Complex Presents: 15 Horrible Songs on Classic Rap Albums
Friday May 03rd 2013,
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My latest contribution to the fine tradition of Rap List Trolling, with a piece that’s certain to upset everybody. Which may be the point…

Complex Presents: 15 Horrible Songs on Classic Rap Albums

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Damn you had too much to drink??? Really?? Let me tickly your fancy i always dug too.

Comment by 357nyc 05.03.13 @

Confused on stunts blunts and hip hop always gets hate too. I love that shit. Now Something I cant explain on the first Nice & Smooth album is pure skip material, idk how the fuck you even put that as the second song on the album let alone include it at all but they dont call him Smooth B for nothing lol

Comment by 357nyc 05.03.13 @

I have to agree with Robbie’s analysis.

Comment by Looper 05.03.13 @

horrible tunes on mostly horrible albums?!

Comment by swordfish 05.03.13 @

That Ed OG track was dope back in the day.

More to the list:

NWA “Somethin 2 Dance 2” – Straight Outta Compton should definitely be on there.

Comment by Caesar 05.03.13 @

Am I the only one who liked “Black Shampoo”??? And “The Mall” sholdn’t have been on the list jst on the strength of G Dep’s verse. Dude murdered that. If anything, substitute “She Knows What She Wants”. And co-sign 357 on that Nice and Smooth joint. It used to be a pain in the ass fast forwarding that long shit, lol.

Comment by oskamadison 05.03.13 @

How about ALL of Eric B.’s DJ cuts on Paid In Full and Follow The Leader. Ra could have had 4 more joints on those albums.

Comment by oskamadison 05.03.13 @

Good call on that EPMD joint. #1 on that list for me is Kane’s “All of Me” (the Barry White song) from Taste of Chocolate, but I think it was that song/video that prevented the album from claiming classic status to begin with. The rest of thee album is fire

Comment by hotboxbeats 05.03.13 @

Complex Presents: 15 Horrible Songs on Classic Rap Albums via @unkut

Comment by DJGH aka R@$#0D (@djgreenhornet) 05.03.13 @

Less than half of those songs were on anything you could remotely consider a classic album, but agree with most of the calls otherwise. I didn’t hate “Beautiful But Deadly” so much, but you’re right, it’s definitely “The Bitch Tried To Kill Me” part 2.

Comment by Wernski Love 05.04.13 @

didn’t know the first tracks/albums so I had to skip the whole shit.

Comment by KayEmPee 05.04.13 @

“The Day You’re Mine” from Big Daddy Kane’s Long Live The Kane, nuff said :S

Comment by retzirk 05.04.13 @

Notorious BIG – “Respect” from Ready to Die
Dr. Dre – “the message” from 2001
Nas – “Summer on Smash” from Life is Good

Comment by Larry Legend 05.04.13 @

You cam tell what Robbies choices are cause the rest are from people who dont know shit about hip hop

Comment by 357nyc 05.04.13 @

What a redundant list! Most of those albums aren’t classics to begin with. Seriously? Most of EPMD’s second album was poor; Something to Dance 2 is a good choice for an awful track, but Straight Outta Compton was only ever half good. Easy-E’s solo album was far more even and consistent. Lil Wayne is uniformly awful and Rick Ross is overrated- neither have made a classic album. How about ‘What You Wanna Do” off Ice T’s “Iceberg” album? 8 minutes of boredom and self-indulgence.

Comment by andrew 05.04.13 @

“15 Horrible Songs on Classic Rap Albums”

anything after 1994/the original version of Flava in Ya Ear.

(I defy a muther fucker to justify 2pac from an artistic perspective. Other then championing stupidity!)

Comment by RobThom 05.06.13 @

The Mack is Dope!

With more hope then the Pope,
but for MC’s more Knives then Rope!

Craig Mack wasn’t the best MC in the world.

But he made one of the best Rap songs!

Great Rap is usually 3 minutes long.

(Except for weirdo’s like Super Rhymes.)

Comment by RobThom 05.06.13 @

how the fuck you put ‘the mall’ on that list? G-Dep completely murdered that joint.

Comment by ellery 05.07.13 @

public enemy at #1!?! wtf??
the day you’re mine on bdk’s first should be here. others include: 13 and good (sex and violence)
try to do me (one for all)
confused (stunts, blunts and hip hop)
any eric b scratch cut on any lp with rakim
cherchez la ghost (supreme clientele)just terrible
she loves me, she loves me not (road to the riches)kool g doing love songs should be banned
brown skin woman (return of the boom bap)
watch roger do his thing (breaking atoms)blah
temperature’s rising (the infamous)
something 2 dance 2 (straight outta compton)
life’s a bitch (illmatic)(however the buckwild rmx is strong)
ga head (word…life)blah
lots of lovin’ (mecca and the soul brother)
ice cream (only built 4 cuban linx)blasphemy you say
wuditlooklike, slide & rock on (dare iz a darkside) 2 uninspired shitty cuts in a row on an otherwise brilliant lp
walk this way (raising hell) even run dmc hated this rick rubin creation
skypager, what? (the low end theory)uninspired dated filler to end an otherwise classic lp
traveling at the speed of thought (critical beatdown) yes robbie i’m saying it 😛
pussy pop (40 dayz & 40 nightz) ruins the flow of xzibit’s last good lp
finger lickin’ good (check your head)neven ad-rock hates this one

Comment by 4:20 05.11.13 @

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