MC Shan – The Unkut Interview

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MC Shan was an original member of the Juice Crew All-Stars, perhaps the greatest collection of MC’s ever to claim membership in the same crew. His QB anthem, “The Bridge” served as the unwitting catalyst in the Bridge Wars, following BDP‘s humiliation at the hands of Juice Crew founder Mr. Magic. Citing the numerous mentions on NasLife Is Good album as the inspiration for his return to releasing music, MC Shan has just released “Let’s Bring The Hip-Hop Back,” insisting that he’s not interested in pandering to the younger audience. We discuss diss records, Mr. Magic and the story behind his “The Bridge” over at Complex.

MC Shan – The Unkut Interview

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damn, that would be interesting to hear Shan come back. I guess now you are mortal enemies with Marley now too since he single-handedly killed TJ Swan’s career. Real good interview, I’m guessing from here you can only interview Kool Herc, Grand Wizzard Theodore and perhaps the great great grandchildren of the inventor of the phonoautograph Léon Scott. Your blog is keepin me honest yo.

Comment by gstatty 01.12.13 @

@gstatty: Shan put a new song last year

“the great great grandchildren of the inventor of the phonoautograph Léon Scott” < I’m on it!

Comment by Robbie 01.12.13 @

Really excellent interview, the LL stuff was great. Obviously wondering what Marley’s reply to all of this would be.

Comment by Lair 01.12.13 @

Robbie..? Score!!

Comment by Fosterakahunter 01.12.13 @

It seems Marley Marl always gettin shitted on(whether it’s personal or beef about his ‘production’) in every ‘Juice Crew’ member interview.

Comment by lou 01.12.13 @

Good interview. Shan is a bitter dude. Years later & half the people he’s talking about, he has something negative to say about them.

Comment by Wil E Wil 01.12.13 @

Excellent piece, Robbie. The problem with Shan is– and was– that he just isn’t that good… No “fault” of his own, lots of guys get lost, and plenty with much superior lyrical and mic skills… Just ask your local unemployed old head funk or r&b (or even blues) musician how things went for them once the later ’70s hit.

Comment by Radio Birdman 01.13.13 @

@Wil E Wil What? Did we read the same thing? He didn’t say anything negative about the entire Juice Crew, EXCEPT Marley. Didn’t speak poorly of KRS. He basically called Cool J and Cool C biters, but is that necessarily “negative”? I bet you think Kris was negative for throwing Prince Be off that stage..

Comment by Fosterakahunter 01.13.13 @

@Radio Birdman While Shan didn’t really grow out of the early ’90s with his contemporaries of the day, I disagree that he wasn’t good. He had some near-stellar lyrical displays early in his career and into the early ’90s.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 01.13.13 @

Truth is Shan was always a irresponsible egomaniac (see: full blown crackhead after his bit part in la story) with minimal talent as an mc. That’s why marly distanced himself from him. If anything marly looked after shan more than he fid others being that they are cousins. Other than Kane, g rap, ace, etc saying they had input on samples back in the day they all respect and appreciate what marly did for their careers, everyone except for bitter Shan. Shan needs to check himself.

Comment by Mecbar 01.13.13 @


Comment by lecaptainnemo (@lecaptainnemo) 01.13.13 @

“Me and Marley Marl is as close as a shave” – I Pioneered This

Comment by hotbox 01.13.13 @

Marlon didn’t put out World Renown and Kamakaze albums. (both completed)
Nas didn’t know that he put Kamakaze on “On The Real”…etc. Nas said he wanted to do his 2nd lp with Marlon – wonder what happened…

Comment by OnkelMichael 01.14.13 @

“Me and Marley Marl is as close as a shave” – I Pioneered This

THIS (one of my favorite songs of all time)

C’mon Y’all don’t front on Shan! In his time(’86-’89) he held his own.

Comment by BKThoroughbred 01.15.13 @

Great interview Robbie.

Comment by Lattisaw Tapes 01.15.13 @

Til this day I still llisten to I pioneered this and juice crew law, to of my personal favorate joints from MC Shan.. Great interview Mr Robbie.

Comment by Blaqchalk 01.26.13 @

You killin’ ‘em, Rob!!! Complex actually signed off on that? Shocking. Shan WAS the man in the Juice Crew, ’til G Rap, and Kane showed up. Even Craig G and Tragedy was better than Shan. Still and all “I Pioneered This” is the best joint dude ever did.

Comment by oskamadison 01.28.13 @

Yes it was a ‘umiliation mon

Comment by Dave 02.02.13 @

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