Shots Fired: Big Ill The Mack Goes At Big Daddy Kane
Monday September 10th 2012,
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Since it’s Big Daddy Kane’s born day, thought it might be worth digging out this freestyle session from the end of his birthday party celebration in 1991. A varied selection of rapper dudes get involved, before former Wiseguyz member Big Ill The Mack started taking pot shot’s at Kane and LL Cool J in a display of exceedingly bad manners. He would later win The Source‘s Unsigned Hype in July 1993 and formed Ill Al Skratch.

Masta Ace remembers how it all went down:

Robbie: At the end of ‘Rolling Wit Umdada’ you’ve got your freestyle from Kane’s birthday party, when Big Ill The Mack ripped him.

Masta Ace: It was a dope party. That was actually Grand Daddy IU that you heard at the end, sayin’, ‘Pick that mic up!’ That was a wild night. I have photos from that night, with all of us on stage rapping. Kane, Jay-Z, Nice & Smooth, Just-Ice, Positive K was in there, Ill from Ill & Al Skratch. What a night! At the time it was just a party – we was just doin’ what we do – but looking back on it, it’s like crazy! Just the amount of people and different artists that was up there rapping. Scoob Lover – there were mad people in there rhyming. It was a cool night though.

After Ill shit on Kane there must have been a bit of tension in the air though.

Oh you mean when Ill did that shit he did? Oh yeah, that was kinda crazy. Kane had already left – he wasn’t even by the stage when that happened. Really, most of the rappers that was up there, everybody had kinda dispersed. It was such a long cipher that it kinda got boring after a while, so everybody was kinda leaving, and Ill got up there and just started whylin’ – kinda goin’ at Kane – but only a few people was paying attention. I was one of the people that was paying attention, and I was like, ‘Well this guy’s kinda sayin’ some stuff about Kane at his own party’. It was tension after that night, where Kane’s DJ Mr. Cee was A&R at Mercury Records, and Ill & Al Skratch were signed to Mercury Records. They were actually scarred to come to the record label because they thought somebody was gonna do something to them. They were like worried, but everything got smoothed over.

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Ill and Al scratch…..kinda boring

Comment by timeo 09.10.12 @

This cock eyed wannabe got no love that evening. As ace points out, he said his slick shit when Kane was long gone. Fuck him for attempting to make a name for himself that night and fuck him for releasing his lp with al scratch in 94. That garbage was a black eye for my hip hop.

Comment by Mecbar 09.10.12 @

Where my homiez?? Yo Keatso, where you at???

Comment by BIGSPICE 09.12.12 @

kane would have let this clown have it. he is still considered, a legend still tours, and is argulably in the top 10 of greatest emcees of all time. where is this fool at or what has he done besides two bullshit singles(where my homies& I’ll take her or something like that) no noise since 94 or 95 not in the underground or mainstream. wack ass sucker get this nigga out of here.

Comment by derrick 09.13.12 @

Kane is no doubt top10 all time….and Ill is not in his caliber as a MC. But I knew this dude personally and he was far from lame. Back then we was some young dudes and we’re getting it. Whatever the year that was TRUST ME our crew had that same year 500sl, 735i, etc. We was luxury luxe and the rappers wanted to be us. We was far from thugs BUT we wasn’t taking no losses or rolling in fear….GTFOH

Comment by BKThoroughbred 09.20.12 @

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