The Unkut Guide To Reloaded Food References
Tuesday November 27th 2012,
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More Food Rap action from Phillip “Millitainment” Mlynar:

Roc Marciano’s Reloaded is here! It’s a brilliant record, a shoe-in for top-spot on any sane end-of-year album poll, and, just like its predecessor Marcberg, it brims with references to food and fine dining. (It has also inexplicably made Roc Marcy somewhat trendy for a brief moment, but we’re sure the normal order of the Internet will be restored the next time Kendrick Lamar sharts on a song or something.) So just like 2010’s worldwide viral phenomenon post, The Unkut Guide To Marcberg Food References, here’s a rummage through Roc Marcy’s Reloaded pantry. Now go ‘head and blacken that tipalia!

1. “Tek To A Mack”
“Brown like gravy.”
“Mad salty like a potato chip.”
“Cops pursue you when you got pies like Lulu.”
“I insisted biscuits.”
“Big dinners, dilemmas.”

2. “Flash Gordon”
“The oysters are fried.”
“Spit the chorus to stimulate the whore’s clitoris/ It tastes like porridge.”
“Wine and dine by the fireplace/ Romantic, strawberries on the coke.”
“Brolic hips, hippopotamus/ Chocolate bitch.”
“Gin and tonic, the mix.”

3. “Not Told”
“Bag up the coke like Quaker oats.”
“Flesh is cooked.”
“Need to make a stew.”

4. “Pistolier”
“Break the marrow like a aloe plant.”
“Nights at the dock, shut out the livestock.”
“Sip Coronas.”
“Mazola pop in the pan.”

5. “Thug’s Prayer Pt. 2”
“Two piece chicken with the biscuit/ This is simplistic.”

6. “76”
“You a meatball, get squeezed on/ Your physical being turned to creamed-corn.”
“I let 20 hit your strawberry Pelle/ Burn holes in your belly like Henny.”
“Eat food like I’m under-fed.”

7. “We Ill”
“He bakes pies and cakes.”
“Put the fork in desert.”
“I lift the rosé up ’til the mussels burnt.”
“The outside of the tilapia was blackened.”
“Five drops of olive oil in the wok.”

8. “Deeper”
“Pull a salad out the stocking.”
“Dress understated at the steak-house.”
“Throwing salt on pork/ You done/ Prick ’em with the fork/ Dip ’em in the sauce.”
“Sip the water from the spring.”
“The 640 seats is like pudding.”
“My thirst for the chips is tremendous.”

9. “Death Parade”
“Flip pies without a spatula.”
“Sip pina coladas with a mean goddess.”

10. “20 Guns”
“Drink the grapes behind the gates.”
“This must be how it feel to reel in fish.”
“Champagne rollie.”

11. “Peru”
“Juice the pears and tangerines please.”
“Do not cast pearls before swine.”
“I rap on top of the food-chain.”
“Knock the grape off your fruitcake.”

12. “Thread Count”
“I took a dip in the Atlantic and picked a salmon.”

14. “Emeralds”
“Slice ’em by the hair like pear/ Then pray I share fruit that I bear/ I get nectarine on your beam/ I steam a whole 17/ Brolic chain chunk cheddar cheese.”
“Hoes lay bread on me like deli meat.”
“Slide long meat deep in Georgia peaches.”

15. “The Man”
“I go get the nigga a bag of nachos.”
“Women and liquor for the army.”
“Mind-blowing sex with the cognac breath/ A five-star spread from the chef.”
“I grab the big piece of shrimp by the tail.”
“200k straight butter-loaf.”
“I bet that pussy tastes like a Cherry Champ.”

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“Hoes lay bread on me like deli meat” nice job @PhillipMlynar

Comment by @stanipcus 11.28.12 @

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