Video: Liknuts – Grumpy Crocodile
Wednesday August 15th 2012,
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Old Man Rap get’s it’s Gran Tarino on for the new crew that combines Beatnuts and Alkaholiks.

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I love Beatnuts….I Love Tha Alkaholiks…

this sounds uninspired, but I love that baseline.

Gimme Stone Crazy x Likwidation and I’ll be done!

Or maybe another LC album…make it happen Rob!

Comment by AFFEX 08.16.12 @

Not bad. Imagine they’d hooked up in 94 though? That would have been special.

Comment by Clive 08.16.12 @

lol @ j-ro’s verses. a collabo like this could’ve been fire about 15 years ago before both crews fell. the. fuck. off.

Comment by 4:20 08.16.12 @

The random white guy throwing up fake gang signs was really unnecessary.

Comment by Caesar 08.16.12 @

“could’ve been fire about 15 years ago”
^ Ha!

Comment by Robbie 08.17.12 @

15 years ago they’d be 25 and this song woukdnt work. I like this. Old rap men rapping about been old rap men > old rap men rapping like thier 25.

Comment by Gx 08.17.12 @

This is just lazy. They’re polluting their brands by actually releasing this.
Here’s how it goes:
1) Oh shit! Liknuts! Hahaha! This has got to be heat! How can this combo go wrong? Even if they use their throwaway beats it’s prolly gonna be good!
2)Let’s listen!
3)Holy shit I want to like this. Let’s give it another try. I must be missing something.

Seriously kids, this is some seriously half-assed shit.

As an old rap fan, I’m disappointed. Old rap men rapping about being old rap man and doing it well > old rap men rapping about being old rap men shittily.

This ain’t a gottdamn athletic event. Their getting old shouldn’t diminish their ability to make dope music.

Shit sounds tired, but it doesn’t need to.

Comment by Ouroboros 08.18.12 @

Maybe old rappers are getting tired but thier fans have def become a pack of whinging bitches also. I reckon the beat nuts write better rhymes now than when they started, I’ll always prefer there earlier shit cos i just liked more music then. Or music more then. I was higher, care free etc etc.

Comment by Gx 08.19.12 @

“John wayne couldn’t even feel the reign of the tech!” Nuf respect to both crews for pulling off this collabo. Shit sounds better than 85% of the bullshit on the market. If you don’t think The Beatnuts and E-swift don’t still have beats you must be blowing Ricky Ross and Drake!

Comment by vitaltwofor 08.21.12 @

It’s okay but I wanted to like it a lot more. That weird piano/bass stab is ill, though. Was the production a collabo as well?

Comment by vollsticks 09.20.12 @

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