The Return of T-Ray
Sunday November 25th 2012,
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Thanks to a tip from DJ 7L (who himself was tipped-off by DJ Eclipse), it seems that the mystery of T-Ray’s disappearance from the music game has been solved. Thankfully he wasn’t involved in a fatal knife fight with Joell Ortiz‘s manager Mike Heron following the interview I did with him, it seems that Todd has become the ringmaster for a freakshow, which now has it’s own reality TV show launching in 2013, complete with his wife and two teenage kids:

Leaving behind a successful career in the music industry, Todd was finally able to realize his true passion: bringing together all things bizarre and unique, including two-headed animals, strange artifacts, eccentric performers and human oddities. The Venice Beach Freakshow is the world’s strangest museum with the world’s most passionate curator of the bizarre at its helm: Todd Ray. Todd is a Grammy award-winning music producer who gave it all up to pursue his passion in life — running the Freakshow. Known as the modern day Ripley, Todd is the taskmaster. His intense passion and curiosity drive the narrative and serve as the point of view of the story and series.

Check the clips here.

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Todd you sell out. These days hip hops just a freaks how.

10/10 for getting maximum exploitation out of your unremarkable children.

Comment by Gx 11.26.12 @

I have a feeling there’s more to the story of why he left the biz…We need an interview from this guy, he was too ill to quit!!!

Comment by da commanda 11.26.12 @

More to the story? Joining a freakshows not good enough?

Comment by gx 11.26.12 @

^^ not a fan of two-headed turtles?

Robbie, u should try to get a interview with Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito, pretty sure they got stories for days..


Comment by lou 11.27.12 @

Wow, that’s crazy. We need T-Ray to open up his vaults cuz you know he’s got some ill shit… especially the ORIGINAL VERSION of “Back To The Grill” that also featured Akinyele.

Comment by Wicked 11.27.12 @

wow “Joell Ortiz’s manager,” that’s some fucking “credit” in your life… while I wouldn’t wish a FATAL knife fight on anyone here, everyone responsible for foisting that whining fat fuck on music deserves to at least be kneecapped.

Comment by Mad Dog Sydney 11.27.12 @

Let’s face it. Hiphop is mad boring these days anywaw. Besides a select few artists, shit is wack. Anything from the last 20 years is better than todays crap. And there’s no money in this game unless you’re part of another select group of artists. People move on to other things when the thing they love get’s corny/boring or there’s no money involved.

Comment by MalMoe 11.27.12 @

Get your money T-Ray. I’ll still bump your old sh*t

Comment by MalMoe 11.27.12 @

I’m not sure if I’m more dissapointed that he opted not to make music anymore or more disappointed at the fact that I’ve walked by that freak show numerous times when I would visit Venice Beach and didn’t know T-Ray was at the helm. motherfucka say what?

Comment by gstatty 11.27.12 @

Gx, children are off-limits when engaging in dis banter. Shame..

Comment by Fosterakahunter 11.27.12 @

Yeah something had to happen for him to say screw music, its not surprising, from what I hear a lot of shady biz goes on behind the scenes…

Comment by da commanda 11.27.12 @

Haha. True @Fosterakahunter i generally couldnt agree more, but he’s putting his own ones I’n a freak show! Also they look about 20. Those kids met big L and now this…

Comment by Gx 11.27.12 @

you guys are late.

Lancaster, SC stay evolving.

Comment by jay 11.28.12 @

Wow.I can’t believe some of you on here. So what if he quit music. T Ray had an amazing run. The music business is so fucked up now,why would he continue that hustle? Record labels don’t even hire Just Blaze much anymore. So what makes you think they’re going to want an old white guy with the boom bap 90s sound? Get a life trolls!

Comment by beatboy 12.19.12 @

Remember this?

Comment by Dirty Dawg 12.22.12 @

And this….

Comment by Dirty Dawg 12.22.12 @

What about Big L with T-RAY?

Comment by Dirty Dawg 12.22.12 @

T-RAY represents the real shit!!!

Comment by Dirty Dawg 12.22.12 @

Classic shit…..

Comment by Dirty Dawg 12.22.12 @

One of my favorites….Going way way back!!

Comment by Dirty Dawg 12.22.12 @

We need T-RAY back!!!

Comment by Dirty Dawg 12.22.12 @

The more I dig the more I find! T-RAY was CRAZZZZY

Comment by Dirty Dawg 12.22.12 @

He rocked this shit. I remember how this used to tear up the club

Comment by Dirty Dawg 12.22.12 @

OH SHIT!!!! Look what I found!!!!

Comment by Dirty Dawg 12.22.12 @

I think his decision was perfectly fine. Leave the man alone! He realized that his heart wasn’t in the music industry anymore. So what if he runs a freak show. Most people say the term freak is used as a rude word, when honestly, i take it more as a compliment! He gave up his music career so that he can send out a message- “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS NORMAL!!” He is clearly a great father and husband, and an amazing friend! He sees so much potential in the people most of you call ugly, scary, weird, etc. Take Marcus for example, (Creature) Based on his body modifications, most would turn away or instantly judge him. BAM, my point exactly! He is such a fun, cool, hip guy who is so loving and sweet to everyone, especially his daughter! But most of you guys are too busy turning away because of his piercings, that you guys never fully got to understand what he is all about! Don’y judge a book by its cover! Todd Ray is AMAZING for standing up for what he believes in! I would absolutely L-O-V-E to come to the Venice Beach Freak Show!!!. So seriously, give him a break! Hes following his heart. Let him be a great example!

Comment by Nicole Santana 12.09.14 @

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