Would You Sell Your Entire Record Collection?
Monday October 08th 2012,
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Twenty five years of amassing records, CD’s, tapes and magazines is all well and good, but having relocated the Unkut Dot Com HQ on numerous occasions over the past two years has really stretched the friendship. Having all of your music on a portable hard drive is not such a bad thing when you’re living in Mom’s Basement or living under a bridge, and the older and lazier I become, I find it quicker to download a vinyl rip of something I want to listen to rather than spend an hour trawling through the ‘total kaos, no mas confusion’ that is my record collection.

While I’m not about to dispose of the spoils of a lifetime of hip-hop hoarding this week, it got me thinking…what would it take to part with your entire collection? An obscene amount of money? Permanently moving to another country? World peace?

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Just time for me – once I’ve found enough to get all my CDs on to my NAS box they can go. Maybe I’ll keep some of the rare ones.

It might be a different story if I was talking about vinyl though.

Comment by Ross 10.08.12 @


Comment by oskamadison 10.08.12 @

Just shipped my entire collection to Melbourne from London.

Comment by farns 10.08.12 @

Nah never..Been collecting since about ’88 (hip-hop,house music,freestyle,soul,etc.) so i can’t see me doin some blasphemous shit like that :)

Comment by lou 10.08.12 @

A weekend with Abella Anderson.

Comment by Clive 10.08.12 @

my son fucked up an hard drive of mine a few days ago.i dunno how many albums were on this thang.a few 1000 i guess.but what i know is:they doesn’t mean shit to me.most of these files are kinda worthless.to grab some vinyl and dig the artwork/credits/liner notes is completely different.those files are temporary.my collection stays with me.

Comment by swordfish 10.08.12 @

@ Clive, Abella is supposedly retired.

Comment by esto 10.08.12 @

always selling stuff on but always buying more so it stays about the same size. I’ve only got so much space these days so anything that isnt a must have gets MP3d and sold.
Its a lot easier to lose all your MP3s than it is a record collection though so make sure you back up once or twice on the regs

Comment by ShaunD's mom 10.08.12 @

I have but kept the classics.

Comment by chuck 10.08.12 @

yeah never. i hope to actually get to enjoy it all again once im old. on a porch or something lobbing shit at kids as they ride past on thier hoverboards.

Comment by gx 10.08.12 @

I’ve been buyin tapes since ’84, vinyl since ’89 and cd’s since ’90 and I’ve kept up with all the latest (real) Hiphop releases since 1988. Until now, I still do not own and probably never will own Serato. I don’t even download that much shit unless it’s somethin that’s a digital only release and it’s really good. I do download a lot of old radio shows and mixtapes, but that’s about it. And to answer the question, I could NEVER see myself givin up my collection because it’s a part of me. NEVER in my life did I buy anyone’s collection… all 30,000 Hiphop records and almost 3,000 CD’s that I own I bought individually myself, most of which were bought around the time of release. Only original pressings in my collection as well. And to this day, I still spend on average $150-400 a month on keepin up with all the latest new releases along with a lot of these limited releases on Chopped Herring, No Sleep, DWG, GoodFelons, Slice-by-Slice, etc.

And yo Robbie, you need to get your collection organized! My shit has always been organized and alphabetized so I could literally find just about ANY record out of my 30,000 within a minute or two.



And for anyone who’s gonna say I need shelves, I gotta say that I don’t like the kinda shelves that most people have because I can’t stand diggin for records sideways! That shit LOOKS really good, but that’s it. peace

Comment by Wicked 10.09.12 @

@Esto. That is truly sad news. I’m sure she’d reconsider getting back in the game if she heard I was willing to give up my collection. It’s all about April O’Neil now though. She’s got the game on lock.

Comment by Clive 10.09.12 @

“I don’t like digging for records sideways” haha. What? It does make it a bit harder to flip through and see the covers but if you have 30,000 records how the fuck you going to get the record out of the bottom rear crate? Excuse my ignorance.

Comment by Gx 10.09.12 @

“I gotta say that I don’t like the kinda shelves that most people have because I can’t stand diggin for records sideways!”

HA! I thought i was the only one

Comment by lou 10.09.12 @

Recently I’ve been buying on CD albums that I already own on vinyl, anything timewise from Criminal Minded to Word… Life. I don’t think I’ll sell the vinyl copies but I’ll probably never play the records again unless when I come home drunk. I wish Tuff City would re-release some albums!

Comment by Chris Ward 10.10.12 @

The downloading a vinylrip part sounds very familiar

I spent years and a lot of money to gather my wall of vinyl, but have to admit that I listen mostly mp3s these days…

A weekend with Abella Anderson… mmmmm

Comment by maurice 10.10.12 @

sold all my shit a couple of years ago to fund my new business and haven’t looked back. also that dude above who claims to have 30000 vinyls, come on man, thats more like 3000-5000 max in that pic. most of mine got bent up stacked like yours, I’d def invest in proper shelving if I had my time again.

Comment by Former Vinyl Thug 10.10.12 @

@ Former Vinyl Thug – Gotta love it when people like yourself talk about shit like they actually know. First off, 30% of my collection is DOUBLES of 12″ singles and I put those two records into the SAME jacket. Different sleeves, but the same jacket. So with that bein said, that means I have about 9,000 records that are doubles meaning I have about 21,000 different records. Make sense? I also have a a few thousand records that are just on the floor or stacked on top of the boxes and NOT in boxes themself. Not to mention I have some records downstairs in my Pool Table Room. There’s even plenty of records in my walk-in closet on the floor where my 3,000+ cd collection is. Those two pics I posted do NOT show all of my collection. And LOL at me only havin 5,000 max. I had 5k records back in 1997 or so. haha And maybe you could go and part with your records, but that you and never would be me. My records are a part of me. Every record was bought individually. And for the record, EVERY record of mine is in good condition and NONE are bent up. I have them semi-snug in those boxes. You think I would have spent the last 23 years buyin Hiphop vinyl only do potentially damage them by the way I stored them? Come the fuck on.

Comment by Wicked 10.31.12 @

@wicked-stop frontin.u be feelin your self way too much.always come around and brag bout your collection…fuckouttahere.

Comment by swordfish 11.01.12 @

@wicked Yeah now I believe you.

Comment by Gx 11.02.12 @

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