No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Nastradamus of Rap
Thursday January 17th 2013,
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Here’s a wrap-up of recent events in the rap world that I miraculously predicted through the unadulterated genius that is No Country For Old (Rap) Men.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Nastradamus of Rap

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Pitchfork is really just like a circular hipster human centipede, only the one in the front ends up eatin’ ass just like the others. I don’t really respect their opinions on music, especially when they give high marks to indie bands that hipsters wet themselves over, but then pull some stupid fuckery and lavish praise on somoene as elementary and developmentally disabled as Chief Keef. Yeah, pitchfork posts new music that hasn’t been heard elsewhere on the radio or on the internet, but when you hire a bunch of 18 year old interns that don’t know shit about music to do reviews on that music, you’re gonna have a bad time. Becky, Kelly, that white girl, these reviewers probably think rappers talking about biscuits just love baking and that getting your cake up is about the art of making a souffle rise or juggling confectionery. They should probably just stick to working on their upper lip peach fuzz while dreaming of a proper gentleman’s mustache (no pause needed in their case probably) instead of reviewing music they clearly know nothing about.

Comment by gstatty 01.17.13 @

^^Too real.

Comment by Fosterakahunter 01.17.13 @

If 18 is too young to review music (i got paid to do that when i was 16), should we only get opinions on rap (and everything else for that matter) from 81 year olds?
i don’t think Pitchfork was ever honestly about reviews, those were always just the jump off for what really draws in the rubes: endless arguments over the validity of the review and the person reviewing it. It’s like those incredibly high view count videos on youtube, i feel like a good third of the views on any of those aren’t people even watching it, it’s people coming back to check on and add to their comments/arguments. Wasted energy is a desirable commodity in this crazy, back-assward internet economy we all participate in.
i also can’t hate on any internet based company hiring a lot of young people, especially young girls. As much as i may loath their taste in music, those people are actually going and buying music, something i’ve almost never seen any of my die-hard, keep it real rap fan friends do. They love to shit on whatevers hot (so do i…) but haven’t bought a fucking rap record since they were 12.
A guy i know locally produces for Killah Priest and ‘Heaven’ Razah. His collection of actual physical albums is about 3, and he wonders why his cd’s don’t sell better… He may “know his shit” and have “mad respect” but if those notions are built almost purely on the back of theft, is he really “keeping it real?”

Comment by Lair 01.17.13 @

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