Prince Paul and DJ Pforreal – Negroes On Ice Album Review
Sunday October 14th 2012,
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Comedy albums are a strange animal. The great ones are hilarious for two or three spins, but rarely stand-up to repeated listens. Hip-hop comedy records have the advantage of beats to accompany the gags, which significantly added to the lifespan of Prince Paul‘s Psychoanalysis record, but did little to help Bobby Jimmy and the Critters.

Negroes On Ice began when Paul and his son DJ Pforreal toured a DJ set in 2008, but the album revolves around Pforreal telling a bugged-out story to an understandably dubious Chris Rock. As this tall tale progresses, it’s interspersed with tracks that relate to the events taking place, resulting in a broad selection of parodies of autotune, love ballads, Tough Guy Rap, two separate songs about Craigslist and a bizarre gay video game anthem called ‘Pixel Hero’.

If you’re familiar with Prince Paul’s twisted sense of humour, you’ll appreciate that Pforreal carries on the tradition on the mic while adding his own relatively-youthful twist to proceedings. It’s fair to say that there were laffs aplenty on my first three listens. Will I still want to rock this in an a month though? Possibly only if I can get drunk enough tonight to cause serious memory loss. That being said, how often do we get rap comedy albums in this day and age? Let alone one that is actually funny? Plus your boy Breeze Brewin’ raps on a few cuts. Negroes On Ice is funnier than a punch in the face.

Available now on CD and digital.

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“Will I still want to rock this in an a month though? Possibly only if I can get drunk enough tonight to cause serious memory loss.”
I completely disagree with this, and most of what you said. This album features nothing but the best production and lyricism from all parties involved. It is clear that some of the lyrics are nonsensical and comedic in nature, but I have been bumpin this on repeat for days now and honestly the only song I don’t care for is the one about basket ball being his favorite sport. They aren’t expecting us to gain some deep understanding of their lyrics, they are just making quality sounding music. And since I can only assume that is their goal, I would say they have succeeded. pforreal brings some much needed classic old school style back from the grave, while maintaining his identity as a unique new school rapper. He says it himself, “my rhymes are just rhymes, so don’t pay them no mind” (that might be a little off). He is just rhyming for the sake of making music that our ears perceive as good. It is clear that pforreal comes from
loins of greatness, and prince paul produces nothing but greatness

Comment by A.W.L. 10.31.12 @

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