Video: Something From Nothing-The Art of Rap Documentary

I caught this at the cinema a couple of weeks ago. It’s a good film for what it is, which is basically an excuse for Ice-T to demonstrate how many rappers used to love ’6 ‘N The Morning’ when they were kids, thereby demonstrating how ancient he actually is. That being said, the fact that dudes like Eminem and Dr. Dre were fans means that they offer more than the standard responses to herb-ass journalists. The DVD version features a tonne of interviews that were cut from the final version with dudes like Just-Ice, so that might be worth grabbing to get a little more of the insight from the lesser known players.

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  1. Apparently he interviewed everyone for about an hour…
    But if you edit out the aerial city shots and the recycled freestyles, there was about 10 mins total of actual answers to questions in the final movie…

    Hopefully a lot more of it winds up on the DVD