No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Worst. Show. Ever.


I made the mistake of seeing the Ultramagnetic MC’s 25 years too late. This is what happened as a result.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Worst. Show. Ever.

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Ultramagnetic lip-syncing?? #WHATTHEFUCK

Comment by @jimmyflipshyt 02.14.13 @

What was supposed to be a celebration of the greatest hip-hop album ever made had quickly transformed into a homoerotic Rikers Island all-male revue…hahaha now that’s bad.

i’ve seen keith live a few years ago and it was far from wack.tracks,performance,breath control,throwin porn into the audience…top notch and not even that weird.

Comment by swordfish 02.14.13 @

Sounds like they’d been on a ecstasy/GHB binge before the show, or something. I’m sorry you had to witness that, Robbie.
I saw Kool Keith around the time of Dr. Dooom…and he was fucking terrible.

Comment by vollsticks 02.14.13 @

Also, what the fuck is it with that blazer? Dayum.

Comment by vollsticks 02.14.13 @

Fucking awesome article. If only there was some footage of some of this shit, it sounds like some sort of surreal John Waters movie. I wonder if we’re going to start to see more of this type of thing as dementia gradually takes it’s grip on the golden age rappers.

I’ve seen Kool Keith a number of times with and without the rest of Ultra supporting. I tend to prefer the solo shows. I was never really a fan of Ced’s verses.

Comment by Lair 02.14.13 @

That has to be the funniest shit ever!!! Does that show change the way you look at Critical Beatdown?

Comment by oskamadison 02.14.13 @

Please tell me what I seen about TIM-DOG isn’t true

Comment by Timeo 02.14.13 @

@ Timeo:

Unfortunately, it is…

Comment by oskamadison 02.14.13 @

^^what about Tim Dog?

Comment by lou 02.15.13 @

He passed away from complications with diabetes in Feb 14.

Comment by Robbie 02.15.13 @

I have been a Kool Keith super fan for a long time. I have seen him perform 4 times at least. He plays the exact same songs at each show! And his two new Total Orgasm mixtapes were total garbage with horrible rapping side kicks. I bought all of his albums, including the latest Love and Danger. Garbage. It breaks my heart, but Kool Keith was cashed out a long time ago. And it sounds like Ced Gee is a hype. Tim Dogg is dead. If I can add my two cents, Kool Keith should reach out to The Alchemist and beg him for a solid album with rich sound. Ans let’s not get into how terrible Kool Keith solo production is. The latest by alias Bobby Black on soundcloud. Just like Robbie having Wu-Fatigue, minus the Rza for me, who is the most talented of the bunch, I have Kool keith fatigue. He was the absolute best and it breaks my heart to stop playing his music, but he has been cut off on my tunes. And Robbie’s description of this latest meltdown just confirms what I have known all along. Kool Keith fell the F**K OFF! Thank God for Roc Marci, The Alchemist, O.C., Curren$y, Joey Badass, and my new favorite BIG K.R.I.T. Honorable mentions to Action Bronson and Royce da 5’9. And I got to have one non-backpack rapper, so I will roll with Kanye. Sorry to ramble, long time reader, first time posting.

Comment by SlickRick76 02.15.13 @

You cant compare this shit tu wu. If a man jumps on stage in a thong at a wu show rae will punch them out.

Comment by Gx 02.15.13 @

Never really cared for the doctor octogon/dude bro rap that “made Kool Kieth famous”

Lip syncing seems like a natural progression

Still love Kieth!

If Honkeys want it,
sell it!

I have no problem with that

“Get ya kanye ownn”!

Comment by RobThom 02.18.13 @

“Lip syncing is a natural progression”, a progression of shit???

Comment by SlickRick76 02.19.13 @

these comments…smh, anyhoo, last time I saw Keith was with kutmasta kurt a few years back at the doug fir lounge in Portland, OR and his whole set was him doing the chorus’ off of most of his well known songs, it was basically the exact opposite of what I wanted to hear. needless to say I still got my kool keith trading card signed and he hung around after the show to take pictures and sign stuff which was classy as shit imo. the homie went to one of his shows back in the day around the black elvis period and he said he was throwing raw chicken wings into the audience while wearing a cape and that faux elvis wig. I am hesitant to pay over $20-40 for a show when I know that there will be more than one or two rappers on stage blathering into the mic at once. A DJ and a rapper or two are good enough. Hype men/weed carriers even make me grimace most of the time. Ultramag must’ve been on riffin that white to charge $70 and then pull some shit like this.

Comment by gstatty 02.20.13 @


i think Keith recorded a diss track just for you off of this article.
That’s some next level shit. < If this is the type of look Kool Keith was sporting at the show i think it's just another case of being ahead of his time. This is nursinghome chic circa 2033.

Comment by Lair 02.28.13 @

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