No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Everybody Hates Papoose


There’s no need for me spend valuable mental energy penning barbs at Papoose when his own quotes provide all the ammunition required.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Everybody Hates Papoose

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that’s excellent, Robbie… although i daresay i wish you and others would apply the same critical scrutiny to crap like Action Bronstein and the bad Nathaniel G. Rap records…

Q: how has Pap made a living all these years? did he really save or invest his part of that non-recoupable signing? props if so but that seems unlikely.

Comment by Macarena Dream 04.04.13 @

Hi Trolly^! You still keeping your eye on Actions pee pee?

Thanks to Rob and Pap that was so indepth ican skip actually listening to it.

Comment by Gx 04.04.13 @

Primo joint worth listen

Comment by andrewfrumrusha 04.06.13 @

The kid has made some incredibly dope hiphop music in his career. That track “faith” bangs.

y’all are just(you guessed it!) hating.

Comment by Truth Powell 04.08.13 @

the fuck is a Thugcation? is that like a thug vacation?

Someone needs to run that Law Library track by Combat Jack for an official seal of approval. Get it notarized and shit.

Again with this dude with the vader mask? I wish you’d just block every IP he posts from the fuckin bridge troll. I have a theory that he’s Kool G Rap’s bastard like Jon Snow from Game of Thrones and shit.

Comment by gstatty 04.08.13 @

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