No Country For Old (Rap) Men: First The Fat Boys Break-Up, Now This

Another Hipster Rap group bites the dust? Or a sad loss for Weirdo Rap?

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: First The Fat Boys Break-Up, Now This

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Who fuckin cares. I always thought these clowns were corny as fuck and on top of that the music they made was straight GARBAGE!! I don’t even know why the hell you decided to make this stupid post. Anyone who’s a fan of these clowns is a straight up fgt. Just sayin…

Comment by Wicked 12.06.12 @

^ Try reading the article before you jump out the window in a True School Rap Rage.

Comment by Robbie 12.06.12 @

is this the group that one of them sounds like he hit a whole shipment of heroin when he raps?

Comment by tareq 12.06.12 @

Hahaha RT @unkut Were Das Racist Das Rapists?

Comment by MAT (@geniusortwit) 12.06.12 @

Holy shit…mothafuckas is rapists b!? ugh; No Country for Old (rap) Men indeed. Ain’t no such thing as going out on top (hipster alternate universe) anymore …no tux’s @ the Frier Club roast my dudes; everybody MAN DOWN early!!

Ask Joe Paterno, Kevin Clash etc… Haha

Comment by bboycult 12.06.12 @

@Robbie – I enjoy your articles, but I just have ZERO interest in them Das Racist fgts and don’t know why you would waste even 1 second on those clowns, even if you are dissin ’em. Whatever thoug, keep doin your thing… peace

Comment by Wicked 12.06.12 @

We’re not mad Robbie just very very very dissapointed. CRC doing it tough right now. Hang in thier @wicked!

Comment by Gx 12.06.12 @

I liked these guys better when they were called “Plastic Little”.

Comment by Lair 12.06.12 @

bullshit, amateur piece that says absolutely nothing about Das Racist.

Comment by @brokemack 12.10.12 @

If I wanted weirdo rap I’d listen to Paul Barman, Tricky, quasimoto or anti-pop consortium. Maybe something produced by Bill Laswell. I think I’d label these guys WTF Rap. Waffles Texas Foxtrot. *Nardwuar Pose for 5 minutes*

Comment by gstatty 12.12.12 @

Dallas Penn, Just Blaze and EL-P saw something in these cats that made me have to listen and I’m glad I did..That kid Heems is iight and the beats are pretty dope.

Comment by 357 NYC 12.12.12 @

Hilarious nerds will get on Das Racist yet pay lip service to fucking Nathaniel G. Rap, who hasn’t made a decent or even vaguely ‘real’ record since DJ Polo took the dookie ropes away…

Comment by Radio Birdman 12.14.12 @

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