No Country For (Old) Rap Men: A Visit To Sugar Mountain
Wednesday January 23rd 2013,
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I made the mistake of mixing with the general public on the weekend at a “music festival” featuring ESG and Action Bronson. It wasn’t good.

No Country For (Old) Rap Men: A Visit To Sugar Mountain

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Sounds rough…tough not to kill yourself.

Comment by Eatshit 01.23.13 @

This sounds like almost every mismatched line-up i’ve ever been to in Toronto. They’re good places to sell drugs though!

Comment by Lair 01.23.13 @

Your old enough to know better. These acclaim ppl are leading you the wrong way.

Comment by Gx 01.24.13 @

“I made the mistake of mixing with the general public on the weekend”

Its not worth it

That never works out like you hoped it would

Comment by RobThom 01.24.13 @

@Gx: Don’t worry dad, I wore my boat shoes and Al Bundy Polo jacket as usual.

Comment by Robbie 01.24.13 @

Recently single & hittin up clubs, I can confirm that most of these people haven’t showered in a week & dress ironic on purpose. Just be glad you didn’t have to endure a posse of 15 hypemen all rapping at once. The PB wolf disco set seems to have more than missed the mark.

Comment by gstatty 01.24.13 @

Please. Bronstein owes about 98% of his attention to bad hipster taste and indulgence, funny he acts all bitch ass about it when, without them, he’s 400 pounds of shit in a 160 pound bag… He also cancelled a gig in St Pete, Florida a while back DAY OF SHOW because fucking princess didn’t like this or that.

That said, I’m sure I would have found this show as unpleasant as you did, Robbie, but what else could you expect? You’d have a less worse time going to see Nick Cave in a couple weeks I’m sure.

Comment by Kunta Kinta Getawitness 01.26.13 @

Sometimes its good to see things like this to recalibrate and lower your expectations in life

You’d be thankful a hear a jay z album after that

Comment by RobThom 01.29.13 @

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