No Country For Old (Rap) Men – Don’t Believe The Hypebeast
Thursday December 20th 2012,
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The hip-hop media is either TMZ Rap or the Hipster Music Mafia. Time to kill that noise.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men – Don’t Believe The Hypebeast

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create your own bubble/lane & win

Comment by @ILLB1LL 12.20.12 @


Comment by WilEWil 12.20.12 @

I reckon roc marci isn’t far from action for media attention. It’s not really a bad year keef is ignorant as fuck ASAP rockys lame haven’t caught big Sean and action bronson bieng on the list at all is miraculous really. Other than a song with riff raff he hasn’t really stepped out of line and his line up on his mix tape was hipster free though he gets outshines a lot on it. Better than the year solja boy came out.

Comment by Gx 12.20.12 @

I’ll admit, I do freuent the “TMZ” sites (hiphopdx, xxl, etc.) for the junk food but when I need my vegetables, I come here and to egotrip (cratekings, where ya at???)

Comment by oskamadison 12.20.12 @

Crikey. Dudes up there are just tryin waaay too fuckin hard to be different. Kanye almost pulls off that rebel rich kid look, but fuck me, his crew is the fruitiest bunch of dipshits I’ve ever seen. Ever.

Re: The Bubble. Fuck that bubble, the Pop Rap media and any head naive enough to think it’s anything else than a self perpetuating circle jerk. Not one head I know cops any of those bullshit rags (or checks their sites) to stay on top of what’s good. Real heads are already immune to these faggoty gossip mongers. You said it Robbie – find good music and support it. But more than that, find a true, reliable source for your info. If you watch a McDonald’s ad, then expect to get anything else but processed shite when you get there, (unless your super drunk) you’re a fucking idiot. Same goes for staying on top of what’s real/good. Word to oskamadison – I’m here for my vegetables too. Rap Vegan for life.

Comment by elDUBL 12.21.12 @

The hipster stuff strikes me as a lot more “vegan” than the delicious baby back ribs (not kosher on many levels for the PC crowd) Robbie throws up on here. Besides, that vegan shit will have you growing tits… ‘course that might not be a bad hook to grab people’s attention with these days.
The motto of our times is “do as thou wilt” with the caveat “just make sure to tweet about it after.”

P.S Action was on that ASAP abortion which features the official anthem for getting fucked by a girl with a strap on, “fashion killa”. Not a good look.

Comment by Lair 12.21.12 @

I used to dislike ASAP rocky when I first heard him. I thought his shit was corny, then I saw him at coachella live streaming on youtube, and I was like, the fuck is the big deal, why does everyone love this dude? Then I listened to his album again and it grew on me. Its not the most sophisticated raps, but its (as long as we’re on food metaphors here) like if you go to a nice steak house and get a burger, its not filet mignon or ribeye or new york strip, but its still pretty good and at least its not mcdonald’s or some other ammoniated meat product. Idk about all this vegan versus non-vegetarian bs though, RZA is a vegan and so is Masta Killa, and President Clinton (the numba one getting head toucha) and I’m sure some other notable cats. I totally agree that 98% of rap mags/sites/blogs are on that bullshit. They talk about shit that doesn’t fucking matter, and discuss poppy bullshit just because it gets em ad revenue. Its funny cuz I commented on your KGR interview and then read this and laughed to myself, cuz we are on the same if not similiar level Robbie. Peace.

Comment by gstatty 12.21.12 @

A little late here, as usual.

But, just a quick thought through the looking glass… Who says that artists we like not being able to break through to the mainstream is a bad thing… for fans at least, and disregarding what the artist himself would prefer?

The only thing guaranteed about mainstream success is that it is cancerous, to some degree, for the quality of the art of he who receives it, in the eyes of the purists. Being the Conservative Rap Coalition, maybe we shouldn’t be rooting for any of our faves to blow up.

The way to win the culture war is to realize that we don’t want to fight it. …When we win, we really lose on some Rosie Perez White Men Can’t Jump shit. Hip hop is best a sub- or maybe even a counter-culture.

It’s tougher for you, Robbie, because you at least straddle the line as at least tangentially relevant in the “industry.” You like the “black friend” racist whites claim to have to insulate them from claims of their race. …That’s not a personal insult at all, just that you’re in greater position to care about what the industry does to artists like Mandella P, whereas if you’re still in the fan lane exclusively, you can simply root for what gives you the best product – which is basically for as much hip hop as possible to exist outside the mainstream culture bubble.

Comment by digglahhh 12.27.12 @

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