YouTube Commenters Type The Darndest Things: Lupe Fiasco – Bitch Bad

Twenty reasons why YouTube Commenters are the pinnacle of human evolution:

1. ‘Hiphop saved Lupe’s life. Now Lupe is saving hiphop’s life.’

^ *blank stare*

2. ‘Lupe is like A Tribe Called Quest from 2012 ! He is real.’

^ Which also means that Lupe hasn’t listened to any of his own albums all the way through and prefers Hammer to himself.

3. ‘This needs like 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,­000,000,etc views’

^ Good thing you added the Etc. That ‘0’ key was getting quite the work-out.

4. ‘Lupe Fiasco is not just a rap genius. Thousand miles more. He fight for his dreams and no one could stop him. And just wonder if any of the rappers are read more books then LupeFiasco and educate himself more. Not because it’s fancy or something. Just because he wants more about life then others and try to do something more with his power what he got FOR THE WORLD! Proud of him!’

^ Reading books is the new fancy.

5. ‘the true is that 50 to 100 years from now lupe will be reguarded as one of the best artist of this time’

^ The Bob Dylan of Rap?

6. ‘lupe always rapes with a meaning and stuff that actually happens in this world’

^ Typo or Freudian slip?


^ That’s a lot of effin’ lanes!

8. ‘i’d love to go to a place where women are so. because here in europe they are freaking bossy career addicts’

^ What, no Russian Brides?

9. ‘Lupe={rapper,teacher,preacher,thinker,activist,revolutionary­,human..}’

^ See also: Jesus, God, saint, superhuman, Olympian, Alien.

10. ‘Lupe should get the Nobel Prize for Literature later on.’

^ So ‘later on’ that I’m not alive to witness it.


^ One. Song. At. A. Time. *explosion*

12. ‘Im prob the only one who noticed the girl in the video has on butt pads? 3:22 and 3:34 Hmm’

^ You should be a detective.

13. ‘let’s just hope Illuminati don’t take this nigga away from us because he only speaks real shit.’

^ First Wikileaks, now Lupe…when will it end?!

14. ‘With all due respect to both parties, this song could have saved Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship.’

^ Also may solve world hunger.

15. ‘Lupe lookin like a bad ass keep those locks going man looks kick ass’

^ *fistbump*

16. ‘My girlfriend told me she didn’t like Lupe Fiasco. Im single now’

^ Sounds like it’s for the best. Maybe the dames aren’t for you, pal.

17. ‘this should have like 10 trillion views’

^ Just keep hitting ‘refresh’.

18. ‘WOW . . this is maybe the most important and thought provoking hip-hop song in 15 years.’

^ No doubt, if the only other songs you’ve heard are ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ and ‘Love Dem Strippers’.

19. ‘Amazing how he can flow with words like malleable, intelligence, disclaimer, conceptions, discretions.’

^ Could have also thrown in earnest, preconscious, patronizing and holier-than-thou.

20. ‘Lupe has said before he isn’t much into rapping anymore. He wants to become a novelist.’

^ Sweet. I’ll read that right after Drag-On‘s romance novel.

Highlights of some Unkut Twitter action…

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unkut stays winning | RT @unkut YouTube Commenters Type The Darndest Things: Lupe Fiasco – Bitch Bad:

Comment by @theotisjones 08.27.12 @

haha.effin great.dude’s suspect to me since i’ve seen him squint over his lennon spectacles frontin on some skateboard now he’s an super intellectual rasta imposter with an ‘strong’ following.dick.lupe kick push tame pick kush (tame1).

Comment by swordfish 08.27.12 @

Ha this is kinda great

Comment by @djtrackstar 08.27.12 @

Your comments to # 4, 6, & 18….fucking comedy yo!

Lupe is civilizing….let that man civilize!

Comment by bboycult 08.27.12 @

I’m sure there had to be something more worthwhile to write about than this. Smh

Comment by Hypocrite Hippo 08.27.12 @

he’s remake of TROY, was so shit. Dude takes himself way too seriously.

Comment by sg 08.27.12 @

‘Rarely is a hot joint deep too!’ < Pause overload.


Comment by QUITDABS 08.27.12 @

Never got his music. Tried. Dude seems like he has no sense of humor.

Comment by Caesar 08.28.12 @


Comment by @chikayne 08.28.12 @

Amazing. RT @unkut: Top 20 Comments from @LupeFiasco ‘Bitch Bad’ Video on YouTube

Comment by @chikayne 08.28.12 @

HILARIOUS. Thank God for this site…

Comment by Neil Nice 08.28.12 @

lol @ 7,11,18 and 19.

Comment by 4:20 08.28.12 @

#8,14 and 16 are virgins.

Comment by chronwell 08.29.12 @

I’m not sure what you’re sposed to do to that track. Slowly, introspectively nod your head with tears in your eyes while texting apologies to your exes?

Comment by Lair 08.29.12 @

Pretty funny piece from @unkut re: the utter insanity of diehard Lupe fans.

Comment by @jzonedonttweet 08.29.12 @

“First Wikileaks, now Lupe…when will it end?!”

Comment by @Chuparos 08.29.12 @

This is clearly the only reason to ever pay attention to YouTube comments.

Comment by @djregular 08.29.12 @


Comment by @Square_1ne 08.29.12 @

When Lupe first came out, I liked him. Then when his 2nd ablum came out I liked him A LOT LESS! Now I can’t stand the fuckin fAGGIT! He sold out and now he’s straight up TRA$H! Gotta love the fuckin CLOWN who ride his dick like crazy though. What is fuckin wrong with people? JFC! *shaking head*

Great comments though, Robbie. haha

Comment by Wicked 08.30.12 @

“”Lupe (Fiasco)…wants to become a novelist.” <-Sweet. I’ll read that right after Drag-On‘s romance novel.” haha

Comment by @ImScottRamirez 09.26.12 @

Can’t believe I missed this the first time round.

Comment by @ichlugebullets 10.03.12 @

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