P.A.P.I feat. Large Professor – Built Pyramids


NORE has reverted his rap name back to P.A.P.I and dropped a track with Large Pro in the process. Nice to hear him over a good beat again.

Tragedy Khadafi: Me and Capone wind-up meeting, and we started building on the concept of starting a group. I initially wanted him to be a solo artist, but he kept saying, ‘Yo, my man’s about to come home. His name is Papi, I wanna start a group with him’. From that point on, we started building the whole Capone-N-Noreaga thing.

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Absolutelly love this! Reminded me that Nore has that natural talent for rapping.

Comment by andrewfrumrusha 01.06.13 @

yea this is dope..although the name change is kinda lame

Comment by lou 01.07.13 @

As a fan of Large Pro I have to say his beats the last couple of years sound very simple. I dont understand how you can make outstanding beats for years and then start making mediocre better yet lame beats IMO. This also goes for Pete Rock in a lesser form and for instance Da Beatminerz. They need to stick to their guns. I dont know if it’s because they wanna change their sound or equipment. It’s like they threw away their sound and talent.

Nore (Papi) came correct on this one though.

Comment by KMP 01.08.13 @


To a degree, I see what you’re sayin’ about Extra P. Lookin’ at his catalog, obviously you’re gonna lean more toward his ’90’s joints (his early ’00’s joints weren’t that bad either.) Maybe it’s the equipment change, maybe their ears change but with cats like him and Pete Rock (who did switch from the S950/SP-1200 combo to the 2000xl but managed to keep his sound intact), they’re in a catch-22. If they switch their sound up, heads want what they’re used to hearin’. If you stick to your sound, no matter how well you rock that sound, some heads’ll say you’re stagnant or you fell off (Premo, anyone?) As far as this joint here? Not XP’s best work but it still bangs. And is it me or did No…excuse me, P.A.P.I. actually get better with the pen game?

Comment by oskamadison 01.09.13 @

Two cents from a Large Pro fan(atic) – don’t be afraid to go left on the production – us hip hop heads need that other sh!t.

Extra P joints of the moment:

Resurection (Large Professor Remix)-Common
Money In the Bank-Kool G Rap and guests (fuego)
The Rap World-Pete Rock/Large Professor
Originate-Beatnuts/Large Professor
One Two-Nas/Large Professor

Comment by SEREBX170 01.11.13 @

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