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Wednesday October 31st 2012,
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Congratulations to ceasar for winning the Masta Killa Selling My Soul Deluxe Edition (courtesy of Nature Sounds)for this Wu-Tang memory:

In 2005 I was locked up in LA County Jail for a year. I started the journey in 120 man dorms, but an ear infection sent me to the 6 man cell dungeon part of the jail back at Twin Towers, which was closer to the county doctors. My stay was only supposed to be for a few days, then I’d get transported back to the dorm, but there was a paperwork error, and I wound up getting stuck down there for 6 months. It’s grimy as shit, cold, damp, and dark at all times.

I hadn’t seen sunlight or breathed fresh air for 4 months at this point and spent the day trying to maintain my health of both body and mind.

One afternoon during a game of dominoes, The Genius “Liquid Swords” came over the intercom. At first I thought I was hallucinating. But that intro was unmistakable. Apparently, one of the C.O.’s decided to randomly play it, funny because they never played any music before or after that day. Just that one day…and that one album.

Being in Los Angeles, the cell block was mostly gangbangers who knew very little about East Coast rap. 2 of my cellmates were these old pimps. Like the kind you saw in the blaxploitation movies. One them looked at me and said “this brother is saying some heavy shit.” We were all hypnotized. It was the most intense hour of my life.

I knew the album word for word, but this time it was different. It was like every line was just punching me in the fucking head. It was like listening to it for the first time again.

Easily my best Wu-Tang memory, that experience helped me maintain the rest of my stay. What an amazing album.

The runner-up is Lair, for his fine practical joke work:

In ’98/’99 I did intern work on the Upright Citizen’s Brigade TV show. One episode had RZA (as Bobby Digital) guesting along with the Black Knights (west coast wu tang fam). I don’t really think any of the UCB guys knew who was in the Wu or what they looked like, but they still seemed fairly aware of the music. Diminutive and elfin Amy Poehler really liked “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” by ODB and asked me to point him out for her so she could introduce herself and compliment him. He wasn’t there but I didn’t want to be the one who broke her tiny heart so I pointed out one of the Knights (Christbarer or Doc Doom, I think). She waltzed up to him while his back was turned and let out a loud “Ooh Baby I like it RAW!” I remember dude turning around with the most confused and peeved look I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t in earshot to hear how things got straightened out but I did manage to catch Ms. Poehler shooting me a very dirty look as I stifled my laughter and pretended to alphabetically sort the craft services table.

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I never heard a correctional officer play a G-Unit album.

Comment by Lattisaw Tapes 10.31.12 @

G-Unit? You high?

Good lookin out Robbie. This is like the first thing I’ve ever won. Besides the case referenced in the story.

Comment by Caesar 11.01.12 @

Caesar you did not get the joke props to Lattisaw

Comment by Vee 11.01.12 @

I apologize. Only thing I pay attention to is my Schoolly D google alert. Maybe one day you kids show me how to be more with the times and I can dress like asap rocky like most of ya’ll.

Comment by Caesar 11.01.12 @

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