A Salute To Tim Dog
Friday February 15th 2013,
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Tim Dog was in a league of his own. After his debut on Ultramagnetic MC’s “A Chorus Line” (the b-side of their “Travelling At The Speed of Thought” single), it would be another two years until he dropped the hilarious “Fuck Compton” on Ruffhouse Records in 1991, a record which spoke on the frustrations that many New York rappers felt in light of West Coast chart dominance in the wake of the rise of NWA, MC Eiht, DJ Quik and the like. His Penicillin On Wax LP had a major impact on hardcore rap fans in part because it saw the return Ultramagnetic to the game after an extended hiatus.

With Ced Gee, DJ Moe Love and TR Love on the beats and Kool Keith providing a couple of verses, this was a welcome return from the crew who hadn’t been heard from since they left Next Plateau. Tim Dog himself was also a larger-than-life character, proudly declaring himself to be a “Bronx Nigga” that was ready to take back his borough’s birth-right, by any means necessary. The “One Seven O” remix of the aforementioned track made reference to Bronx River, Zulu Nation, Soundview Projects and various other local landmarks. The numerous beat changes of “Goin’ Wild In The Penile”, the unstoppable “Step To Me”, the ridiculously rabid “Dog’s Gonna Getchta” and the Hustler Letter‘s style “Secret Fantasies” were just some of the highlights of his debut.

The impact of his first single was significant enough to elicit responses from the majority of his targets in LA, with CMW’s “Who’s Fuccin’ Who”, DJ Quik’s “The Last Word” and “Way 2 Fonky” and Dr. Dre with “Fuck Wit Dre Day” and “Puffin’ Blunts And Drankin’ Tanquery”. Tim notoriously failed to show-up at the 1st Annual Rapper’s Boxing Championships, resulting in Freddie Foxxx having to fight in his place (and calling out the Dog in the process). HE dropped a solid second album titled Do Or Die in ’93, which featured slightly more conceptual material such as “If I Was A Cop” and featured a show-stopping cameo from KRS-One of “I Get Wrecked”.

That’s not to say that the Dog was through with his campaign against the West, as he dedicated “Bitch With A Perm” to Snoop Dogg, accusing him of biting Slick Rick and Smooth B. 1997 saw him reunite with Kool Keith for the Ultra Big Time album, while the 00’s saw him release two independent albums, and he was also rumored to have flown to Australia to perform at a fan’s 18th birthday party for something in the range of $10,000, and later became embroiled in a beef with an Australian rapper over $500 which resulted in Tim making a track boasting that “I had sex with your employee with the lights on!”. Most recently, Tim Dog was featured on Dateline after it was revealed that he had conned women all over the world out of $30,000 for “a piece” of his 5-CD Greatest Hits box set. He passed away due to complications from diabetes on 14 February, 2013, at the age of 46.

Bronx resident $amhill recalls the impact of Tim Dog on his block:

“He affected my block and my neighborhood wit Penicillin On Wax, which is an ignorant classic. I was the lil’ nigga always observing. These dudes are older than me, so when “Fuck Compton” came out, I didn’t know who he was, or that he was from Webster. The projects on Webster are broken into two parts – Webster projects from 168th st to 169th st. And Butler projects from 169th st to 171st Claremont park, in Claremont village in Morrisainia of the south Bronx. The impact was crazy cos he was talkin hood shit. Talkin about how his brother got robbed by a dude everybody knew. “Fuck Compton” was so disrespectful that we all loved it. I seen him a few times wit Ced Gee cuz some of Ultramag lived in the other projects on Washington. Sho was the first rapper I seen on TV then in the street. But I been seen these dudes before TV I just didn’t know their strength. I was confused as a child cuz I love NWA. But the whole hood loved “Fuck Compton”. The album was dope to me. Aggressive and ignorant just like some niggas from the hood. Weird he died on Valentines day after connin’ all those women. Typical Webster nigga!”

Salutes to Tim Dog, a true hardcore soldier who repped the Bronx to the fullest, both on and off record. Rap is poorer for his loss.

Ultramagnetic MC’s – “A Chorus Line”

Tim Dog – “Fuck Compton”

Tim Dog – “Bronx Nigga” (One Seven O Mix)

Tim Dog – “Step To Me”

Tim Dog feat. KRS-One – “I Get Wrecked”

Tim Dog – “Bitch With A Perm”

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Salutes to Tim Dog, a true hardcore soldier who repped the Bronx to the fullest, both on and off record. Rap is poorer for his loss.

couldn’t say it better.rest in power dog.

Comment by swordfish 02.15.13 @

Rest In Peace.

Comment by Gx 02.15.13 @

RIP Dog, sad day. Any chance of a tribute mixtape Rob? :(

Comment by Big Braveheart 02.15.13 @

“Penicillin on Wax” is one of my all time favorites, “Step To Me” is straight DOPE. So he died from complications from diabetes at 46? I’ve got complications from diabetes at 43 so I’m doubly depressed …

Comment by FuckThis 02.15.13 @

giving happy rappers much grief.word! tim dog r.i.p.

Comment by gmow10463 02.15.13 @

Damn. Feels like I was the only kid in LA bumping Fuck Compton back in the day. RIP Tim Dog

Comment by Tony Grands 02.15.13 @

“Bronx N—” is hardbody, one of my favorite songs of all time. Biggie got a huge buzz from “Dreams” but he definitely bit the idea from “Secret Fantasies” which dropped at least 2 years earlier.

I was a virgin when Penicillin dropped, and I remember wondering if good coochie actually did feel like velvet.

R.I.P. Tim Dog

Comment by hotbox 02.16.13 @

Every time I pop in Penicillin On Wax, I laugh my ass off from start to finish. I remember my man playin’ Ultra’s “Chorus Line” for me and I thought “who the fuck was that first dude?” It’s kinda messed up that “Fuck Compton” is all he’s known for. Dude had some joints. Rest in Paradise…

Comment by oskamadison 02.16.13 @

I found out about this in one of the worst ways possible; from some douchebag at a party last night who didn’t even know the very basic stuff like Tim’s “Fuck Compton.” I spent some time trying to relay what he had done and why he was “important” but eventually gave up.
Dude’s passing depressed me, not just because another talented MC’s career was going to boiled down to one track but because for many people (like the guy relaying his death to me) Tim Dog is only known to them for having died from diabetes.
This hit home because I had strangely, seemingly for no reason at the time, dug out my copy of Penicillin on Wax on cassette and listened to it while working out yesterday morning. Something I hadn’t done in nearly 5 years. And I like to think of it as my own little unconscious tribute to the guy since it’s much more fun to listen to the man’s music simply because it’s enjoyable rather than listening to it out of grief and regret.

Comment by Lair 02.16.13 @

On a side note I’m starting to get freaked out by Robbie’s increasingly undeniable unseen influence. He writes off Wu and they start making better material. He becomes disillusioned with Ultramagnetic saying he’s going to go “burn their records” and almost immediately Tim Dog dies.

“Dont seem real. Lot of history lot of laughs. Dedicating tonight’s show and all of my shows to my man. RIP Tim” – Kool Keith on Twitter

Comment by Lair 02.16.13 @

This dude was booty.

Comment by Kweli 02.16.13 @

@ Fuck This:
I don’t know you but, fom one Hip-Hop head to another, I just simply feel compelled to say hold you head and take cae of youself

Comment by oskamadison 02.16.13 @

Well written. Salute to an unsung hero in rap that came at the world with his own angle. Tim Dog was truly one of a kind.

Comment by LEX 02.17.13 @

R.i.p. Tim. fuck Compton was the anthem and I get wreck a personal favorite to this day. I remember The Box had to edit the fuck Compton video to about one minutes long and heads still paid $2.50 a pop to watch that shit lol…

Comment by 357nyc 02.17.13 @

Tim Dogs dead?!

I suppose its only eventual for all of us

RIP Homie!

Comment by RobThom 02.18.13 @

My favourite song by the Dog (The Industry is Wack)



Comment by KQ 02.28.13 @

NO HAD BIGGER BALLS! Great album! Tim said all the shit on FUCK COMPTON that so many of us felt!!!!!!
I never was more excited about a diss record than FUCK COMPTON and GAS FACE!

Comment by DJ DAVITO 03.07.13 @

Just found out about the loss of the hardest dog that ever stepped in the game. RIP TIM DOG MOST DEF GUNNA BE MISSED I GET WRECKED IS STILL ONE OF THE HARDEST JOINTS IN THE GAME!!!

Comment by ADS 03.16.13 @

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