Win The Deluxe Edition of Masta Killa’s ‘Selling My Soul’ LP

Masta Killa from the Wu-Tang is dropping his third solo album, Selling My Soul, this December, in standard and deluxe editions:

Limited to only 200 copies, the deluxe edition comes in a custom hand-numbered box with a lyric book, autographed poster, MK wool cap, and download card giving access to all three MK albums plus his live album. In addition, Masta Killa has teamed up with RAW Rolling Papers to include a handful of RAW papers and an exclusive “Ooh Baby I Like It RAW” T-shirt in each deluxe box, paying tribute to the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, who is featured on Selling My Soul.

Nature Sounds have got a copy of the deluxe edition to give away to the Unkut reader who can name Masta Killa’s finest moment on the mic tell us the story behind their best Wu-Tang related incident. Post it in the comments section before midnight, Friday 26 October to be in the running. Everyone else can pre-order the pack from here.

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those are rare.i don’t mean the boxes.

Comment by swordfish 10.24.12 @

Man ….I’m STILL going w/Finest moment on the Mic.

‘Assassination Day’ -“It’s assassination day; I stalk my enemy like prey.” That’s my word.

Comment by bboycult 10.24.12 @

In 1999 when I was 13 years old fiending so much for a new Method Man album that I went to every cdstore in town for half a year to ask when TBA would come out, not realizing that TBA wasn’t a album title but short for To Be Announced. Just started English in school a couple a months before that so my English was pretty rudimentary at that point. Looking back that shit is kinda fun nostalgia haha, back when we had more than one decent cdstore in town.

Comment by Christov 10.24.12 @

Getting the chance to see GZA perform on the Liquid Swords tour this year. I was able to meet the GZA and get all my albums signed. It was amazing to meet him in person and express my appreciation for his music. I was able to meet and speak to a legend then see him kill the stage without ever losing a step. An experience that I will never forget.

Comment by Trin 10.24.12 @

I really have two, but only one involves any actual members of the clan.

In ’98/’99 I did intern work on the Upright Citizen’s Brigade TV show. One episode had RZA (as Bobby Digital) guesting along with the Black Knights (west coast wu tang fam). I don’t really think any of the UCB guys knew who was in the Wu or what they looked like, but they still seemed fairly aware of the music. Diminutive and elfin Amy Poehler really liked “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” by ODB and asked me to point him out for her so she could introduce herself and compliment him. He wasn’t there but I didn’t want to be the one who broke her tiny heart so I pointed out one of the Knights (Christbarer or Doc Doom, I think). She waltzed up to him while his back was turned and let out a loud “Ooh Baby I like it RAW!” I remember dude turning around with the most confused and peeved look I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t in earshot to hear how things got straightened out but I did manage to catch Ms. Poehler shooting me a very dirty look as I stifled my laughter and pretended to alphabetically sort the craft services table.

The other story happened a few years back when I was seeing this one trashy girl simply because she listened to rap and enjoyed smoking pot even more than I do. While we had rounded most of the bases it was mostly done awkwardly with clothes on, but this night we had the place to ourselves. I was in the midst of nuzzling up to her left teat like a hungry calf when I got her top off over the right tit. What should i see there but a tattoo of ODB (circa return to the 36 etceteras) right over her nipple. I was so stunned and amused that in holding back the laughter I accidentally snotted all over her chest and, worst still, somehow managed to bite her left nip hard enough to draw blood. No chambers for me that night.

Snotface Killah

Comment by Lair 10.24.12 @

In 2005 I was locked up in LA County Jail for a year. I started the journey in 120 man dorms, but an ear infection sent me to the 6 man cell dungeon part of the jail back at Twin Towers, which was closer to the county doctors. My stay was only supposed to be for a few days, then I’d get transported back to the dorm, but there was a paperwork error, and I wound up getting stuck down there for 6 months. It’s grimy as shit, cold, damp, and dark at all times.

I hadn’t seen sunlight or breathed fresh air for 4 months at this point and spent the day trying to maintain my health of both body and mind.

One afternoon during a game of dominoes, The Genius “Liquid Swords” came over the intercom. At first I thought I was hallucinating. But that intro was unmistakable. Apparently, one of the C.O.’s decided to randomly play it, funny because they never played any music before or after that day. Just that one day…and that one album.

Being in Los Angeles, the cell block was mostly gangbangers who knew very little about East Coast rap. 2 of my cellmates were these old pimps. Like the kind you saw in the blaxploitation movies. One them looked at me and said “this brother is saying some heavy shit.” We were all hypnotized. It was the most intense hour of my life.

I knew the album word for word, but this time it was different. It was like every line was just punching me in the fucking head. It was like listening to it for the first time again.

Easily my best Wu-Tang memory, that experience helped me maintain the rest of my stay. What an amazing album.

Comment by Caesar 10.24.12 @

I’m considered a “goth” by people, so having also grown up a lover of hip hop one can imagine the abuse I got not only from one community for being one way, but also from another for being in to hip hop and other music of the sort.

I finally got a chance to see Wu-Tang perform live in the early 2000’s and when I went to purchase my ticket for the show, I was actually asked by the venue “are you sure this is the type of show you want to be going to looking like that” and I had this from a lot of people in the weeks leading up to the show which even started to annoyingly make me slightly paranoid about going.

Now, to try and cut a very long story short.
I was waiting in line to get into the venue and a few small minded people started to try and provoke me, and just when I was about to snap, a group of fellow Wu-Tang fans standing behind me started sticking up for me, and before I knew it I had a big group of fellow fans standing up for me.

When I think of Wu-Tang, this is a story which always comes to mind.

We may always have closed minded people in this world, but we shall also always have good people who do not judge based on appearance.

Comment by Jonathan 10.24.12 @

The year was 2007, and I was a junior in high school. I had jus come off of ghost’s fishscales. It was great to hear some dope new Wu material. Anyhow, I’m walking down 58th street and 7th avenue and decide to stop in a supermarket on that block to get some food before school. As I’m standing in line there’s a pretty tall dude behind me. I pay for my products and leave. As I’m leaving, I look back and notice that this dude looks a lot like RZA. Furthermore, he got on a kill bill jacket and a afro samurai headband, but still, I wasn’t sure. As he made his way out the store, I couldn’t help but follow him down the block. Lucky for me it was a don’t walk sign. I summed up all my courage and shouted, “YOU’RE THE RZA!!!!!” and made a bee line towards him. He turned around and said, “Waddup God”. I felt like I met jesus christ. He followed by saying, “You ain’t smokin no weed ra'”? At the time, I wasn’t, so I quickly answered no. The exchange ended with a few daps and the words that took me through all my academic journeys, “stay in school, god”. He then crossed the street and I held up the wu-sign for as long as I could. Peace to the Gods

Comment by Freddy T 10.25.12 @

My entire youth! About 8 or 9 years old my brother bought enter the 36 chambers… This was in -94 or -95. Whenever I had the chance I would sneak in his room and take the CD and play it in my room for as long as I dared. If he’d catch me he’d beat the shit out of me. This was my first experience with hiphop. Been a fan since, own my own copy of that album now, both on CD, vinyl and tape along with pretty much all Wu releases. I also have that same copy my brother bought, almost 20 years ago, but sadly it can’t be played anymore, like a old VCR tape it’s been played to death. I still look inside it though, and reminisce.

Comment by Lex 10.25.12 @

In the early 00s when I was the second chair/mic on ‘The Time Travel Show’ with my man, Kevin Beacham, we would be on the road for different Hip-Hop events, and one in particular was a seminar held on the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison. It featured all sorts of rappers, producers, writers, etc. We happened to have been up there with the Rhymesayers crew, (Atmosphere, Eyedea (R.I.P) who are friends of ours for years now. Anyway, one of my best Wu-related memories involves walking around the campus the day with Eyedea and bumping into Popa Wu, who I believe was in attendance with the GZA/Genius. The Genius was elsewhere, but me and Eyedea got to build with Popa Wu, and honestly, everything that the brother speaks on record is exactly how he came across on in person. Mikey (Eyedea) and I would talk about that for years afterward, as a really great and surreal moment in our Hip-Hop history.
I was introduced to Ghostface by Brother Ali at a House Of Blues show a few years, as well. Ali was opening up for the god, and everybody really put on great sets that night, Cappadonna in particular just going bananas like he was on some new rapper sh@t. Met Trife, too.
Wu-Tang Forever

Comment by Fosterakahunter 10.25.12 @

My favorite Masta Killah verse of all time is his “Assassination Day” verse on Ghostface Killah’s “Ironman” album.

“War is extremely serious and it saddens me to have to take things to deadly measures.” – Masta Killah

1996-1997 Golden Era NYC. Gang Culture was becoming more and more prevalent in our neighborhoods. Being asked about a Red Nautica Jacket my mother bought me on my way home from High School, taught me how deep people went for their cause. It was war in our hoods. Wu-Tang Clan is CNN to me. As a unit, they opened my eyes to a world I was naive about. People were being assassinated literally and figuratively. On the streets and on the MIC. The melodic production the RZA provided for GFK, INS Deck, Rae & Masta Killah on “Assassinated Day” entranced and lured unsuspecting victims to the battle. The mic tempts him to engage Masta Killah and ignorance provides false hope, pride causes the victim to battle to the death.

“Now who’s best to describe for what I specialize in/Murderous rhyming, constantly inclining.” – Masta Killah

Along with a very cool & specific flow, Masta Killah was methodically murdering all competition w/ lyrical darts. Understanding what Masta taught to us threw his lyrics, lead to numerous pressings on my rewind button on my Sony Walkman. It was lyrical and psychological warfare on The MIC. Basically, breaking down situations and find a precise outcome.

As a teenager, being able to hear MC’s who used their lyrics and stature to teach lessons, was very valuable to my upbringing, and I use those same lessons as a man to this day.

Comment by Jerome Dickens 10.25.12 @

My Wu Tang memory…Summer ’95…I was at my dude’s crib and he was cleaning his room. We were both broke as hell that particular day. He was cleanin’ off his bookshelf and he paused on some “That looks like a bag of weed back there”. I thought nothing of it. He pulled the bookshelf out and layin’ back there was the fattest, most beautiful bag of Hawaiian ever. Within two minutes, we got a buck from his moms for a dutch was at the spot blazin’ up to the Purple Tape. “Criminology” never sounded so good…

Comment by oskamadison 10.25.12 @

Robbie…give it to my boy Oska! Oska peace/peace….my high school crew used to hot box lunchtime to that ‘CRIMINOLOGY’; god zonin out to the killa bee buzz/sting effect….my mind was gone sun!

Comment by bboycult 10.26.12 @

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