Just Say No To Termanology
Tuesday October 09th 2012,
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The time has come to put a stop to the biggest threat to hardcore hip-hop in 2012 – Termanology appearances. Originally hailing from MA, this PR MC moved to the BX a few years back after his breakthrough ‘Watch How It Go Down’ single with DJ Premier. I copped that record and even interviewed him for a magazine, but then something awful happened…for some ungodly reason, he started doing this Whisper Rap thing which makes me want to puncture my ear canal with a blunt pencil every time I hear it. Not a big problem, right? I can just ignore his music.

The issue was that he then went and made the Politics As
album with all the Illmatic producers, which I was forced to listen to just to case there was something great on there (there wasn’t, thanks to the Whisper Rap). Term is also down with Lil’ Fame, so I’ve had to endure more of his raps everytime Fizzy throws him a beat or guests on one of his songs. Not the end of the world, right? Wrong. Now dude has made a whole album with Fame, and all of it has sounded incredible – if Termanology wasn’t on it!

So this new track dropped on Monday, which I attempted to ignore so that I didn’t have to endure more whispering, until it struck me – why not just edit him out? You may recall a similar situation from a few years back when Cormega loyalists decided that Lakey The Kid was not worthy to share the booth and removed his raps from the My Brother’s Keeper LP completely. The only problem is having to remove him from the whole album could prove time consuming and technically difficult depending on how many verses overlap, but I’m willing to give it a shot, or even pay an expert to do it for me. Kickstarter, anyone?

As a public service, here’s the new Fame, Busta and Styles song that Premier produced, with that annoying guy removed. You’re welcome.

Lil’ Fame feat. Busta Rhymes & Styles P – ‘Play Dirty’

Bonus: M.O.P – ‘Crazy’ [Termanology Free Version], courtesy of Verge.

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Comment by @CraigSJ 10.09.12 @

Lol this is harsh

Comment by @Pecue215 10.09.12 @

Damn Robbie, that’s hardcore, lmao…

Comment by oskamadison 10.09.12 @

That Term guest appearance on Ciecmate’s production LP was terrible also, whisper rappers get fuck all from me

Comment by LUMBERS 10.09.12 @

hahaha great

Comment by @JD_Certified 10.09.12 @

Hahaha … shots fired! I’m a fan of this song with Bun B (on a Primo beat) https://vimeo.com/1747723

Comment by Q 10.10.12 @

Dude is horrible on every level… any ya’ll remember his very brief sub-literate stint as XXL blogger back when Byron Crawford and Dallas Penn were still there? (Only reason I was at that cornball site, natch.)

Term ruined that otherwise decent MOP album and sad to say, it’s almost like and fame have become fucking lovers…

I assume Term has family money backing his worthless ass but truly, the dude is an abomination… Show biz isn’t for everyone– just ask the four Laughterhouse bums, who are Terms equals in the totally un-fucking-listenable race to the bum rap bottom.

Comment by Amboy Pitkin 10.10.12 @

I’ve been saying this very thing for years. That flow get’s boring after two songs. Add that whisper rap and it’s downright annoying. If you find a way to get that album without him please load a link. But watch it, Fame may come after you for dissing his new partner since he and BD put out that wack album by snowgoons. They need to just get back to the production of their first 4 albums. Leave statik (wanna be preemo)and term alone.

Comment by realbostonnative 10.10.12 @

lmaoooo damn.

Comment by @FolaFuhrer 10.10.12 @

Ghost Whisperer ahah

Comment by lecaptainnemo (@lecaptainnemo) 10.10.12 @

JUST SAY NO TO TERMANOLOGY http://t.co/TN56Fh2a Ghost Whisperer ahah

Comment by lecaptainnemo (@lecaptainnemo) 10.10.12 @

Lmaooo coldddd

Comment by @MatikBKNY 10.10.12 @

Lmaooo coldddd “@unkut: File under ‘Tough Love’: Just Say No To Termanology: http://t.co/maLxwXNl

Comment by @MatikBKNY 10.10.12 @

In what at times seems like an echo chamber, the internet, via Unkut.com, has confirmed my instincts: so many of these songs could be improved with the removal of Little Punisher’s vocals. Thanks Robbie!

Comment by skinny 10.10.12 @


Comment by @MulesMecca 10.10.12 @

“Hate Whisper Rap? I got you Lil’ Fame feat Busta Rhymes & Styles P Play Dirty [Termanology Free Version] http://t.co/1TyXd9Ku”<&lt; ahahahaha

Comment by @MulesMecca 10.10.12 @

@yelzebub @JesseThorn this made me feel the same but they all actually kill it http://t.co/ERLB0cmQ (90% sure it was recorded long ago tho)

Comment by @rlydoe 10.10.12 @

“my flow is a ticket to the gun show, front row” “askin me to slim down, tell them to kick rocks-big n***as is in now”

Comment by @rlydoe 10.10.12 @

“my flow is a ticket to the gun show, front row” “askin me to slim down, tell them to kick rocks-big n***as is in now” http://t.co/ERLB0cmQ

Comment by @rlydoe 10.10.12 @

No lie, I had never heard a bar from this cat, good thing, too. He reminds me of white cats that wanna think they’re extra lyrical on the hood side of rhymin’, but come off soundin’ like a caricature.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 10.10.12 @

Why can’t I just get a Fizzy Wo solo LP, or even better, a good MOP LP? The Fuxx…

Comment by Fosterakahunter 10.10.12 @

This was hilarious!!

Comment by esto 10.10.12 @

You crazy for this one Robbie

Comment by Tiger Williams 10.10.12 @

The world needed this to be said by someone. Afuckingmen.

Comment by Gx 10.10.12 @

Robbie I might have to respectfully disagree with you on this one. I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with you on pretty much any of your posts, because lets be honest, the rap game is filled with candy ass rappers with r&b hooks and I’m a card-carrying member of the conservative rap coalition who digs old man rap. I don’t like the whisper rap that he does, however, I’ll provide some examples of why I disagree Termanology – Stick up
also I like this new track with Term and Statik Up Every Night and with the exception of Mac Miller this track is great 82 92 and I always liked that grimy track Squeeze ya ratchet . Also, I’m surprised this isn’t your theme music Rob. So now that I’ve crapped up your comments section with gratuitous Termanology links I’m gonna go ahead and agree with you @skinny he does rap like little punisher sometimes with the rapid fire flow. But since when did Big Pun suck at rapping? This comment was not a paid endorsement of S.T. the squad, Termanology, Statik Selektah or any of those affiliated with Boston rap.

Comment by gstatty 10.10.12 @

The real question is: would Robbie say that shit to Termy’s face? And secondly, is Robbie comfortable saying this knowing he’s all the way in buttfuck Australia and there’s no chance in hell he could ever be made to account for these statements? Not that I care for Hermanology any way!

Comment by Tiger Williams 10.11.12 @

check his true bio too……he claims Lawrence, MA but he’s really from Haverhill, MA. Difference being….Lawrence is a city where real things happen while Haverhill is its safe neighboring town, ol’ Term pretending to be tougher than he really is….

Comment by chris 10.11.12 @

When Term is on… I can rock to it. He definitely has a few solid joints, imo. But when he’s off… he sounds mad corny. I think the problem i that his style is a bit too clean. Sometimes he just sounds like he’s trying to hard to “be down”. Sure, maybe it’s because of his background, but I think it’s also that the lyrics don’t quite match the delivery.

Comment by eric 10.11.12 @

This kid has been a joke for the longest time. Im getting tired of these new rappers who dick ride legends and think that garners them some sort of credibility. Fuckouttahere with that bullshit…. If you suck, you suck, regardless of who you paid to drop a verse on your joint….

Comment by Thick Crates 10.11.12 @

@tiger williams it’s a small world bruh alot of half rate throwback rappers and vets basically live in aust and Europe these days.also Australians go to NY alot because your dollar I’s worth less than here now so were over there buying up houses and beer and shit. Term doesn’t exactly seem like the scariest dude going.

Comment by Gx 10.11.12 @

No doubt Term ain’t the scariest guy around. But it seems a lot easier to throw shots at someone knowing you probably will never run into them. And it seems that’s what Robbie is doing. However, while I don’t dispute that Term is mostly wack, there are SOME joints on the Fizzyology LP where he actually does OK. For example, the Alchemist-produced title track goes in.

Comment by Tiger Williams 10.11.12 @

@Tiger Williams: Next time I’m in NY I’ll buy Term a shot of Henny, if that will make you feel any better. I ran into a few people I’ve thrown shots at when I was there last year without major incident, so I’m more than willing to be accountable for everything I write here.

Comment by Robbie 10.11.12 @

its the internets Tiger Williams lad

Comment by LUMBERS 10.11.12 @

99% of rappers are actors. It’s all part of the fun. These big scary rappers also have publicists and managers and families and bills to pay. Rappers are just like most artists. Except in hip hop you pretend like you’re a psycho/sociopath. OK, a few rappers are kinda crazy. But most aren’t.

Comment by eric 10.12.12 @

Term ain’t scaring ANYONE about ANYTHING except Fizzy Wo on the chance Term’s parents’ checks start bouncing… That anyone “rocks” anything this witless turd is on shows ya’ll need to expand your listening habits posthaste– or start rocking SILENCE.

Except for the fact he licks Fizzy’s ass for cash, Term is worthless on EVERY level: content, sound, flow, style, “wit”(lessness)…

And speaking of MASSholes, don’t even get me started on the no-talent rich kid (who at least works for cheap) Statik Selektah and his 4th rate sucked from the taint of Scratch & Premo beats.

The longer ya’ll indulge the cornballs the longer this erstwhile “culture” suffers!!!

Comment by Hologram Dirt Dog 10.12.12 @

Doggs take a look at this picture and tell me Hermy ain’t real http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/ba/Bun_B_and_Term_cropped.jpg

Comment by Tiger Williams 10.13.12 @

Damn felt the same way. He’s overrated…never liked his style even on those Premier joints.

Comment by vitaltwofor 10.14.12 @


Comment by MASSRICAN>AUSSY&EUROS 10.16.12 @

even if not every tune of his massive amount of releases is that dope,dude can flow.some of y’all get lost in that criticism.at least he is aight and not bad at all.

Comment by swordfish 10.18.12 @

y’ALL Really wasting your time Here Hatin On Some real Hip HOP ! I thought this was a REAL official HIP HOP site/ Blog wHATEVER ! yALL TALKIN SHIT LIKe some Girls/ Bitchass Niggas hatin on someone ! I think TERm is nice , On every joint ? No but he keeps it real the St. album Shit w the crew w easy money , ghetto WAS HOT ! iTS ALL aa matter of opinion But This Bullshit post UNCALLED FOR , say your peace But a whole article Hatin On term !! Gossip/ Fake , FAg shit !!

Comment by BinG 10.18.12 @



Comment by Brookdale Hostility 10.18.12 @

Say what you want about Term, he can pick better beats than 90% of these other emcee’s, regardless on who he works with.

Comment by MANHOAGIE 11.06.12 @

Tight pants are for girls is still the theme song..your buggin

Comment by 357 nyc 12.04.12 @

A Writer who knows Hip-Hop as well as Robbie does has EVERY right to say whatever he feels, he knows more about “AMERICAN MUSIC” Than 99% of Americans, so don’t catch feelings if he isn’t digging Terminology. He is a writer and Hip-Hop scholar and stop using the word “HATING” lol. Hating= Being Honest.
I don’t even necessarily agree with Robbie but I RESPECT his opinion and he had valid points.
Stop getting ass hurt “He wouldn’t say it to Term’s face”??? WTF…….So if a sports writer says something honest and negative about a Boxer, are they going to have fight the boxer?????
Keep telling the truth Robbie. And if theyre on YOUR page, obviously you’re the truth!
Saludos Robbie.

Comment by Davito 10.20.13 @

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