The Almighty $amhill – The Unkut Interview
Monday October 15th 2012,
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One of the most original MC’s to emerge from the Boogie-Down Bronx in recent times is $amhill, who made his official debut on the P Brothers The Gas LP in 2008, as well as various tracks I’ve posted here and an appearance on the Counterstrike mix. Most recently he began working with Ralph McDaniels [host of Video Music Box], who directed ‘Poetic Justice’ last year. Following a difficult couple of years, $amhill kicks it with Unkut Dot Com as he prepares to release his first two solo project, The Preface and The $amhill Story, later this year.

Robbie: Can you break down the science of your name, The Almighty $amhill?

$amhill: The word ‘Sam Hill’ is another termanology for ‘hell’. Like, ‘What in the Sam Hill is going on?’ I don’t use that name as a representation of hell, because I’m no representation of Satan or hell at all – I use the name as a representation of the hell that I’ve experienced in my life on this earth. I put ‘The Almighty’ before it because that’s a direct representation of God. I put the dollar sign for the ‘S’ because money is the root of all evil. That’s why I made myself The Almighty $amhill – money is the root of everything that’s going wrong on this earth. Everything!

Where did it all start for you?

If it wasn’t for Showbiz and them niggas, I probably wouldn’t be doing this! I seen this nigga on Video Music Box, and I came outside and walked up the block and this nigga is on the corner! I never seen nobody on TV outside before! That shit changed my life forever. Showbiz and AG made me realise this shit is real. I’ve been writing rhymes since I was about 14, but I started getting noticed around 22, ‘cos I started deejaying at City College in Harlem. I was deejaying for about four, five years. This female that I know, she had a radio show there. She would let me play some of my music on the air and let me spit, and I would make promos for the show and people was liking it. After the show ended, I took a couple of law classes in 2005 when I was going through a lot of drama in my life. When I was in school I met this engineer and he let me start recording for free. That’s when I started recording some new music, and that’s when I made my MySpace page and that’s when everybody started taking notice.

How did you start working with Minnesota?

Minnesota’s from Soundview, I’m from Webster, but half his whole family is from the projects where I grew-up. I met Minnesota over twelve years ago. People was telling him about me, and we had got up. He didn’t know I rhymed, he just knew me from making beats. When he start hearing me rhyme, he just start giving me a whole bunch of beats, and he start taking me to Mos Def and his DJ – Preservation, letting them hear me,, and that’s how I got into that camp.

Was the stuff with the P Brothers your first official release?

Yeah. They stumbled across me. They’ve been working with Boss Money for years through Minnesotta. I also had been working with Minnesotta, and I guess they saw me on his MySpace, ‘cos he had me on his top 4. They just hit me out of the blue and they asked me, ‘Do you mind if we send you some beats, ‘cos we like your style’. They sent me about twenty beats, and the one that stood out the most was ‘Don’t Question Me’. It’s real slow, but I used to make beats on the tape deck with the pause-button, so all my beats would be slower than regular tempo. When I heard ‘Don’t Question Me’, it just punched me in the eye real quick! I just had to have it. When I sent it out to ‘em, they said they wasn’t expecting it to come out as good as it did, since nobody ever picks that beat.

That was a good introduction to your style.

I think so too, I appreciated it so much. It came out October 2008, and that whole year I was going through so many tribulations. I was illegally incarcerated for two months and beat the case. I got out May 7, 2008 and my friend passed away June 27, 2008. The second week of July, I went and recorded ‘Don’t Question Me’. I guess people feel it so much because there was so much going on in at that time my life and I put all my emotions in there.

What can you tell me about some of the other tracks we’ve heard so far?

The joint that’s on the Unkut mixtape – ‘The Sky’ – I produced that. Basically I just needed them to put the drums behind it. Paul and Ivory [P Brothers] helped with the drum pattern and the drops. The rest was me.

Did you produce ‘Like It Is’?

That’s Molecules beat. I was thinking about making a new version of that for the EP. Molecules from The Legion is one of the best kept secrets. I’m working with Wali World too. He’s the greatest story never told. He happens to be one of the best producers you’ve never heard. I don’t see why AG and them ain’t been fuckin’ with they fam. Wali World, Molecules and Silent Someone make some of the best hip-hop soul music from the Bronx. I don’t know if you heard ‘Bars of Life’? Wali made that. ‘Extreme Wordplay’ was by Preservation.

Can you tell me about opening up for Rakim in Jersey?

That shit was a defining moment in my life. I was the dude who thought G Rap was the greatest of all time, regardless of anybody. But there was something about Rakim that always intrigued me, It took for me to get older to realise that he was really talking about God. Ralph sent them the ‘Poetic Justice’ video and they was feelin’ it. ‘OK, let Ralph man rock. If Ralph say the nigga hot, then he probably hot!’ So I get up there and I’m doing my thing rocking ‘Poetic Justice’, and I see this kid looking at me. It’s Rakim’s son staring at me, actually kinda spooked me out, ‘cos I didn’t know who the fuck he was.

Rakim comes on and smashes it, and after the show me and Rakim bumped heads – the crowd just split open and we just walked up to each other and we gave each other a pound and a hug. He said, ‘Thank-you my dude’ and I said, ‘No, thank-you for the opportunity, ‘cos you didn’t have to let me rock for you. Can I ask you a question – did you listen to the song?’ He said, ‘Hell yeah I heard that!’ I said, ‘Really? What you think?’ He said, ‘You ready. That’s straight New York hip-hop. That shit needs to represent the East coast. That shit is crazy’. This is the greatest rapper of all time! And this man said that to me? I said to myself, ‘I gotta stay focused. I gotta stay humble and continue in my literature. I’ve got to continue my reading and gaining more knowledge.’ That’s why I see he don’t smile – the knowledge and the power of God is not joke!

What happened with that EP you were working on?

A lot of shit been going down. I was working with the P Brothers, and they called me, talkin’ about they wanted to do an EP with me on their Heavy Bronx shit. I’m like, ‘Yeah, alright’. But they weren’t talking about no money though. They didn’t pay me for The Gas joint part one, or The Gas part two either. As far as I know, them other dudes off ‘The Gas’ got checks, and I didn’t get a check for anything.

These dudes are wanting to do an EP with me and they’re not talking about no money! It got to the point where these dudes were really making it seem like they know what hip-hop was or wasn‘t. There’s times I sent them beats, and these motherfuckers would change my songs up that I sent them! Change the beat or take the chorus out – they was making $amhil music they way they want to make it, and I kinda wasn’t really fuckin’ feeling that! Like you got the say so as far as hip-hop! I felt like they was trying to make a fool of me. P Brothers told $amhil they don’t make no money off of rap, but both of those shits that had my name on it are sold out. It seems to me like you think I’m fuckin’ stupid, like I’m going to send you all this music that I made and send it out there to you to do what you want to do with it, and I ain’t got no contract or nothing. Who knows what they made off The Gas? I just stopped having contact with ‘em after a while. I guess they thinking I just live off the land! [laughs] They want to have a whole situation with me but they don’t want to give me no money! No disrespect to the P Brothers, ‘cos they helped me out – but at the end of the day, they didn’t want to pay me.

Then I’m doing this situation with Preservation, and it feels like he’s trying to play me too. I been finished the EP months ago! The EP was supposed to be me and Prez on the beats. How the fuck it gets to the point where he wanted the EP to be all his beats and only one of my beats to make it seem like he wanted to get his shit out there. I’m bringing ideas and beats and getting shot down, I’m like, ‘I’m paying all this money, I’m not getting shot down. You need to get the fuck outta here!’

I did the video for ’Poetic Justice’ and Ralph McDaniels directed it. Shit is next level now that Uncle Ralph is helping me with my situation, it’s almost like having Michael Jackson as your fuckin’ manager. Niggas is buggin’ out! They come around Ralph and they start acting like fuckin’ groupies! Now they lookin’ at it like, ‘Oh shit! Ralph fuckin’ with it! Now I gotta really fuck with it now!’ Now it gets all fucked up. The situation is me! That I built, that I paid money for! How the fuck does Preservation want to sit up there and make my situation his situation, like he’s the boss of my shit!

This nigga told me, ‘These are my songs! This is my shit!’ This is what he told me over my shit! They think I’m just a dumb MC! Prez wants to try and pull stall tactics like we’re waiting on him, but he don’t know I’ll break your fucking face ‘cos you’re playing with my money! He seen I’m fuckin’ with Ralph, so he’s thinking, ‘Let me bring my other niggas in through him!’ Once he seen I wasn’t falling for his bullshit, he said, ‘If you keep acting like this, I’mma take my beats back’. I just said, ‘Suck my dick! Fuck you and your beats!’ These niggas is not real dudes, they frauds. Preservation – do you talk that shit with Yasiin Bey [formerly Mos Def] when you make a beat for him? ‘This is my beat?’ You know what you do for Yasiin Bey? You do what the fuck he say or you get replaced, motherfucker!

I’m supposed to worry about his crackhead friend that he wants to move into my situation? If I don’t like your friend – I don’t like him! No disrespect, but I don’t rock with son! He’s like, ‘If I don’t fuck with him then I can’t use certain music. ‘Oh, I’ll take my beats back!’ I ain’t with this faggot shit niggas is doing! If you want to get personal and emotional, then you go over there with your boyfriend and you smoke crack with him. While we moving, he was stagnating, Rob! These niggas ain’t doing nothing! All those videos I’m doing, I’m doing my own fuckin’ self! These motherfuckers ain’t put up no money and did nothing! The only one that’s helped me is Ralph McDaniels.

You’ve been having some headaches with the ladies I take it from your lyrics?

[laughs] I mention ladies a lot in my rhymes, because they’re a part of life. I’m a man and I love women – there’s nothing homosexual about me. There’s a lot of emotional things with women that touch my life – my mother, my sisters – I had a child as a teenager. With my son’s mother, I’ve been through a lot of situation, so when I express myself about women it’s very candid and vivid. I try to keep it humorous to a point also, because I’m not misogynistic – I don’t hate women.

I’ve never had a problem with women, but the type of women I grew up around were whores and prostitutes. My father was a street dude, he was a number runner. He had number spots, he was running hoes – he was the number man. He’d leave me with his bitches all the time, I’d see all that shit. My son’s mother – bitch started wanting to become a prostitute. What the fuck am I supposed to do? Ruin my life because you chose to be a hoe? I used to do all types of shit in the street to get money, I’m in the streets sellin’ drugs and this bitch wanted to be a hoe because she felt like I wasn’t doing enough.

If I’m the man I should want to take care of you because you’ve got a vagina? Fuck you and your pussy! ‘Cos when you’re not fuckin’ with me no more that’s still not my vagina! I never got that concept – why should I pay a prostitute to give her good sex? Bitch you should be paying me! Only time that bitch is talking about God is when I shove it in her from the back and I spread her pussyhole open. ‘Oh God!” Or I shoot this nigga in the fuckin’ head and he’s praying, ‘God, please don’t kill me!’ But nobody would ever say, ‘Thank-you, God’. Sometimes I still gotta remind myself to say that. People tell me I’m crazy, that’s why I don’t fuck with people.

I had a falling out with my woman and now it’s at the point where she doesn’t allow me in my son’s life. That shit fucked my whole life up. I took her to court in June for my son – I had to hire a private investigator to find the bitch! Found out I was taking her to court for my son and she went on the run! They’ve got me paying child support and I don’t have no visitation rights to see my son! But it will all come around – she’ll have to explain her whorish ways in court.

Let’s talk about the Bronx…

You’ve gotta come through the Bronx to get what you need. If you in the hip-hop game and you know you’re career is dwindling, you gotta come back to the Bronx to find some flavor. You either gonna fuck with some Bronx dudes or you’re gonna bite some Bronx flavor. Everyone is seeming to forget that the Bronx is the mecca of hip-hop. You’ve gotta make a pilgrimage at least once in your life if you’re making hip-hop music.

The Bronx doesn’t have the impact in the game that it once had though.

Let me tell you some shit about the Bronx. The Bronx got the wackest MC’s in the rap game right now! The wackest MC’s is coming out of the fuckin’ Mecca. That’s crazy! These motherfuckers just thinking they can do anything they wanna do, ‘cos they made it! They’re not as serious as the dudes in Jersey. I fuck with the underground scene in Jersey. The underground scene in the Bronx – you fuck around and get shot. In New York city, these niggas don’t applaud nobody. Even if you dead nice, they just stand there and look at you and wait for their man they grew-up with to get on stage.

The Bronx overall? These niggas is wack! You can ask anybody from the Bronx. This is why there is no unity in the Bronx. Nobody wants to come together and move as a unit like how people from Brooklyn get together, people from Queens get together. Harlem, Long Island, Manhattan get together. Everybody feel they want to be the one to bring the Bronx, instead of coming together and each one, teach one so we can make some hot shit.

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$am Hill be the truth!

Comment by AFFEX 10.16.12 @

Classic Uncut interview gold, Looking forward to the new music.

Comment by Lair 10.16.12 @

Classic Unkut interview gold, Looking forward to the new music.

Comment by Lair 10.16.12 @

v neck teez look kinda gay…dude’s still nice.

Comment by KayeMPee 10.16.12 @

Damn, dude threw those P-Brothers cats smooth under the bus…..HAHAHA..

They have some dope beats, but Sam made them look extremely questionable as far as business practices….

It’s a shame he dissed Preservation too because that “Extreme Wordplay” beat is dope..

Salute for the interview, it’s nice to read all this behind the scenes information..


Comment by SHAMZ 10.16.12 @

It is so peace to read unfiltered truth telling …people act so scared to live a real life these days; if a mothafucka is actin bitch-made w/the business air him/them out! That shit $amhill talked about going to court for his seed and all that….he went in like an exposed vein. That Rakim moment was a great read as well.

Comment by bboycult 10.16.12 @

Great interview,can’t wait for the solo projects..Now all we need is Robbie to do a P Bros and Preservation interv. to get both sides of the story :)

Comment by lou 10.16.12 @

Since were talking about the P-Brothers, isn’t it crazy how much Roc Marciano blew up after his features on the “Gas” ?….

Sure people knew of him from his UN days, but after the “Gas” it seemed like his career gained new momentum…Surprised the same hasn’t happened for Milano because his joints on that album were dope as well….

Anyway, Sam Hill is original with it….Looking forward to hearing more music from him…


Comment by SHAMZ 10.16.12 @

Really good interview with the very underrated $amhill

Comment by @steadybloggin 10.16.12 @

This guy is a joke in the Bronx. he’s known homo get the facts straight. His Projects can’t stand this clown thats why he goes to Jersey. He’s so crazy that he believes his own lies but hear the facts he’s really all about getting paper and talking shit about peopleto anyone who will listen and be his meal ticket. but that just keeps putting him in hospital getting his jaw wired. FACTS! Ask around the only the internet will listen to his crazy lie story. He’ll be shitting on Uncle Ralph next time watch. Disgrace for a human. You are hatred and will be judged by God

Comment by Mike Wallis 10.17.12 @

This is why I fuck with unkut… the interviews are better than anywhere else. Salute.. I’m a little disappointed to hear that the preservation ep probably wont be coming out tho.. I was looking forward to that.

Comment by LEX 10.20.12 @

I agree with mike the other writer this kid Sam Hill/Moe Miller is a fraud this interview should have never been printed. all that tuff talk is only for this interview.I’m from his hood n still live there.This kid is bipolar he been on a lot of teams that I hear with people with money and everyone stop fucking with him.He’s like hoops from flavor of love jump on everybody dick that she thought could help her until she found Shaq only thing he found Ralf.Here’s FACT ABOUT THIS CLOWN He’s not an artist or rapper all that He’s talking about on those cd is recycled since HS.I still have my cd with all those songs just different beats.(fact)He can’t walk in his hood for all the dumb shit he has done.NO TUFF shit real bitch shit that get him knock out every other day..he just got knock out by one of the MBP youngest brother for his mouth which they had to wire shut(fact)His own family and mother don’t speak to him cause he curse her out like pimp do a hoe,seen that done(fact)He don’t mess with his baby mother cause his son has autism and adhd from all that weed he smokes but blames her for there son(fact)He never met his father cause his mother had him at 35. So all that shit about his pops is made up in his head(fact)He on welfare and getting section 8 which he call beating the system(fact)He just got a law suite from nyc which he lied on some people to get some doe. those people came lookin for him too that’s the talk in the hood(fact)I hope Ralf don’t get caught up in his bullshit thinking he as artis not knowing this clown is a head case.He one of those dudes that want to be apart of something until he see something better(fact)Good Luck on your journey in dick riding.Hope the condom break so you can get what u deserve… Webside..Kid

Comment by WebSide 1200's 10.25.12 @

$amhill was never gonna comment but it is what its is…mike wallis is preservation…so he can suck my dick….and all ya niggas wont say who u are cuz u fear $amhill….lyrically and physically….real talk…becuz a nigga wont hide behind a false name or a project…son who wrote that comment…i kno exactly who that is…i jus hope he finally move out his mothers home…as far as mbp…please…them niggas is so mad at they self it so sad,they still mad at lord tariq.. so lets stop talkn on a sneak attack that a faggots fam did do,but his brother couldnt…cuz he jus cant…that project…u niggas…ya mother…can suck my dick…cuz i kno and u kno…yall not doin a fuckin thing to $amhill…ya wont even dis him on a track…never have…never will. so jus kno that as much as ya niggas is seein this…theres a whole bunch of other people seein it too…so what im really sayn is suck my dick…cuz it can be whatever u want this to be…niggas is mad they got dismissed…and that i stand own my own and do me. nigga said i be apart till i see somethn better? like what? webster projects? nigga please…i never fucked wit u niggas like that…was never down wit the pee brothers…and mbp is non existent…i bring that up cuz niggas bring that up. was never down wit that…and prez lied and said he had the label wit the distribution…so he got dismissed. unlike u niggas i pay for my own everything…so how was i ever down wit who? suck my dick…dont be mad cuz my pops knew how to get money while niggas pops was scramblin…niggas is goin on 50 worryn about me…whatever happens to me happen right back to yall…only thing is that yall never leave the projects…my moms still there tho…jus bust a move…cuz niggas is actually waitn for that…suck my dick and stop livin off broke bitches…

Comment by $amhill 10.28.12 @

one thing both comments have in common…niggas always say $amhill is crazy huh…jus come find out tho…gay ass nigga preservation broke down cryn cuz he got dismissed….that same nigga went to england 4 a sho…and got up wit the pee brothers…them niggas didnt want to do the ep….cuz prez was involved….but they call me months later talkn sum ep shit….but no money…cuz they knew goin thru prez would be different from dealn wit me alone.i jus wanna thank u for the motivation cock eaters….ima put my anger towards a classic…once again…suck my dick coward ass niggas…

Comment by $amhill 10.28.12 @

one last thing to them niggas goin on 40 braggin they still in the projects in they mothers house…there is no need for me to come to the projects…that part of my life is very much over…i can see my fam whenever i want….jus feel that relaxed to wanna come around me….pop up at a sho….jus not be able to control ya emotions and come around me…i got u….please believe it…i walk wit GOD 4 real….

Comment by $amhill 10.28.12 @

great read.classic facts bout women.and the bronx.

Comment by swordfish 10.30.12 @


Comment by og james 11.27.12 @

Tell them why you mad Sam or Cookie Monster is what we called you in H.S. Remember that. I Know why cause I speak the truth and you know what they say about that it hurts.I would have never commented on your little interview until I seen you was fronting talking tuff. I didn’t want the readers to buy into that BS.And I wanted your manager to see how much of a head case you are.(and you did that by responding) You spoke really reckless in your response but never addressed anything I wrote which show your viewer how much of a fraud you are.I see all that stuff in the pass is still on your mind cause you talk about them like I mention them.the truth got u really mad that you didn’t even make sense in what you was writing.Now back to the facts on Sam aka Cookie Monster since you want to put your baby mother business out there.she really was a prostitute that you got pregnant trying to turn a hoe into a house wife(fact) Now you talking that money talk like you always had money never don’t forget when you join a church to get Christmas gifts for your son after you got them you stopped going(fact)Sam you really need to stop acting like that you just starting to buying your own clothes all your clothes was given to you that’s why they don’t fit(fact)Also now you saying you walk with god OK I got it you brought a hammer good for you but nobody doing anything to you anymore.The hood is tired of getting there house ran up in by the just seem funny how you get knocked out which is every other week right after that somebody door is getting kicked in(fact)I just want you to know watch what you say cause you don’t know who’s reading that can expose you.The projects that you hate got that phone cam of you getting knock out and you getting up doing jumping jacks(fact) You say I’m 40 living home with my moms but I’m the same age as you so what that makes you a 40yr old rapper on section 8 getting food stamps .(LOL) To uncle Ralph please invest your time and energy into someone who really wants it This kid is a fraud he talks a good game. WebSide

Comment by WEBSIDE 11.28.12 @

please get off my dick webside 1200…u kno why i kno who u are….cuz u named myself after the chorus in my song. this cookie monster shit is ridiculous…cuz i have no idea what u mean…how u think im not gonna respond when i kno u….i kno ya cokehead mother…ya drunk ass father….ya bitch ass brothers…ya hoe ass cuzzins…so lets talk about what…u jus mad that u have nothn to do…and u want to come on robbies website and talk nonsense….but u dont kno anything about my boy or his mother…u only kno what u assume…but lets talk about that hoe child u was claimn as yours…i like the back and forth…becuz i kno u not gonna do anything when we bump heads…cuz thats more reason for me to violate everything about u….my man…please save all the police garbage…cuz like i said b4 u can suck my dick…cuz everybody kno i dont play wit police…u jus happy u got a record now from wantn to be down…stupid….when u had a chance to get ya shit right….now u jus mad….sick EVERYTIME U SEE ME ON VIDEO MUSIC BOX…cuz u want to prove what to ralph? that u mad u dont kno how to do anything?….u say i didnt address what u spoke on….nigga please….u speakn on shit that have nothn to do wit u…u speaknin fantasy cuz u playn this wwf shit….u want people to believe u….but who are u? say ya name….even tho i kno who u are….make some $amhill diss records….lets speak on what i spoke about….cuz i can tell a bitch nigga suck my dick all day….thats gonna make a nigga react? get up off his ass and get the fuck up out his mothers house? no its not…see im talkn violence…u talkn gossip…wow…did u read ya plea to uncle ralph? jus kno that u CAN NOT BE DOWN…who should he invest his time in? u? niggas can barely read let alone remember thier raps…the projects that hate me got what that i care about? what a nigga waitn on to expose who? please suck my dick and stop talkn about a sneak attack…my GOD grow sum fuckn balls…funny how i have nothn to prove…so do what u gonna do…still not gonna stop my music….still not gonna be better than me…the hood is tired of gettn their crib ran up in? nigga stop thinkn u a hustler faggot…get a fuckn job and stop bein mad at me cuz im smarter than u and ya mother….niggas mothers aint never had a job….u not even talkn violence….u never did anything to anybody….u mad that u dont get the respect that i get…lyrically….u can never in ya life….& never worry about what im into….or who i kno….cuz i never was a wannbe down ass nigga….u keep talkn about the hood …which is cool….cuz u can not put ya dumb ass brain into anything more than trash…im gonna respond…say what i want…and invite whoever to my dick that act like they on it…im never ashamed of who i am or being me….this is ya issue…identity….u caught up in me….my #1 fan…thank u kind sir….

Comment by $amhill 12.03.12 @

$am I love the poetic flow that you give and the message is clear! Truly gifted abs expressive! I will continue to support you! Loving the lyrics! Big ups baby! Love sr8 from the chocolate city (D.C.) baby!!!!!

Comment by Tracy Scott-Brown 01.18.13 @

God damn that’s the realist shit I’ve ever read lol. Gotta support my Bronx brethren and he’s on point with the current climate in the X and Jersey does have a dope ass underground family vibe to it…

Comment by 357nyc 02.06.13 @

That Poetic Justice hook sounds just like Pete Rock lol dope track..

Comment by 357nyc 02.06.13 @

I kept on searching until I found part one and I saw it
It was real

Comment by Tyreese coates 02.06.13 @

Sam hill is real he kept it mad real gotta love it my G I’m from the Bronx and I feel you Bronx heads need to get together and stop hating on one another good luck on your music your shot is dope homie Peace Bobbybootleg198bx figari mob!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Bobbybootleg198bx 02.12.13 @

Yo niggas crazy. Know him def gay everbody knows that on Web and always dirty thought he was smoking crack at 1 point.I remember 1 night in front of 1260 him and his 2 blackazz ugly sisters got beatdown by Mike. And on that gay shit most them nigs in Web pjs are gay or on the low. Back in the day they were all sliding in this nig that change his sex. All from Webside and Wash pjs know who that is cuz all of them use to be up in that tranny. LMAO

Comment by Damn ! 02.14.13 @

u see the fact that people love my music….as well as me has u so sick to ya stomach becuz u have become nothing in ya life of importance….NOTHING…see when u play wwf games….as well as the fact that u dont sho who u are jus makes my situation jus that more special….to U…..BECUZ U CANT STOP ME…..and u scared of me….uhhh lets stop the shenanigans…u see how other people when they wanna so called call a nigga out….the get the cam…go on youtube….and do them cuz they feel the speakin truth….this jus sho u scared of me….and i like that…so when u read this reply…and i kno u will…listen to GOD’s work as u ponder why u dont kno how to do shit…i love the fear….

Comment by $amhill 02.17.13 @

u kno what…$amhill is gonna relax on the responding…cuz im about to expose that whole project….EVERYBODY…addresses…
schools….out of town addresses….hangouts….i kno theses things cuz i like to be ahead of the game when i deal wit ignorance….niggas can lie and wwf all day….but when $amhill start tellin the actual reality of things….someone is gonna die….and it not gonna be him….what i suggest yall do is get together wit them washed up couldve been entertainers from the 1200 side….and figure out how u can make something happen besides scalpin a ticket…im relax and continue to build….cuz u cant rap better than me in ya mothers dreams….dare u say my name in a rap….never have never will….can only play wwf….IN MEMEMORY OF THE DANIEL WEBSTER PROJECTS….RESPECT to the BUTLER 1300…&1400 side of things….RESPECT to GOVENUER MORRIS houses on washington ave & 3rd ave…i have respect for those projects cuz they hate the 1200 side of webster….i got respect for my tru niggas that will catch anyone of u bird ass niggas slippn and ice yo ass…niggas be robbin…gun buttn…applyin complete pressure to MOST 1200 side niggas….i give respect to the few 1200 side niggas that respect me….they kno who they are cuz we have no issue….never have…
so i dedicate the entire length of my penis to the 1200 side of DANIEL WEBSTER projects…suck my dick u disease infested peasants…

Comment by $amhill 02.17.13 @

Whatup dirty sam with the dried powder lips. Bum ass fraud all day Always gettin layed out

Comment by WashSide 04.01.13 @

the album is called the $amhill story….
droppin summer 2013….
the e.p. is called the preface…
released january 28th…
the epilouge will be released fall 2013…
somebody mad they cant do that…

Comment by $amhill 04.11.13 @

Why does $amhill always refer to himself in the 5th person? What in tarnation is going on here!

Comment by Scholarwenis 05.21.14 @

I think a lot of artists think selling an E.P for £7 is gunna get them paid… The truth is The P Brothers would have had to sell those E.P’s for £14.99 plus to get around kind return from the sales… That price is standard nowadays but not then.. So they sold at a loss for £7! They ain’t got money to burn or even handout to the featured artists… They took a loss on those vinyl pressings and I feel they only promised what they had already arranged in talks beforehand. The reasons The P’s ain’t made another record is because of the artists are dealing, with erm.. certain situations back home and the fact that they (The P’s) have to front up hard to get cash on something which is most likely going to be dope but from a financial point of view is going end up a loss! Unless they sign to a label and cover some of those costs…. Peace!

Comment by DJ Archive 06.13.14 @

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