy meat in that story.

Comment by Lair 08.20.12 @

If Nas has a ghostwriter, who freakin cares? This isn’t 1988… all those old school rules like “don’t bite” and “don’t sellout by going mainstream” hasn’t applied to anyone anymore in decades. So why would “don’t have a ghostwriter” mean jack shit? Big Daddy Kane was ghostwriting for Biz Markie at the height of the “no ghostwriters allowed” era and they got passes. Snoop even re-did ladi dadi in front of everyone like “yeah…and what??”!!!!

If theres anything about Nas you should be questioning way more than some bullshit ghostwriting.. question why he gave an official “N-Word pass” to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Get your priorities & Nas concerns in their proper order.

Comment by truth 08.21.12 @

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