Video: DJ Khaled Attempts To Scratch Records Instead of Just Shouting
Wednesday October 10th 2012,
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I present to you the ‘DJ Of The Year’ for 2011 and 2012, according to BET. I thought that this guy only knew how to Shout Jockey on records that other people produced and rapped on, but I was wrong. Gasp in amazement as his two Weed Carriers manipulate his laptop for him. Your jaw will hit the floor as you attempt to keep-up with his lightening fast hand skills that recall a young DJ Scratch in his prime. We da best, indeed.

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a dvd composed entirely of dj khaled doing stuff like this would be amazing or khaled and riff raff buddie cop flick

Comment by @rlydoe 10.10.12 @

Glad I wasn’t drinkin’ anything while watchin’ this. I would have spit it all over my computer laughin’ at this lame…

Comment by oskamadison 10.10.12 @

Damn dude, I can’t watch this shit.

Comment by skinny 10.10.12 @


Comment by sam 10.10.12 @

Nothing happens. You really got me hyped for it though.

Comment by Q 10.10.12 @

should we anoint him Grandmaster Khaled any second now?

Comment by lou 10.11.12 @


Comment by MR STREET SICKNESS 10.11.12 @

This is rather lame. Like ‘Cruel Summer’.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 10.11.12 @

I’ve been checking since its infancy, but up until now none of the posted content has moved and inspired me quite as much as this has.

It’s great to finally see some real talent being promoted on this site. For too long we’ve had to endure endless posts about a bunch of no-names and old guys while the true spirit of this culture is going unnoticed. Thank god BET has been paying attention.

BTW: I hope Term and DJ Khaled drop an album together real soon. I’m just spitballing here but I think a good title could be “Whisper and Shout”???

Comment by Crisis 10.11.12 @

Back in the days there was crate boys. Now you have ‘button boys’.
next level.

Comment by tareq 10.11.12 @

Pure dopeness! Plus the shit he playing is supa rare!

Comment by andrewfrumrusha 10.11.12 @

‘Back in the days there was crate boys. Now you have ‘button boys’ – indeed lol.

i couldn’t make it past the 1 minute mark on the video, fuck a dj khaled.

Comment by 4:20 10.11.12 @

@ tareq;
“button boys” for the win…

Comment by oskamadison 10.11.12 @

Holy shit!! “We makin’ history right now Khaled, let’s go!”
This is absurd. Why does he even try to mix given his obvious lack of talent? He should probably just have a pad bank full of explosions, sirens & gunfire to clumsily thump during track changes, in order to attempt to conceal his comprehensive incompetence on the 1’s & 2’s.

Comment by Bigfoot750 10.12.12 @

sad. just sad.

Comment by dmfslimm 10.12.12 @

Haven’t laughed this much in ages, in fact this video wrenched me out of a near-suicidal 3-month depression that even zimovane couldn’t shift. THANK YOU, UNKUT!!!

Comment by vollsticks 10.13.12 @

U trippin Robbie, this pure wackness and a young dj scratch wusnt even fuckin up style like he does… c’mon son!
Anyway we all gettin influenced sometimes.

Peace D

Comment by Donaleski 10.13.12 @

I couldn’t watch this to the end. A few weeks ago GM Flash was on a UK TV channel doing a set for an hour, and it was very weird. The set consisted of a few old hip tracks that were “anthems” in the 80s or 90s, and loads of rave music with synths and vocoders with Flash shouting his head off and a weed carrier on a laptop wearing a gas mask. I couldn’t believe it. Only Roc Marciano will save us.

Comment by Chris Ward 10.13.12 @

@Donaleski: You might want to get your sarcasm detector checked out next time you get your car serviced.

Comment by Robbie 10.13.12 @

@Chris ward gas masks are aight with me.

Comment by Gx 10.13.12 @

Weather he’s on the decks or not he’s got million dollar status, more than i can say 4 all of the Ozzi rappa/producers/angry young men. This Palestinian Bear will knock you in yo face.
Def Jam South rep!!
Get a dogg up ya…
Yurr Mate.

Comment by YURRR MATE 10.27.12 @

Like a bad car wreck…you know you shouldn’t but you just can’t help watching..

Comment by 357nyc 01.28.13 @

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